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November, 2008:

Wii Are Resting

UPDATE: As of 1535 we are up to 15 inches of snow and it’s still falling fast! Woo hoo!!!


Since I last visited the Internet, we’ve celebrated Princess’s birthday with G’ma and G’pa so they could watch her open her gifts. We also celebrated Christmas with them . . . this is what they gave Dude and Princess…

We are totally not a video game family. Outside of a couple plug-n-plays (I just HAD to have Ms. Pac Man!), we don’t have any – until now! And man did we have fun with it! It’s the best video game ever! We all had a blast bowling . . . even G’ma and G’pa. We tried out a ton of the games and our arms were even sore after playing for a couple days – straight ūüėȬ†Yes, we are getting older!

Grandma and Grandpa had to leave yesterday, so we got the house cleaned up after they left and then went to see Bolt. Lucky for us – we got to sit in the FRONT row . . . bluck! But it was still fun – I think Bolt is one of my favorite kid movies of the past couple years :-) Then it was home for some quiet time and then off to some friends’ house for dinner, drinks, and fun. And guess what . . . we played more Wii! The kids were downstairs playing with toys and watching a movie, so the adults got out some shots and started bowling . . . and then boxed . . . Oh. My. Gawd! That boxing is an actual workout! My back is even a bit sore today – no need for the gym, that’s for sure! So yes . . . the verdict is in¬† . . . Wii are getting older :-)

And then today, we woke up and saw THIS!

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you all again how much I love love love snow! And I would like nothing more than to go outside and play in this wonderful light fluffy snow . . . all 9 inches of it as of 8:00 a.m….

It’s supposed to keep snowing for most of the day¬†– big fluffy dry flakes – woo hoo! But alas . . . after such a busy week, my plan is to sit inside and do pretty much nothing useful today – afterall, we do have an entire winter to enjoy here in the snowbelt. Oh, and this wonderful snowstorm means that I get to break out my SNOWBLOWER today – I. Can’t. Wait!

How was your weekend?

More Fun With Grandma And Grandpa

We’re making the most of every minute . . . we’ve played board games and Disney Scene It!


We got out our Santa hats.


We decorated the Christmas tree.


We played so hard we fell asleep in the most comfortable place in the world.


We snuggled into bed with our favorite person in the world.


Then we got up and drove to The North Pole to see Santa!


We even touched the ever-frozen actual north pole!


We told Santa what we wanted for Christmas.


We rode a sky ride around the amusement park with Grandma.


We got Grandpa on the Tilt-A-Whirl.


And we kept riding that thing until our brains were mush . . . a total of 10 times!


More fun in store for later today and tomorrow! We’re celebrating Princess’s birthday tonight so she can open G’ma and G’pa’s gifts while they’re here. Tomorrow we’re having Hubby’s wonderful Turkey Day Dinner and then celebrating early Christmas with G’ma and G’pa. Fun fun fun!

Bring On The Ben-Gay

Dad Gone Mad made me laugh out loud at my desk . . . only because I can see all of this happening, and feel his pain.

And it reminded me of the days of my youth . . . when we’d water ski all day long every single day. And once every summer, the “old people” (otherwise known as my actually very young parents, aunts, and uncles) would waterski – for like 2 minutes. We’d hook ’em all up to the backs of the boats and take off with them plowing behind getting a face full of water before finally making it out where they’d skim across the water with two sticks strapped to their feet. We’d go once around the bay and bring ’em back in for the ever-so-graceful-I-can-run-my-skis-into-shore-jump-out-of-my-skis-and-keep-on-walkin’-toward-the-camper-without-a-second-thought landing (no, it never actually happened that way – the dock would get in the way, or they’d forget that they were heavier than they were the previous year and they couldn’t actually skim to shore but would come up about 4 feet short when the skis sunk into the mud – not pretty.) Then the drinking would start . . . it was known as daiquiri day . . . the one day the beer cans were replaced with a blender, some juice, and a lot of rum. The next day was known as “stinky moaning groaning day” – the day none of them could walk because they were so friggin’ sore and they bathed in Ben-Gay. I remembering wondering out loud one of those days “I don’t understand what the problem is . . . why are you so sore after just that tiny bit of skiing. Sheesh! Big Babies!”

Then I got older. At the old age of 25, after taking about an 8 year break from water skiing, I strapped myself in and went for a ride. Oh. My. GAWD! You forget about all those little muscles that you never use! All I can say is that I was truly sorry for every joke I ever made at my parents’ expense about them being so out of shape and sore :-) Especially now that I’m a mere 10 years older than THAT . . . even the THOUGHT of water skiing makes me hurt! That, however, does not make me stop doing stupid things that will surely inure me, like racing my daughter around the park or swinging a bat a gazillion times at a batting cage or learning to snowboard.

So, what’s your “getting older” moment?

Fun With Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma Sue and Grandpa Mike came yesterday¬†– woo hoo!! Dude and Princess had a great time messing around with Grandpa last night, and today after I got home from work we went bowling then out for ice cream! Fun fun fun. We also decorated our Christmas tree . . . yes, it’s complete and ready to go with wrapped presents underneath and everything. Not sure what we’ve got planned for Tuesday, but it’s supposed to be nice outside, weo we’ll definitely enjoy our beautiful mountains :-) Off to beat the guys at canasta!

