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November 1st, 2007:

No Matter What Happens, We’ll Have A Story To Tell

That’s the theme of the adventure I’m embarking on today with my Grandma, Mom, and three aunts. I even made t-shirts for all of us with that on it! 

Today, at 6:30 a.m., I leave for a 6 day vacation with my Grandma, Mom, and three aunts. I’ve been looking forward to this forever! Really, we bought our tickets in MAY. Anyone know where the closest chapter of Advanced Planners Anonymous meets?

I fly from my home airport to their home airport. We all meet, get on the same airplane, and fly to Jacksonville, where we will spend 3 days with my Uncle (their youngest brother) and his wife. Alligator Farm? Ripley’s Believe It Or Not? Wax Museum? Beach? St. Augustine? The Spanish Quarter? The Old Fort? The Pool? The Bar? I can’t wait!

After 3 days, the 6 of us will say goodbye to Uncle and Jacksonville, load up the rented mini van and drive 8 hours to Carolina Beach to spend 3 days with my Aunt (their youngest sister, and twin to the youngest brother). I can only imagine that we’ll look something like this . . .


I’m the one driving – although I assure you I will not be wearing a pink shirt. I don’t even OWN a pink shirt! Anyway – we’ll spend another 3 days in my Aunt’s new house on the beach doing who knows what. The Mother, the 5 sisters, and the niece together. With this crew, I’m sure we’ll find some way to get in to trouble. Afterall, I do remember the stories my mom used to tell of her and her sisters having to kneel on the floor on their way out the door to Catholic school so Grandpa could make sure their skirts touched the floor, only to roll them up at the waist the minute they got on the bus so their knees actually showed. Oh, and that ONE (ha) time when some of them (I won’t say which ones) got caught smoking out back of Catholic school. Oh, and that one time when . . . but I digress. Just trust me – a good time will be had by all.

After 3 more days of fun, we’ll load up the van once again and head to the Raleigh/Durham airport to head home. We’ll all get off the plane at their home airport, hugs, kisses, and tears everywhere as we say goodbye. Then I’ll hop on my plane to head home to my wonderful hubby and kids whom I will miss dearly.

And no matter what happens, we’ll have a story to tell!