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April, 2009:

Future Photographer?

My 6 year old took this picture of her big brother at his baseball game . . . I haven’t cropped it at all.

Jason Behind the Fence

Wordless Wednesday – 4 Generations at the Zoo

4 Generations at the Zoo

Torturous Tuesday

Princess had a TERRIBLE time being stuck at the zoo with Grandma and Great Grandma! I have no idea how she survived the terrible ordeal :-)

Princess Grandma and Great Grandma


Mom and Grandma left today – we had a GREAT time! Bummer the weather was cold and rainy so they couldn’t enjoy Dude and Princess’ baseball and soccer games,  but we had so much fun playing games and hanging out and teaching Great Grandma how to bowl on the Wii :-)

Next up . . . I’m playing the role of single mom this week while Hubby is gone flying. I have a mere 4 baseball games, 2 soccer games, 1 volleyball match, 1 parent/teacher conference, 1 soccer practice, 1 little league board meeting, 2 chiropractor appointments, and 2 full days of work to fit in before Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

Needless to day . . . I’ll be blogging again LATER! Hope everyone has a great week!

No More Aminals

Ho Hum . . . my Princess is growing up. Darn thing decided to learn how to READ well. She brought a book out to read to me yesterday – it was something about “Blah blah blah the Animals” – very exciting book. There were some big words in there that she did great at figuring out. And one word in particular made a light go on inside that little brain of hers. The word? Animal. Yup – she actually “read” the word and for the first time in her 6 1/2 years here on Earth realized that she had been pronouncing it wrong. She was AMAZED! And so proud that she now says the word “correctly.”

Me? I’m sad. There will be no more aminals in the Boedie Abode. We now have only animals . . . siiiiggghhhhh.

But we do still have a slight lisp, so I’ll be good to go for a while 😉

A Huge Wall Of Donuts

Dude and Princess asked if we could have donuts for breakfast some day this weekend, because clearly they have been denied any sugar this past week after EASTER! Hubby and I looked at each other and had a GREAT idea. We’d take them to Dunkin Donuts so they could choose a donut from that humongous wall of donuts that they have!

So Sunday morning we headed out for our donut adventure. We get to Dunkin Donuts and what do we realize? That the huge wall of donuts: 1) Shrunk since I was last there in 1980 OR 2) Was never that big to begin with OR 3) Just seemed bigger when I was smaller.

According to Dude it was never that big to begin with . . . “Well, I’m a little kid and it doesn’t look that big to me.”

Mood wrecker!

We all got donuts. We all ate donuts. We all enjoyed donuts. We were all a little disappointed with the non-existent wall of donuts.

You see, I had a vision . . . a vision that has long been burned into my brain from my childhood. A vision that occurred every Tuesday at precisely 9:15 a.m. from the time I was 3 until I was almost headed to kindergarden. My aunt babysat me when I was little. My Twin Cousin (our birthdays are 2 weeks apart) Chad and I played together every day of our lives out on the farm. We even LOOKED like brother and sister! Tuesday was grocery day. We’d hop in the WAY BACK of the station wagon – you know the WAAAYYYY BACK, the place where the groceries are supposed to go but where they put the kids they didn’t love as much to sit in that backward seat to inhale exhaust fumes and ensure certain car sickness and brain damage – and we’d head (back?) into town with Aunt Patty. We always knew our first stop would be the Donut Shop! I can still see that little yellow building and smell the donuts and coffee – it wasn’t a Dunkin Donuts – it was just a regular old hometown family-owned donut shop. There was a huge wall of donuts in a humonstrous case – a donut case set JUST at the same height as the eyes of a 4 year old. I don’t know what woman in her right mind would allow two four-year-olds to choose a single donut from such a wide selection – apparently a very patient woman – but Chad and I always got to browse the case and choose a donut . . . I always got a chocolate cake donut with sprinkles and a box of chocolate milk. We’d sit down at a little table by the window and watch the cars drive by with little kids looking out the windows wondering what we had done to deserve to get DONUTS and CHOCOLATE MILK while they were driving to who-knows-where! I can taste that donut now . . . and smell the coffee that the rest of the people were drinking with their donuts while they chatted about the weather and the crops.

