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October, 2007:

Wordless Wednesday – Welcome Home Sean!

I can’t go completely wordless. I also can’t imagine the happiness and relief Judy and Brick are feeling to have Sean home, but I can certainly see it on their faces. Sean came back safely from Iraq this past weekend. Welcome home Sean! And Thank You for your service.

Welcome Home Sean

Grandma’s Love

My daughter is so sentimental it’s almost scary – especially for a 4 year old. But I love that she has such strong feelings for other people, especially her family.

Last week, Noisy Grandma sent her a box with some clothes in it that she had made. A very cute white tunic top, a pair of pants in a denim sparkly fabric, a vest to match the pants, and a red vest as well. Keira of course loved them – they were SPARKLY, afterall! We tried them on and she refused to take them off. The shirt was a tiny bit small (she’s been ‘blessed’ with my football player shoulders) and the pants were a bit long and a bit big around the waist, but she fit in them pretty well.

The next morning, she INSISTED that she wear the outfit to school, and the conversation we had ended up making me go to work with mascara running down my cheeks.

Me: Good morning beautiful! What do you want to wear to school today?
Keira: I want to wear the new clothes that Grandma made me.
M: Don’t you want to wait until I can shorten the pants a little so you don’t trip on them?
K: Nope. I want to wear them today. They fit me perfect!
M: You know, it’s costume day today, so nobody will see your new clothes all day anyway.
K: I don’t care. I want to wear these today because I really miss Grandma and they smell like her perfume so I can think of her all day.

RIP my heart out!

Free Dessert

This past weekend, I took the kids to Rotelli for dinner. I wasn’t in the mood to cook and I was in the mood for pasta. Now I must brag and say that my children are well-behaved in restaurants – most of the time. There have been incidents where they’ve lost privileges, but we’ve never had to get To Go boxes and leave before we finished our meal.

So the three of us are sitting there happy as clams – me just hangin’ out and Jason and Keira quietly playing with their pizza dough. Our wonderful waitress brought their drinks and was talking with the little one in pigtails, whom the waitress thought was the sweetest thing on the planet. Keira of course was workin’ it with all her might – she’s actually earned herself free dessert in the past! Waitress left to go get my glass of wine, and upon returning, began talking with eldest one in camoflauge, who was also hamming it up – or so I thought. In truth, he was just a distraction for my youngest, who CLAIMED to be picking up her napkin off the floor under the table. Just as Waitress was getting ready to walk away from the table, the little one in pigtails popped up from under the table and blew in her straw, shooting the wrapper off the end and right into the forehead of Waitress! I was horrified! However, the waitstaff standing at the wait station seemed to think it was hilarious, and, after rolling on the floor laughing, brought us an extra basket of the garlic rolls the kids love so much.

So much for free dessert!

No Clue

I have no clue what to write about today. I’ve spent fair share of time alone with my children the past two weeks while the hubby was gone flying. I’ve been working at home after they go to bed to get my hours in while hubby is gone. I’ve been playing volleyball on Mondays. I’ve been carting kids to gymnastics and ice skating. I’ve been going to the chiropractor. I’ve been making Halloween costumes. I’ve been hosting dinner parties. I’ve been buying birthday presents. And I’ve been watching the Rockies lose, which means I’ve been staying up too late.

So today I’m takin’ a break and getting to work.

Happy Friday!

10, 20, 30

I’ve been tagged by Regina! So here goes . . .

10 Years Ago… I was 25, had been happily married to my prince charming for 1 1/2 years, and we had just bought our first house. I went skydiving with my friend T to celebrate our 25th birthdays and also got my first tattoo – my Peace Mickey, which I’d wanted since I was 17. I had said that if I still wanted it when I was 25, I’d get it . . . so I did :-) The hubby and I were having tons of fun enjoying our beautiful new home state and meeting all kinds of new friends through work, volleyball, softball, and just being out and about.

20 Years Ago… I was 15 and a Freshman in high school. I had just transferred to a new school and was making all kinds of friends on the volleyball and basketball teams. I moved in to a house with my mom, and I was happy as a clam. Just as I am now, I like being busy and always had something to do, whether it was playing sports (volleyball, basketball, softball), going to sporting events and playing in the band, or just hanging out with friends. My poor Mom put lots of miles on the car and spent lots of time IN the car.

