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August, 2007:

Friday Funny

I wrote last week how my daughter’s soccer team chose the Ladybugs as their team name. They finally found a coach for my son’s team, so they get to choose a name this week, which made me giggle because I thought of the team naming ceremony from last year. This is the conversation that ensued last year when eight 5 and 6 year old boys had to choose a name for their soccer team.

Coach: OK boys – we need to choose a team name. Any ideas?
Player #1: (raising hand enthusiastically while sitting on his new blue soccer ball) I know – how about the Blue Balls!
Coach: (trying very hard not to laugh out loud) Um, maybe we should take some more suggestions. Anyone else have any ideas?
Player #2: (raising hand enthusiastically) Oh, I know I know . . . How about The Flaming Blue Balls!

At this point, Coach #1, Coach #2, and any number of the parents witnessing the exchange pretty much lose it and begin laughing hysterically.

In the end, they decided on The Volcanoes. We’ll see what they come up with this year.

Mom Calendar

Whew! We just got Jason’s soccer schedule and I’m relieved that he and Keira don’t have any games at the same time. Also this week, we start our move to earlier evenings . . . which means that Jason has gymnastics at 4:30 and Keira has gymnastics at 5:40. She can’t get in to the 4:30 class until next session, and if we’d waited until then for Jason, he wouldn’t have gotten in to it then because it’s got a long waiting list. Soooo, for the next 5 weeks we get to spend 2 hours at gymnastics every Tuesday night instead of just 1 hour. But it’ll be worth it when we’re finished at 5:30 instead of 6:40 on school nights – and during the winter. Add to that the school schedules since they’re each at different schools now and my new work schedule and soccer practice on Thursday nights and games on Saturdays and we’ve got quite a schedule. I don’t know how parents with more than 2 kids do it . . . really, how do those parents with 3 or more kids do the sports and stuff? We see them at games and practices all the time and they’re doin’ it, but I think I’d be a basket case. Maybe it would help if Dan were home all the time so I didn’t have to do it alone every other week and worry about being in two places at once, but still.

Anyway – to keep track of Dan’s flight schedule, the kids school schedules (days off, tests, events, etc.), doc appointments, sports practices and games, dog vet visits, vacations and travel, volleyball, mommy weekends with the girls, parties, visitors, and anything else we can fit on there, I use the Mom’s Family Calendar. It’s stuck on my fridge and has been there for the past 4 years . . . I get a new one every year for Christmas and LOVE it! You do have to write each family member’s name in their column every month, but that’s easy (some family calendars make you write the name each week – ick!). This is the best family calendar ever! I highly recommend it.

Wordless Wednesday – Last Baseball Game of the Season

J and K Baseball Game

How Many Kids Do You Have?

My friend, Ami, had a link to this eBay auction on her blog today. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I almost died laughing – you have GOT to read this if you haven’t already :-) This truly strikes a chord with me because we had a Pokemon Card “incident” at school last year and my son is banned for life from ever owning another Pokemon card.

Driving to Work

I’ve got about a 10 minute drive on the Interstate to get from Keira’s school to my office. Today, in that 10 minutes, I saw a guy shaving. Yes, shaving while driving 80 mph down the Interstate. I thought that was goofy, then I looked in my rear view mirror and saw that he had ALSO answered his phone, NOT handsfree! Note that I said ALSO. He did not stop shaving or driving . . . he was shaving, driving, and holding a phone to his ear . . . I can only assume he was driving with his knee – something I am very good at after having watched my dad do it for years when I was a child 😉 The next time I glance back shaver man had hung up the phone and put the shaver down, and was now BRUSHING HIS TEETH . . . with a regular old toothbrush, not an electric one – so he’s scrubbing away with one hand, occasionally checking himself out in his mirror, and driving with the other hand. He even had a spit cup that he was using to spit the toothpaste into!

I’m just glad he didn’t start applying makeup like the lady in the car next to me was doing!

Disappointing Our Kids

I was reading an article on Baby Center about 12 discipline tactics that really work. Imagine my happiness when I saw the one that said we shouldn’t be afraid to disappoint our kids. How true is that! I know so many parents that don’t want their children to ever feel sad or disappointed, so they go out of their way to make sure that their kids always win, always get what they want, never have to feel bad when they make a bad choice and lost a privilege – suddenly, the privilege is no longer lost because they don’t want their child to feel left out.

