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April 6th, 2009:

We Graduated!!!

We had some great snow the past week, so we decided to head up to Breckenridge for one more day of boarding . . . and man are we glad we did! We met QT and Mr. T around 9:30 and hit the lift at 10:00 (takes a while to get 2 kids and 4 adults dressed and to hike to the lift!). We were dressed WAY warm because the forecast was for negative windchills, clouds, and snow. Turns out – the forecast was TOTALLY wrong! It was sunny with a slight wind and no snow . . . and temps in the teens, so we were happy as clams (and sweating to death!). We did a couple warm-up runs on a familiar run, then decided to head to Peak 7 to check out all the blue runs over there. We. Had. A. BLAST! We have officially graduated from easy blue runs that turn into green runs, to actual blue runs – woo hoo!

Princess had a blast with Mr. T because they are both skiers. She followed him around all day, telling him constantly to “go speedier – go speedier!!!” She loves it when he comes with so she has a ski buddy. They both love eto go fast, so they had a great time together. QT, Hubby, Dude, and I had a great time on our boards . . . no major wipeouts, but we did work a bit harder trying some new things and did have a couple falls. But nothing too terrible. And we have improved so much this year that we were no longer the last ones down the mountain every time. We all are pretty much at the same level, so we could go fast or slow or straight or crooked or over bumps or on flat land or around trees or down steep slopes together. Nobody had to wait for anyone else to get to the bottom. Woo hoo!!!

We rode the Gondola down to town and walked a few blocks to Subway for lunch (thank the powers-that-be for snowboarding boots!!!) – yummola! Back to the Gondola for some more fun on Peak 7. We did a few more runs after lunch – Dude and QT even caught some baby air on a couple of small jumps. Hubby and I just rolled over the jumps without catching any air. I wanted to make it through an entire season without an injury 😉

We got 5 solid hours of great boarding in on some wonderful snow, with the lunch break, before calling it quits and heading home. It was a school night afterall and we did have a 2 1/2 hour drive home. Our legs were sore and our tummies were hungry!

It was a WONDERFUL way to end the season! We were so glad QT and Mr. T were there with us and are already talking about buying our passes for next year.

Oh, and just a note . . . in my first full season snowboarding, I made it up to the mountain 12 days (which equates to 60 hours of driving – no wonder there are so many miles on the new car!!!). I’m half tempted to make SURE I make it up there on closing day, no matter what the weather is like . . . then I can also say I went on opening day and closing day my first season – that would be a good way to start and end my first season I think :-)