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November 27th, 2007:

Girls’ Week – Day 4

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Sunday morning rolled around and we met at McDonald’s to start our drive to Carolina Beach, North Carolina. The map said 8 hours . . . um ya, whatever. Depends on who’s driving I guess. We made it in about 7 when all was said and done :-) 4 of us loaded in to the mini van and followed my Aunt Diane and 2 others in her Hummer. We decided we weren’t really going to caravan because it’s a pain when you’re driving that far. So when we got close to Charleston, SC we called them to see where they were. We all met at a certain exit and stopped for a bite to eat. Then Diane stopped at a real estate place to see how to get to a cool bridge she wanted us to drive over. It was awesome! At that point, we split up. They wanted to just cruise and get to Carolina Beach, but we thought it would be a shame to be in Charleston and not see any of the amazing buildings and take in some history. So they tooled along and we called my hubby’s friend, William, who lives in Charleston. We asked him how to get to “the big old houses.” He hopped on his computer and pulled up a map – then we told him where we were. He said “Get in the van, lock the doors, and roll up the windows, then we’ll talk.” Guess we weren’t in the best neighborhood at the moment 😉 But we had a great view of the bridge! William was great and got us down to The Battery in no time at all. We got a great parking spot and walked around a bit. Here are me, Mom, Aunt Patty, and Grandma by a cannon:

The Batter Cannon 

Being me, I had to sit on top of the stack of cannon balls:

Jodie on Cannon Balls 

We walked to the shore to see the fort out on the water (the name is escaping me at the moment), and decided we couldn’t resist a walk around the block. I LOVE the history and all these huge old houses. They truly are amazing. It’s kind of like being in Las Vegas . . . you don’t realize how huge the hotels are because they are all ginormous. Just like these houses – you don’t realize how huge they are until you picture your house sitting next to it on the block and DAMN they are HUGE! Here’s Mom, Patty, and Grandma by a monster yellow mansion on the corner:

Huge Yellow House Charleston

Another beautiful home that I just had to take a picture of:

White House Charleston

The detail and lawns on these houses is just amazing! I really couldn’t get over how wonderful they were. And, I was truly amazed when they said that many of the homes are still single family dwellings – how awesome would that be?! Also, in the historic district of Charleston, anything that is over 75 years old is considered historic and cannot be changed. You can do whatever you want to the inside of any of the houses, but the lawns, sidewalks, paint – everything on the outside must stay exactly as is and must be maintained. Because of this, you see old boot scrapes outside of the doors of the houses – the boot scrapes are more than 75 years old, so they cannot be moved. I think it’s great that they’ve taken these steps to preserve this awesome history.

We were trying to be good and not spend too much time in Charleston because we didn’t want to the others to wait too long in Carolina Beach for us before going to dinner – but, we saw a horse-drawn carrige go by on the road. Grandma was getting a little tired of walking, so I asked them how we got one of them. He told us to go to the Rainbow Market about 7 blocks down; so we hopped back in the van and headed down there. This must have been our day because we got a parking spot right out front, which apparently never happens on a Sunday, there was a carrige leaving in 15 minutes and there were 4 seats left on it. So we handed over our $20, cruised to the bathroom, and got on the carriage. We took a 1 hour and 45 minute carriage ride around historic Charleston and loved every minute of it! Our tour guide was awesome and we saw some great things. I always think it’s worth it to take those tours because you learn so much more than you ever could just walking around by yourself. One of my favorite houses was this humonstrous brick home:

Brick House Charleston

Isn’t it amazing?! Inside the front door which faces the street, but really is the side door because the houses are turned sideways, there is an original one-of-a-kind Tiffany stained glass chandalier. Tiffany made it just for this house. Also, there is beautiful rope molding around each of the windows:

Brick House Window Charleston 

Supposedly, if you had rope molding around one of the windows on your house, that meant that you had earned your money and were very wealthy. This particular house had rope molding around EVERY window! Apparently this guy wanted to make sure there was no doubt that he had made his money. I figure the ginormous gazillion square foot brick house would have made that statement without the rope molding. He also had a beautiful black wrought iron fence around the house – there were 5 rope molded posts in the fence; one for each of his daughters.

This next picture is of the only street in Charleston where it was legal to dual. You could invite your enemy here for an actual real life legal gun dual. Pretty cool if you ask me!

Charleston Dual Street

After spending a couple hours in Charleston, we figured we’d better get back on the road and head to Carolina Beach. My Aunt Diane had asked us to call her when we got to Myrtle Beach so she could tell us the bypass . . . we called and she gave us directions. Told us exactly where to get off the highway to catch the bypass; only thing is, she failed to tell us that we had to get off the road we were on and onto another road – tiny detail! After about a mile the road turned immediately from a 4 lane highway to a single-lane dirt road! We figured that couldn’t be right, so we called her back and got the REAL directions.

We cruised the rest of the way to Wilmington and gave her a call to get directions to her house. She was amazed that we were in Wilmington already. I guess my lead foot did us good, and I was lucky not to get pulled over!

After the directions for the bypass, I was a bit leary of listening to directions all the way to her house, especially since some of her directions included “turn right at the lake, which will be on your left.” Um – it’s dark out – kinda hard to see a lake! We ended up crossing the wrong bridge, but she figured out where we were and got us to her house. After we got all of our stuff unloaded and in to our rooms, we headed out for a yummy dinner at a restaurant on the waterway. We had yummy chowder and mahi mahi; and of course a couple drinks! Back to her house to hang out and relax and head to bed.

All in all, another great day with some laughs and great scenery along the way.