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November 11th, 2007:

Ice Princess

When soccer was over, we signed the kids up for ice skating lessons again. We all love to go ice skating – great exercise, cheap, and lots of fun. They have a 30 minute group lesson once a week and a practice session once a week. We also try to head out to the public skating sessions on Saturday night – I know, I know, what rebels we are! They’re both doing awesome! Jason wants to play hockey – I told him not gonna happen this year, but we’ll see about next year. Every day he’s been outside in the cul de sac with this roller blades, all his safety gear, his hockey stick, and a ball practicing. He’s convinced that if I see how much he wants to play I’ll change my mind – cuz I’m a pushover that way. But, not happening this year. He is really getting good at skating though – so I’m glad he’s out there working hard. Keira is also doing very well. Saturday night at open skating she decided to show me that she could spin . . . in her own little 4 year old way, she did a toe spin around and around and around – it was sooooo cute! And there is NO WAY you are allowed to get anywhere near her because she’s a big 4 year old and can skate by herself really fast without hanging on to a person or the wall. We ALL got that message loud and clear on Saturday!

Anywho – after sitting in a cold hockey rink for a couple weeks watching the kiddos skate, I noticed some women out there in a class at the exact same time – they didn’t seem to be doing anything too difficult. Maybe I should join? Why not get some exercise instead of freezing my behind off sitting still? So I inquired within and got myself signed up. They’d already had 2 classes of the 6 week session, and I was going to be gone the following week on vacation, so I set up a 20-minute private lesson with the instructor for the Friday before the 4th week of class. She passed me through all the skills and I was in the class. And today, I learned how to do a 2-foot spin! In my mind’s eye I looked like Dorothy Hamill, spinning flawlessly and gracefully around and around and around in a tight little circle. In everyone else’s eye, I looked much more like Dumbo trying to chase the red horse on a merry go ’round – except my ears aren’t that big.