I can’t imagine letting my kids grow up without ever feeling disappointed . . . it’s part of life – life is not fair; you do not get everything you want; you don’t always win; you don’t get an “oh that’s OK” every time you make a bad choice – some bad choices just really are not OK. And if we as parents don’t allow our kids to feel that disappointment every now and then, how can we ever help teach them how to deal with it and move on? There is disappointment around every corner, along with all the good and fun things in our lives. Everybody needs to learn how to deal with disappointment and find the good things in our lives. We’re continuously raising a generation of kids who feel entitled . . . entitled to play the same amount of time as everyone else in a soccer game; entitled to get whatever they want to eat; entitled to get paid for everything they do, including common household chores; entitled to be constantly entertained; entitled to win everything; entitled to be constantly patted on the back for the tiniest accomplishment. You know what the “reward” for being good in the car, at the store, at the playground, is at our house? The reward is that you don’t get grounded – good behavior is expected, not rewarded. No way are my kids perfect, and neither am I - that’s why toy jail exists . . . it’s usually got something in it . . . whether it’s a Gameboy, a baby carriage, or the occasional mimi – yes, I’ve taken away the comfort blanket for an entire day and night when necessary – I know, I’m an awful parent, but it sure makes a mark on the little one’s brain about what is and is not acceptable!

So here’s my little informal poll . . . Do you stick to your punishment, even if it breaks your heart to see your child sitting on the sidelines with tears in her eyes watching everyone else eat cake at a party while she doesn’t get any? Do you always let your child win at games so they won’t feel bad? Do you reward for expected behavior, or punish for bad behavior?

Thomas and Curious George Toy Recall

Yet another toy recall.

Here are pictures of the toys and some more information.

Women Say The Darndest Things

I’ve been blogging for a few months now and have made lots of internet friends and found some blogs that make me cry, make me think, and make me laugh. I thought the following quote from a book my mother gave me . . . Witty Words from Wise Women by B.J. Gallagher . . . was right on.

Women say the darndest things! Women are smart; women are insightful; women are introspective; women are observant; women are sensitive; and, often, women are very funny.
     “If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry,” we sometimes say. We laugh at the crazy predicaments we get ourselves into, and the crazy people in our lives, especially our families. Humor is one of our most valuable assets in life, helping us get through difficult situations without killing ourselves . . . or anyone else.
     The ability to laugh at ourselves is the best kind of humor. It helps us see things in the proper perspective, and it keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously. as Elsa Maxwell encourages us: “Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can.”


Well, Jason has made it through his first full week of 2nd grade and he’s doing great so far – woo hoo! He even came home yesterday and said how much he loved his new school – whew!

I have to giggle though . . . we’ve been talking about getting him some “spirit wear” – you know, a t-shirt or something that has his school’s logo and mascot on it. The school mascot is the Thunder – which made me think, can that really even be considered a mascot? How do you dress as “thunder” – a cougar, a tiger, a cheetah, a bear . . . all excellent mascots with actual costumes. But Thunder? I guess it’s appropriate given that we have a thunderstorm pretty much every afternoon here in the summer.

Anyway, back to the spirit wear. We’re at the meet the teacher night last week and he and I are walking down the hallway when we see a sign for the spirit wear . . . only they’re calling it Thunderwear – “Buy Your Thunderwear Here!” Jason almost loses it rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.

Really? I mean, could they have catered more to the young boys at school in calling their spirit wear Thunderwear? Apparently it’s especially funny to a boy who likes to read Captain Underpants books :-)

EDITED: Adding a photo of the Thunder logo . . . really, lightning with the word thunder written on the cloud . . . very profound!

Thunder Logo 

But can’t you just see the girls walking around in those shorts with the words written across the backside . . . Princess, Volleyball, Thunder :-)

My Watch

I stopped wearing my watch about a month ago. It’s very liberating! I mean, really, do you NEED a watch? Every car and cell phone has a clock on it. Everyone else around you has a phone or watch with them. So I stopped wearing mine. Weird how it is just a little less stressful not knowing the exact time at any point during the day.

I know I know – what a profound post for today. But that’s about all I can handle 😉