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August, 2008:

What’s Up?

The server got fixed . . . yay for blogging!

The olympics are over . . . yay for sleep!

Hubby and I cleaned out the office closet . . . yay for a cleaned out closet!

We filled the entire back of our Jeep Grand Cherokee with stuff for Goodwill . . . including 3 sets of golf clubs. Why did we have 3 extra sets of golf clubs, one of which was left-handed? I dunno. But yay for space in our closet!

I finally got my computer set up (it’s been a few days) . . . yay for my new computer!

I can’t get the printer to work – boo for the printer! I hooked it up, followed the install instructions (which basically said to wait while the printer installs itself and downloads the necessary drivers from the web), and tried it. It will only print to file, and then when I specify a file name, it says it can’t. Nice. So I figured, hey, go to the settings and clear that checkbox that says always print to file. Um ya – nice idea . . . when I went to the settings, they were in French. I can’t read French. French is my son’s school’s language of choice, but he’s only in 3rd grade, so he wasn’t much help either . . . boo for French!

I spent my first whole day working at home on my new laptop – yay for being able to sit out on the deck to work instead of in the dungeon!

I made a flier to hang up in the lunchroom at work to sell my car (Anyone want to buy it? 2002 Grand Am GT – 71K – excellent condition!). I tried to print it, but oh wait . . . the printer at home won’t work! So I emailed it to myself at work. Got to work today to print it, but wait . . . I have Office 2007 at home, and office 2003 at work – it wouldn’t open the file. Nice. So I got permission from IT to download the converter thing so I can open Office 2007 docs here at work. Yay for printing the flier!

We listed the car on Craigslist on Tuesday . . . no inquiries yet . . . boo for no inquiries!

Why did we put the car up for sale? Because Mama Got New Wheels!!! Yay for new vehicle!

It’s Labor Day Weekend . . . we’re going to the amusement park, having a BBQ with some friends, and golfing in a couples 4 person scramble with some friends . . . yay for holiday weekends!

Hope you all have lots of fun planned for your long weekend :-)

Could You Do It?

My new computer was delivered Monday . . . it’s now Thursday . . . I haven’t used it yet because I haven’t had time to load anything on it – seriously that busy this week. I can usually  make time, but not so far this week. Quite frankly, it’s KILLING me!

Could you have waited?

Teacher to Kid Ratio

Oh I am ever soooooo unhappy at the moment!

A quick short background . . . my kids went to Montessori preschool. Dude stayed there for Kindergarten and First Grade, then went to public school last year for 2nd grade. He’s staying there until he graduates. Princess is starting Kindergarten this year. We asked Ms. Dale, the kindergarten teacher, if she’d still be there this year, she said absolutely. That was the deciding factor . . . she’s awesome and we couldn’t pass her up. AND, full day kindergarten is a lottery here . . . I need full days for Princess – If I didn’t get it at public school, then I’d be screwed. With that, Hubby’s schedule, and our love and respect for Ms. Dale, we decided to stay at Montessori for one more year and pay for kindergarten.

On to the “why I’m so pissed off at the moment” story . . .

A few weeks ago, during summer camp, Princess and Dude told me that Ms. Heidi was leaving the school. We also were told that they were not replacing her. Ms. Heidi is the kindergarten assistant at the Montessori school Princess goes to. We got no note, no nothin’ – she was gone the next day. Um, hello?? Communication!

So I talked to one of the two administrators at the front desk. She’d been on vacation for 2 weeks and this was all news to her. I told her that it greatly concerned me that I heard from my 5 YEAR OLD that the assistant kindergarten teacher was leaving. And it was even MORE concerning that there would be no assistant in the kindergarten room this year! I’m paying for a private school for kindergarten, not public school – and I expect the teacher/student ratio to reflect the gazillion dollars I’m paying for this. She said she absolutely agreed and would talk to Anna, the other administrator, when she got back from her vacation.

So the next week I drop the kids off in their classrooms and there’s a note in their folders saying Ms. Heidi has gone. What (pause for dramatic effect) EVER! She’s been gone for 4 days already! Timely – NOT!

Anna stops me on the way out . She assures me that yes they are hiring a replacement for the kindergarten room assistant. I told her that it was absolutely necessary that they hire someone and talked to her about the whole teacher/student ratio thing in this school I’m PAYING for. I also told her that quite frankly, the ONLY reason we were still at the Montessori is because of Ms. Dale. She is AMAZING! I told her that as great as Ms. Dale is, she’s still one person and if she’s left on her own with 25 kindergarteners, she can’t be effective. Anna greed and also went on to tell me enrollment was down and there were only 15 kids in the class.

A bit more acceptable to me.

Last week when school started, Princess was talking about Ms. Kay, the new assistant. Excellent! I’d never actually met her, but kept hearing all about her.

So here we are today – a week and a half after the school year officially started, two weeks after Ms. Kay started, and three weeks after I was assured that yes, there would be an assistant and that enrollment would not be over 20 kids in the kindergarten room. I was talking to Ms. Dale this a.m. and asking her what hours Ms. Kay worked because I wanted to meet her since she’d be in the classroom all day.

