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November 15th, 2007:

Something Happened To My Toothbrush

After playing our gazillionth game of Battleship, I sent Jason in to get ready for bed. About 30 seconds after he enters the bathroom I hear “Hey Mom! Something happened to my toothbrush!”

Um, what? What possibly could have happened to your toothbrush between 7:00 a.m. and now? We were all gone at school and work, then at gymnastics, then he and Keira played hockey in the house while I made dinner, then we all ate together, then we all played Battleship. I had to rack my brain (for all of 20 seconds) to try to figure out what possibly could have happened to his toothbrush during that time.

So I head to the bathroom to see what has happened. The bristles on his toothbrush are a bright magenta color. Not blood colored, magenta colored. Then it hit me – Keira was alone in the bathroom for a whoppin’ 5 minutes. She had been sent in to brush her teeth and get ready for bed and spent longer than normal in there – and was VERY quiet. I finally asked her what she was doing and she said “flossing.” Excellent – she’s flossing!

Turns out, she’s a big fat liar. She wasn’t flossing . . . she was busy painting her brothers toothbrush with “pail nolish” that she had just taken out of her “good choices” box that Grandma had sent her. You see, Keira had a rough few weeks, so Grandma sent her a box with some fun small things in it. When Keira made good choices a couple days in a row, she got to choose something out of the box. Last night, she chose the last item, which was a small bottle of magenta colored “pail nolish.” She then BEGGED me to paint her toenails. I said it was too late today, but maybe tomorrow we’d do it. She was happy with that answer and happily skipped down the hall to the bathroom to put her pail nolish away and brush her teeth for bed. Apparently, making good choices all day and getting her prize was more than she could handle. She made a bad choice and decided to paint Jason’s toothbrush with it! Does it seem ironic to anyone else that she made a very bad choice with the good choice prize she had just earned?

So I quietly placed the fuzzy bag that contains her nail polish and lip stuff on the counter next to her breakfast bowl – and also placed Jason’s magenta colored toothbrush right next to it. The next morning, she sat down and said “What’s this? Jason, what happened!” The look of total shock on her little face was amazing! I fully expect the Emmy to arrive on our doorstep any day now. I calmly took the magenta pail nolish out of the bag and set it next to the toothbrush – a perfect match! She couldn’t possibly comprehend HOW any of this had happened – had the mouse done it while we were sleeping? Had Jason done it and blamed it on Keira? I think not.

So, Keira cried and screamed as I took away the bag with the fuzzy handle and told her it was being put in toy jail until Dad got home this weekend and we could talk about it. She thought it was totally unfair that I was taking ALL of it when she only used one item for her bad deed . . . AH HA – she admitted it! I explained that I obviously couldn’t trust her with any of it and that I was disappointed because I thought we’d talked about her not using it without me around and without asking.

So, the pail nolish and lip gloss (all courtesy of Grandma) are in toy jail for 4 more days. Losing them isn’t as bad for her as knowing that they’re in toy jail . . . toys have been known to disappear in toy jail and never be seen again if the offense was bad enough!

Will she have magenta toes in time for the pool next summer? Only time will tell – and these are the Days Of Our Lives.