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April 1st, 2009:

Boys Will Be Boys

Do you ever wonder what, exactly, causes men/boys to do some of the things they do? Hubby left yesterday morning to speak at a conference. Right after he left, I came downstairs to hop on my computer and get some work done. I noticed that his mouse was still sitting on the desk, so I called and told him so he could come back and get it. I even took it upstairs and stood outside in the cold waiting for him so he wouldn’t be late for his flight.

Then I headed back down to the office and turned on my computer. I realized the screen was a bit dark. But I thought nothing of it. Then, Hubby called.

Him: Guess what I brought with me?
Me: Ummmm, I don’t know, extra shoes?
Him: Nope. The power cord for your laptop.
Me: What?!
Him: I ran down to check my email this morning and used it to plug in my computer instead of digging mine out of my bag, and I must have just thrown it in my bag when I packed up my computer.
Me: ***silence – trying to figure out wtf I’m gonna do all week without a power cord***
Him: Sorry. You’ll just have to use the kids’ power cord.

So that’s what I’m doing – using Dude and Princess’s power cord this week. Man would I have been UNHAPPY if I didn’t have a power cord all week!

But seriously – he had to UNPLUG it from MY computer to take it in HIS bag! Shouldn’t that have rung a bell?

Love ya honey!!! :-)


In unrelated news, Dude is HILARIOUS! Or at least he thinks he is. Last night after dinner, he schleps off to his room and is gone for about 30 minutes – and he’s very quiet – always a scary thing when I realize it! So I asked him what he was doing. “Nothing! Nothing at all! Just, um, reading!”

Ya – what (pause for dramatic effect) EVER! I didn’t believe him, but I was busy rinsing conditioner out of Princess’s hair, so I let it go (and forgot about it).

A couple hours later I hop into bed . . . and OUCH! Something pricks me in the leg! I pull back the covers to find 5 or those rubber prickly animal things from Oriental Trading company on my bed! I called Dude on it and he just laid there in his room giggling like there was no tomorrow. And seriously, he’s got the BEST giggle – if he’s ever giggling, you just let him because it’s infectious!

After a few minutes, I started thinking. I remembered that he willingly brushed his teeth in my bathroom for a LONG time. I also realized that he had asked me how often I put on deoderant . . . weird question for an 8 year old to ask his mom at 8:00 p.m. I told him it would be tomorrow morning before I do it again. He said “aawwwWWWwww” and went to bed – giggling. I didn’t really think anything of it.

Then I realized that tomorrow was April Fool’s Day! And he’d been making a list the past couple of days and whispering to Princess a lot.

So I got up to take a look in my bathroom. The little turd had replaced my deoderant with Hubby’s (we don’t share a bathroom). He’d replaced my razor with Hubby’s. I yelled out “nice one Buddy!” And he just giggled even more. Then I went in to their bathroom to change my stuff back, and I found a can of silly string in place of Hubby’s shaving cream. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

The boy does have a sense of humor. I can’t wait until he’s older and can actually keep a straight face while playing jokes on us :-)