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November 13th, 2007:

Boys Vs Girls

Yes, I do realize Halloween was a couple weeks ago – but hey, I went on vacation the day after Halloween for a week and well, I’ve just been too lazy/busy to get photos posted. But now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for . . . drum roll please . . .

Here is Me and Keira. She was my little pink poodle. I love that she’s a girly girl, but she is definitely not prissy. She might look all cute and cuddly in her pink poodle costume, but she’ll be the crap out of anyone who tries to steal her candy! Me, I’m a snowcone, and yes that is a pumpkin hat on my head! I looked a bit more like a snowcone at the actual costume party (see my hubby’s costume below) but I barely made it to trick or treating after work . . . so this had to do:

Jodie and Keira Costumes

Next up – Dan and Jason – snowcone and skeleton zombie. Notice that Jason’s costume is about 3 sizes too big . . . that was done intentionally. We usually have to stuff winter jackets and snowpants under costumes here . . . we do live in the snowbelt afterall! A couple year ago we trick or treated in an ice storm . . . the 4 of us were standing hand in hand walking across the top of an inclined driveway right next to the garage when I started sliding down the driveway. The other 3 followed close behind. There was nothing we could do but enjoy the ride until we got to the level street at the bottom. We threw in the towel at that point 😉 This year, however, it was actually beautiful – except for the lack of time change (thank you Congress!) which meant we either had to wait an hour for dark or start in the sunlight (we started in sunlight).

Jason and Dan Costumes 

So there you have it – the wonderfully amazing Halloween pictures :-)