Can you guess that the words out of Ms. Dale’s mouth were completely unacceptable to me? She said that Ms. Kay was a “floater” – and that they hadn’t actually hired an assistant yet, and that she hoped they would do that really soon.

Um, WHAT!?! Are you friggin’ kidding me?!

THEN, I go out and take a look at the sign in sheet, because it seemed very long to me . . . 26 kids on it. 26!!! In the kindergarten room! With ONE teacher!

Oh there will soooooooo be a conversation with Anna today when I go pick up Princess from school.

I’m Injured

If there’s an award for the stupidest injury ever, I think I earned it this past weekend. Has anyone else ever injured themselves so badly that they needed to take a BUNCH of ibuprofen? Ya, me, too. BUT, have you injured yourself badly enough while FOLDING LAUNDRY that you needed to take 4 ibuprofen? I didn’t think so.

It’s quite possible that I was a little too tense yesterday . . . cuz while I was “snapping” a t-shirt to get all the wrinkles out so I could fold it crisply, I pulled something in my arm. No, really – I’m THAT talented!

I can do all kinds of things still and my arm does not hurt – unless I “snap” clothes to get them wrinkle free while folding them – then a nasty huge pain shoots from my left shoulder all the way down to my fingertips . . . enough to make me swear . . . out loud . . . and maybe even in front of the kids.

And no, this is not some lame excuse to get out of doing laundry – I mean really, who would believe it? And it hurts almost worse knowing that the last 3 loads of laundry were not properly “snapped” and therefore will not be folded tight and wrinkle-free :-)

How about you? What’s your stupidest injury?

Anyone Else . . .

staying up WAAAAAYYYY to late to watch the Olympics?

Sheesh! I love that the volleyball is on when I can watch it without holding my eyelids open with toothpicks . . . and that I get to see a lot of the swimming – I never thought I’d be screaming at the TV at 10:30 p.m. while watching men swim (and it wasn’t because of the suits!).

But the gymnastics . . . really? THAT late? Ugh.

Friday Flashback / Friday Funny

In light of all that’s going on with Mr. Favre in the world of football, I thought I’d tell you all about one of my most embarrassing moments.

When Hubby and I were just starting to date (about 100 years ago), we both worked at the Holiday Inn . . . he was a front desk person and I was a waitress – a match made in heaven. We lived in a small town that hosted the Vikings training camp every summer. During that time, a lot of the players’ wives would take up residency at the Holiday Inn, so Hubby got to know many of them very well – especially Rosie Randall, John Randall’s wife. When training camp was over and Rosie was getting ready to check out, she told Hubby that if he ever needed anything, to just let her know. He said “Well, there’s this new girl I’m dating, and she really likes football. Any chance you can hook me up with tickets to the Vikings/Packers game?”

Rosie came through and gave Hubby 2 tickets to the game, and I got to see my first NFL game in person. This was in the days of Jim McMahon playing quarterback for the Vikings, and I was NOT a McMahon fan. We got to the Metrodome and had the most wonderful seats . . . in the corner of the endzone about 10 rows up! Way to go Rosie!

The entire first half I sat there, bad mouthing everything McMahon did and hootin’ and hollerin’ every time the Packers did something good. At half time we got up and headed to get some beer like any other good Midwesterner at an NFL game would :-) When we came back, the lady next to me offered me a piece of gum after giving each of her kids a piece of gum.

It was at this point that I noticed she had a major huge rock on her finger! I mean, I have no idea how she could even raise her hand with this thing on! I said thank you for the gum. She said you’re welcome.

After a few plays in the second half, she said to me “So, you’re a Packer fan.” Me: “Yup. I love the Packers.”

She held out her hand to shake my hand and said “I’m Mrs. McMahon.”

Oh. My. GAWD! I have never wanted to disappear so badly in my life!

Turns out, Rosie gave us HER tickets to the game, in the players’ wives section! We were sitting in her actual seats next to a bunch of the players’ wives – um VIKINGS players’ wives . . . me with my Packers jersey on, badmouthing the quarterback husband of the woman sitting next to me.

I dare you to top that!

Today’s The Day!

Dude got on the bus for his first day of 3rd grade. He couldn’t WAIT! Yesterday, we had some friends over for a BBQ. The minute they left Dude was running to bed – the reason? He wanted to make sure he got to bed early enough so he wouldn’t oversleep and miss the bus 😉 I assured him that I’d wake him up in time. He made me promise to wake him up at 6:30 . . . holy crap!

He got up, got himself dressed in his favorite camos, got himself breakfast, and proudly announced that he was off to brush his teeth and comb his hair. He did both wonderfully. It’s so weird not to have to do any of these things for him anymore . . . and to be able to get myself ready at the same time. I took his picture – he of course made me promise not to get Princess’s doll stroller in there . . . we wouldn’t want to ruin his image or anything!