After we got good and sugared up, Aunt Patty would take us to the grocery store . . . where we’d RUN and RUN and RUN around while she shopped for groceries. Don’t get me wrong – Aunt Patty had rules and there was a certain code of conduct we were expected to adhere to. However, Tuesday morning at the grocery store was a pretty slow place . . . it seemed that only the “old” people went there on that day at that time, so we were allowed a little leeway. Chad and I would run up and down the aisles trying to hide from Aunt Patty on the shelves of food. She, of course, would pretend not to see us and would grab the box of cereal right next to where one of us was while we pointed at each other and giggled and couldn’t BELIEVE that she didn’t see us! We always took great pride in the fact that she never found us until we wanted her to see us. We also had a competition going to see who was “worth more.” The ladies in the store would always play our game . . . they’d stop and look at fruit or whatever it was we were hiding in and say “Well, Margaret, this apple looks delicious, but I think this BIGGER apple UNDER THE BIN ON THE FLOOR looks far more delicious. I’d pay at least $1 for it. I could make an entire pie!” Then Margaret would say “Well, Rose, I think the HUGE banana THAT FELL ON THE FLOOR OVER HERE is worth at least $2.” Of course they’d walk away and we’d giggle and giggle and talk all the way home about which one of us was worth more money.

While my trip to the donut shop with my kiddos didn’t turn out to be all that I remembered as a child, a big shout out goes to my Mom for making sure that I got to spend LOTS of time with my cousins when I was a kid, and another huge shout out goes to my Aunt Patty for the wonderful donuts and for letting us be kids.

It’s STILL Snowing

A beautiful Saturday in December – er – April!





Yup – it says 10 inches! And they’re getting more than this up north in Denver!

Needless to say – no soccer or baseball today :-)


Dear Mother Nature

Thank you for honoring my request for additional snow here on the Front Range. I really LOVE it! Thank you for the additional 8-18 inches we’re supposed to get today – yay yay yay! Oh, and a HUGE shout out for the totally coolly awesome snow/thunderstorm yesterday evening . . . I love love love snow and I love love love Thunder! I don’t know what I did to deserve this absolutely wonderful display you put on yesterday, but thank you!

My kids, on the other hand, are torn . . . while they love the snow day today, they are not happy about their soccer and baseball games being cancelled – due to big SNOW – in APRIL. I told them they’ll get over it. They are young and have many years to play games outside.

Keep up the good work!

She Who Loves Snow And All Kinds Of Weather

I Guess You Had To Be There – Did She Just Have a Stroke?

I read this post at We Are THAT Family and ended up in fits of giggles all by myself over a memory I have. I’m giggling now just thinking about typing about it!

Way back before I had kids, QT and I were taking classes toward a Masters in Corporate Communication degree. 3 days a week we left work early and drove to Denver for night classes. We always had a GREAT time! One of our professors was a funny little lady . . . funny “goofy weird” – not funny “ha ha” . . . her name was Judith. She had a habit of teaching the most boring class on the planet, had added “Dr.” on her checks in the hopes that people might take her more seriously, and would change topic mid-sentence without a blink of her eye.

One particular evening, QT and I were sitting at a round table with 5 other students. Judith was going on and on about something terribly important having to do with surveys blah blah blah. We were all listening intently doodling, when the talking stops. After a couple seconds, we look up to see Judith standing there frozen mid-sentence . . . we waited a couple more seconds. Then a few more seconds. Then QT said it . . . she looked at the rest of us at the table and whispered loudly “Did she just have a stroke?!?” We. All. LOST. It.! We looked at her and realized no, she did not have a stroke . . . she was just thinking. After about 20 more seconds (which seemed like an ETERNITY), Judith just picked up where she left off like nothing had happened. Kept right on talking mid-sentence.

Our entire table was overtaken with fits of suppressed giggling, everone’s shoulders heaving up and down while we tried to keep our laughter inside. At one point, Judith stopped talking, looked at us and said “What happened that’s so funny? Do I have something on my face?”

Oh. My. GAWD! That certainly did NOT help the situation. We told her no, she did not have something on her face, but we just couldn’t help it.

She let us all go to break early.

I still laugh uncontrollably every time I think about that – and when QT and I are together and talk about it, it’s like it just happened yesterday!

How about you? What’s your hilarious I guess you had to be there moment?

3D Webkinz

No – they haven’t made anything on the Webkinz site in 3D yet . . . but if they do, Dude will be ready!

He and his Webkinz watched Spy Kids in 3D :-)

Dude and Webkinz 3D