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April 2nd, 2009:

Chocolate Shakes and Legos

I’ve lost 7 pounds just by cutting out frivelous sugar during Lent, and I’m CRAVING a chocolate shake . . . and fudge . . . and chocolate/raspberry cake . . . and original Brach’s jelly beans . . . and an ice cold COKE! I think this whole no sugar thing is going to my head!

Yesterday, I was walking downstairs to leave to go to an amusement park and I stepped on a Lego and screamed because it HURT! I continued on to the park anyway. My first stop at the park was at a shooting range where you could practice your shot. I got to shoot bullets at cans . . . Coke cans of course! After I was done shooting, the guy running the thing said I could take my ticket up to this little shop and they’d have my bullets there and that I could melt them down and make something out of them. Cool I thought!!! So I continued on through the park and stopped at this table where they had a ton of Legos that the kids could just build with. There were huge sculptures and small sculptures and this curious little table to the side with a bunch of brown Legos on it. I asked the attendant what was up with those Legos and he said “Oh, they’re edible! Go ahead, try one!” I told him I couldn’t because I gave up sugar for Lent and I’m sure they had sugar in them. He said nope, they don’t have any sugar! So I asked him for the ingredient list and read through it. It was all fine and dandy, no sugar! Until I got to the very last ingredient, which was a chocolate shake. Yup, these Legos were made out of a chocolate shake, which I was positive had sugar in it. So I did not eat an edible Lego. Dejected, I decided to head to the shop to mold my bullets into something. When I got there, they took my ticket, gave me my jar of bullets, and told me to dump them into the mold that I wanted . . . I put them in a mold that looked like a rabbit . . . I thought it would make a fun little thing for Princess. They melted them down, and when they handed my mold to me, lo and behold it was not made of metal, but of CHOCOLATE! My bullets had turned into a chocolate bunny!

So there you have it – my dream from last night. Edible Legos made out of chocolate shake and bullets that turn into chocolate when you melt them.

That darned Easter Bunny better bring me something good in a couple weeks!

While I Was Away . . .

While I was away in Dallas last weekend, my kids were thinking of me. How do I know? Because when I got home Sunday, Hubby said “TWICE while you were gone, they said to me ‘Mom’s gonna be mad!'” I had to chuckle . . . not only were they thinking of me, this proved they actually listen to me (sometimes) and pay attention (sometimes) . . . ah a happy day.

Then, I heard what they thought I’d get mad about . . .

First, they went to the grocery store to grab a couple things, literally – some apples and bread. As they were on their way to the check out, this happened:

Princess: We need eggs, too, Daddy.
Hubby: No we don’t. We have almost a whole dozen in the fridge.
Princess: But we still need to get eggs.
Hubby: No we don’t. We have plenty.
Princess: But Mommy gets eggs every time we come to the grocery store. We should get some eggs.
Hubby: We are not getting eggs today.
Princess: Fine, but Mommy’s gonna be mad when she gets home!

No, they did not get eggs. No I did not get mad about it when I got home.

Next . . .

Princess loves to run up to Hubby, with that mischivous look in her eye, giggling, singing “I’m gonna spank your butt!” and she’ll lightly swat him on the behind as she runs by. He, of course, chases her and swats her as well, while she’s giggling and giggling and giggling. On this particular day they were in the kitchen making dinner. Princess ran by and swatted him on the behind. So, he took the spatula he was cooking with, smacked it on his hand a couple times and said “I’m gonna get you with the spatula next time you do that!” So of course she ran up and swatted him on the rear. At that, he turned around, mock chased her, and smacked the spatula on the counter, sending the whole flipper part of the spatula flying across the hall and down the steps. Apparently THAT was the funniest thing on earth, because Dude couldn’t stop laughing as he told me about it. Princess, of course, was certain I was going to be mad that he broke my favorite spatula. Nevermind that I don’t like to cook and would be happy if every spatula in the house disappeared so I could eat out every night.

FLASHBACK – I remember long ago when my Mom, brother, and I were in the kitchen. Mom was cooking and Bro did something she didn’t like. She wasn’t playing around like Hubby was; she was actually upset with him. She said something to the effect of “You better stop that or I’m going to paddle your butt with this wooden spoon!” Bro responded with “I don’t care. You can’t swing it hard enough to hurt me anyway.” At that, Mom got that “Oh ya – WATCH me” look in her eye . . . and she swung the wooden spoon down on the counter so hard that it broke in half and then into a gazillion pieces. Kind of ruined the feeling of terror my mother was trying to inflict upon my brother 😉 Mom picked up the spoon and my brother just laughed while I silently mourned the loss of the Kool-Aid stirring spoon.

Ahhhhh . . . cherry Kool-Aid! Good stuff! Right QT?