30 Years Ago… I was 5 and having the time of my life – well as much as a 5 year old can. I remember finding stray cats and my brother and his friends and me trying to sell it from a stand we set up on the highway – pretty tough to sell a cat in a farm community. We also set up lemonade stands and pretty much had the run of our tiny little farm town with our friends. And we never got in trouble, because we knew that mom and dad would know we were in trouble before we did! Everyone was watching everyone else’s kids all the time. We spent the weekends at my cousins farm, driving the 3-wheelers and snowmobiles, playing hide and seek in the dark, trying to climb from one end of the shed to the other on the farm machinery without touching the ground, and jumping off the ladder in the grain bin into a huge pile of corn or beans. We saw a ton of our extended family and were best friends with my cousins. I will always remember the day when we were playing outside at the farm and it started to rain. My cousin and I were in the shed and wanted to be in the corn bin with my brother and my cousin’s brother. So we ran through the pouring rain down to the corn bin and jumped in. When we got called in for dinner, my cousin and I were covered from head to toe with red corn shucks, stuck to us from the rain! Mom and my aunt made us stand outside in the pouring rain until all the red shucks had come off. Lesson learned – do not jump in to corn bin after running through rain.

Most every blogging buddy I know has already done this, but if you haven’t and want to play along, feel free!

Wordless Wednesday – Chopping Onions Makes Him Cry

Chopping Onions While Wearing Goggles


There is no greater blessing than family. I can’t find enough words to express how impressed I am with Leeann. Her MIL is losing her hair due to cancer. Yesterday, Leeann, her husband, and 13 others shaved their heads in support of her. How blessed are they all to have each other. Prayers for Leeann and her family!

Who Knew

I love the few minutes each day that I get to spend alone in my car, listening to whatever I want. But Who Knew you could hear one single song on the radio every single time you got in your car for an entire day.

8:17 a.m. – Get into car after dropping Keira off at school. Hear Who Knew by Pink. OK in the a.m. – kinda fun to get going.

10:15 a.m. – Get into car at work to head to chiropractor appointment. Who Knew by Pink is just starting as I pull out of the parking garage. I like the tune, so no biggie.

11:20 a.m. – Get into car after chiropractor to head back to work. Whew . . . something else is on radio; however, at 11:30 as I pull in to parking garage, yup, you guessed it – Who Knew by Pink. Kinda gettin’ weird.

3:04 p.m. – Get into car after work to head to pick up Keira at school. Jammin’ to Santana and Chad Kroger’s new one until I come to a screaching halt 5 minutes in to my drive. Yup – Who Knew by Pink. Did I just get thrown into the Twilight Zone? do DO Do do, do DO Do do.

8:05 p.m. – Get into car to head to volleyball (icky 9:00 match). And hey, guess what song I heard as I pulled out of my driveway? YES – Who Knew by Pink. Really? Again? Does ANYONE need to hear this song AGAIN?!

10:10 p.m. – Get into car to head home from volleyball. Jammin’ to some fun laid back tunes until I turned on to my street and a new song came on the radio. I know, total shocker, Who Knew by Pink. Friggin’ ridiculous. I hate this song and will most likely change the station when it comes on.

Girls Boots from Payless Recall

Yup – another recall. Wow! Thankfully, we did not purchase these boots on our marathon boot shopping trip. Here’s a link to the CPDC site for the boot recall. And the link to the Payless site. The recall is of course a tiny blue link at the bottom on the right side.

How Clean Is Your Produce?

Do you have kids like mine – the kind that will eat you out of house and home as long as you have a ton of veggies available? Seriously – my kids love veggies. Especially my little one. Keira declared last night that spinach leaves are her favorite veggie, with cauliflower and broccoli coming in close second. I also love veggies, so we always have lots of produce on hand.

One thing I’ve always wondered, though, is how well am I actually cleaning it? I usually do a rinse and scrub in regular old fresh cold water, then I pat it dry on clean paper towels and shove it in the fridge. Of course I’ve read articles that say don’t do that because the moisture you leave on the food can cause bacteria to grow while it’s in the fridge. They say to only clean what you will eat immediately. What? Who’s got time for that? When I’m making lunch in the morning to take to work and school, I don’t have time to remove and clean the exact number of lettuce leaves or broccoli florets that I need. Pretty much, if it’s not already cleaned and ready, it’s not getting eaten. Cleaning the fruit and veggies is part of the grocery-getting experience for me.

So how can I clean that stuff in advance without creating a science experiment in my fridge? According to Cook’s Illustrated, all I have to do is use a vinegar/water mixture. Read here for more information.

Now, who do I believe – the food fanatics that write a cooking magazine, or the FDA, who I’m not so confident in, given things they’ve allowed on the market for the sake of $$$?

I think I’ll stick to my regular old plain cool water rinse and scrub. It’s worked so far. Any of you out there have any suggestions or tried and true tips for keeping your produce clean and edible?