We’re Trying To Save Money On Gas

Well, we cut down our Christmas tree this past weekend. Hubby’s parents are coming for the week, and we decided to celebrate Christmas while they’re here. Here’s the tree we chose :-)


What? You see a mailbox in the picture? Why yes, yes you do! Not many options for a live Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. We usually head to the forest and cut one down ourselves, but the cutting area isn’t open until after Turkey Day. And I refuse to have a fake tree . . . so, we took matters into our own hands and walked all the way to the end of the driveway to pick a tree :-) Hey, the cluster had to be thinned anyway!


Princess and Dude didn’t have to walk far to carry the tree into the house. Notice how full and nice it looks? Ya – not so much – only one half of the tree had branches on it. We’re getting ready to watch Charlie Brown to get us in the mood :-)


Here it is in all it’s glory in the tree stand. Doesn’t look so scrawny in the house now does it. What? You’re wondering what that white stuff around the trunk is?


Well, it’s Duct tape of course! Huh? You don’t wrap duct tape around your Christmas tree trunk? But it’s a great secret to keeping them fresh and moist all season long! You don’t believe me? Fine.¬†So we had to cut down two trees since none of them had branches on both sides. Then we stuck the bare sides¬†together and wrapped them with duct tape. But hey,¬†we have one good lookin’ tree now! Just wait until it’s decorated :-)

Oh, and we have all of our decorations up inside and out, as well. Very painful for me, the woman who really really REALLY dislikes to even think about Christmas before December 1st!

Yes Рwe are  THAT family this year :-)

Yes . . . Yes I Did Wrap The Pictures On My Walls

Here are a few samples :-)




Friday Funny

Dude: Hey Mom, did you know that in the Amazon, their houses are built on these huge stilts so they don’t get water in there houses?!
Me: That’s kinda cool.
Dude: Ya. I’d LOVE to live in the Amazon because each of the adults AND the kids get their VERY OWN CANOE! And they get to paddle to school every day! That would be so cool!

Really? A canoe? That’s all it’ll take to make you happy? DONE! Now if I just lived in a state that had water . . .


Dude: So next summer, are Princess and I going to do the YMCA summer camp?
Me: Probably.
Dude: Good. Because when they have the sports week where you do all those camps, I totally want to do that.
Me: OK. We’ll have to see what they have on the schedule for next summer.
Dude: Ya – and then you can come and watch me do the camps and stuff!
Me: Um, I don’t think so buddy. I’ll be at work.
Dude: What?!
Me: Ya – just like every other day, I’ll be at work, which is why you go to summer camp.
Dude: You have to WORK during the SUMMER?!
Me: Well yes! What did you think I did every summer when I took you guys to camp every morning?
Dude: I don’t know. I thought you just hung out at home and stuff. Wow. That must not be fun to never get to have all summer off. Why don’t you take summers off?
Me: Because we need money for food and water and clothes and stuff. Who would pay for that stuff?
Dude: Um, I dunno. But wow – it must really be bad to have to work ALL YEAR without a summer break!
Me: Yes . . . yes it kind of sucks.

The kid is 8 and has been going to daycare/camp since he was 8 weeks old. And all this time he thought that I just hung out during the summer – a slacker if you will. Sheesh!


We are going to be “that” family this year . . . we’re celebrating Christmas with the inlaws next week while they’re here . . . more on that later. BUT, over the weekend, I got out all my Christmas gear and even wrapped presents. I’ve used the same wrapping paper for about 5 years . . . it was a GREAT idea to buy HUMONSTROUS rolls in bulk at Sam’s Club – really, it is great paper and even has lines on the backside so you can cut straight¬†. . . but, it never gets gone. So, in an effort to get it gone this year, I decided to wrap the pictures on my walls.

Dude: Hey, what are all those presents on the walls for?
Me: Oh, I just decided to wrap the pictures so they looked like decorations.
Dude: I like the blue one the best.
Me: Really? Cool.
Dude: Actually, I like them all the best. They’re adorable!

Um, did you, my 8 year old son who likes only big loud noisy dirty camoflauge things say the decorations were “adorable”?

It’s Not Your Stuff

To the¬†thief who feels the need to break into cars of people working hard to make a living – STOP IT! It’s not your stuff! Leave it alone!

In the past 2 weeks, a number of cars have been broken into in the parking garage underneath the building I work in, as well as outside in the parking lot, in broad daylight. Have I mentioned that our building is MADE OF WINDOWS? Yet nobody has actually seen this happen. Anyhoo . . . no, people shouldn’t leave valuables in their car. But sometimes, you just do. And that does not give anyone else the right to break your window and steal it.

And to The Thief who broke into my coworkers car and stole the zippered envelope WITH HIS SCRIPTURES IN IT . . . how disappointing it must have been for you when you ended up getting a wad of scriptures instead of a wad of cash. I guess you got what you deserved . . . and I’m sure you will¬†end up with what you deserve later as well.

Yes, times are desperate for some people. No, that does NOT give you the right to steal other people’s stuff.

Wordless Wednesday – Perfect Saturday

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