Then we headed to the bus stop. Everyone was amazed at how big Duma was (she was 3 months old last spring when we started taking her down there) and wanted to pet her and love on her. Nobody even noticed the bus pull up – on the other side of the road. Apparently, the bus is on the opposite corner this year. So I scurried to get the picture of Dude and his best buddy at the bus stop, then they all cruised across the street to the bus . . . no hug, no kiss, no nothin’ – nothin’ except me waving and yelling at Dude to have a wonderful day. I didn’t even give him the speel this morning about how Princess and I will most likely beat him home, but if we’re not there when he gets home, he should close the garage door, let Duma out, and stay in the house until I get there. I know he knows these things, but it’s weird not to have to say it.

It’s just wrong that he seems so grown up already.

Random Wednesday

Princess had a wonderful first two days of kindergarten! She’s doing great in class and is loving Ms. Dale as her teacher. Ms. Dale was also Dude’s kindergarten teacher – she’s a wonderful teacher and we’re so excited she’s still there for Keira. As for the first day . . . nope, not a tear was shed. No, I’m not heartless – actually quite the opposite. So why didn’t I cry? Princess has been going to full day preschool since she was 3 . . . and this whole summer she was in the kindergarten room for summer camp, just not with Ms. Dale. So on Monday, nothing was different really – except for the new outfit 😉 We took her to the same room, said good morning to Ms. Dale, and she was off! Ya . . . I thought about her being an actual kindergartner, but it’s different for some reason with her than it was with Dude. Dude always seemed so small and timid and he’s so sensitive, but all boy at the same time. Princess . . . she can SOOOOOOOOOO take care of herself, and everyone around her – just ask her 😉 She was so excited and not nervous, so it helped me out a lot. So there you have it . . . she’s in KINDERGARTEN and loving every minute of it. What’s she most excited about? Reading . . . she can’t wait to learn to read better so she can read her own books instead of us having to help her out!


We had Dude’s open house last night (he starts 3rd grade tomorrow). We got to meet his teachers, which was wonderful! He’s in a room with 2 teachers that share the class . . . one teaches in the morning and the other in the afternoon. I think it’s AWESOME! That way, it doesn’t get boring . . . the teachers don’t get burned out and the kids get a fresh look at things. Dude is very excited for school to start . . . Hubby and I are taking him golfing today on his last day of summer since I have the day off as well . . . Dude woke up this morning and said he wished school started TODAY! What?! Dude is growing up . . . I knew the time would come when he’d rather spend time with his friends than us, but already? Boohoo. He’s very excited that his buddy Josh is in his class this year, too . . . good times ahead for Dude! Oh, and I won’t be posting any pictures of his first day of school outfit. He, of course, doesn’t need any new clothes . . . I mean what more does an 8 year old boy need than 8 pair of camo shorts and shirts that don’t match?


With school actually starting tomorrow, that means we have to get up earlier so Dude can catch the bus – ick. It’s only 30 minutes earlier, but still – ick.


We’re off to the course! I hope you all have a wonderful day – it’s a beauty here . . . 85 and sunny, slight breeze, very little humidity – woo hoo!


Princess had her very first day of actual Kindergarten yesterday! She was so excited . . . as was I. I told her Sunday that I’d take her to the store and she could pick out an outfit, any outfit (that passed the mommy test of course) for her first day of Kindergarten. We went to Kohl’s. I was certain that in all her Princessness she’d choose a dress. That girl never ceases to surprise me! Out of everything at that store, she picked out this outfit for her first day of Kindergarten. I love it. It’s cute, it’s simple, and it’s fun.

AND, the items were on the clearance rack . . . it cost a whoppin’ $9.42 :-) I’ve taught the grasshopper well 😉



A couple weeks ago, my computer started showing me the blue screen of death every time I tried to use the DVD burner to, you know, back up my files (aka a gazillion pictures). I never got to back up those files.

Is the suspense killing you yet?

You guessed it . . . while we were camping this past weekend, a lovely thunderstorm rolled through (we haven’t had any moisture fall out of the sky for 4 months!). Everything in the house was turned off, but alas, we did not unplug things. And even though all things computer are plugged into a surge protector, apparently the protection did not work. My computer got fried by lightning. Quite like the DVD player and subwoofer hooked up to the TV got fried last summer – sparks actually flew! So, I have no computer. It’s at the computer doctor right now trying to get any information off the hard drive that we can – I’m thinkin’ it’s not lookin’ good. Oh the horror! My kids might be missing the month of July in their scrapbooks for 2008! 😉

In addition, the modem got fried. Hubby tried to get onto the Internet to work on his thesis and NOTHING happened. Kind of a big deal when you’re trying to complete your homework to get your doctorate! So, he’s out buying a new modem and getting it configured.

And I’m online building myself a new computer – woo hoo! I can finally get a laptop and work on the deck instead of in my dungeon!

When all is said and done, we’ll be out a couple thousand bucks . . . ICK! Not what we needed at the moment!