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November 23rd, 2007:

Bike Baskets

So last weekend the fam was out shopping – looking at bikes for the boy – he wanted to be sure he knew exactly what to ask Santa for. For the past 6 months, Keira has been unwavering in her desire to ask Santa for a double doll stroller. She knows exactly what it will look like and is determined to ask for that; however, there was a shiny object at the bike shop. The girl found a bike and was riding it around the store.

Keira: I’m going to ask Santa for this bike for Christmas!

Mom: Um, what? You’ve been talking about this double doll stroller you were going to ask for for literally the past 6 months. AND, you’ve got 2 bikes at home – we just got you your “big girl” bike at that garage sale a couple weekends ago.

K: I know, I really want the stroller, but THIS bike has a BASKET and I need a basket on my bike! So I’ll ask Santa for this bike so I can have a basket.

M: Are you sure? Maybe we can go look at Target and see if they have any baskets that we can put on your bike that you have. Your birthday is coming up in December, too. Maybe you could keep it in mind for your birthday?

At this point I’m not sure why I’m trying to convince my daughter to ask Santa for a $40 stroller instead of a $5 basket! Maybe because I know how much she wants that stroller. But, off to Target we go. K of course finds the PERFECT pink basket with a yellow flower on it.

K: Mom! This one is PERFECT. I’m going to ask Santa for this basket.

M: OK. But maybe you should put the basket on your wish list for your birthday or Christmas instead of asking Santa.

K: But I really want this basket and HAVE to ask Santa for it!

M: Why? Why can’t you just put it on your wish list?

K: (Tears in her eyes because I just don’t get it) Because I don’t know how to spell BASKET!

She did see Santa on Monday at The North Pole and did indeed ask him for the double doll stroller. I’m guessing her brother, who is pretty observant and sensitive, will be getting her a pink bike basket with a yellow flower for her birthday :-)