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April 7th, 2009:

Bad Business

Ya know that saying about if something good happens, most people will tell maybe 1 or 2 people about it, but if something bad happens, they’ll tell 8-10 people?

Well, I’m going to tell 8-10 people. I’m POed.

First, the airlines. I went online to purchase a ticket for a trip I’m taking. I found a great flight for a great price – $220. Then I remembered I had a $50 voucher that I got through e-rewards – woo! So I went online and tried to use the voucher when I bought my ticket. Instead of just choosing your ticket, than applying the voucher at checkout, you have to put in the voucher information, then do your flight search. Guess what the price, before the $50 reduction, was on the exact same flight. $293!!! So if I use my voucher, I end up paying $23 MORE! What (pause for dramatic effect) EVER! I was so annoyed. What a load of crap. The airline . . . Northwest. I fly them a lot because they have a direct flight out of my small city to MSP where we go to see family. So ya – I’m way annoyed with them!

Second, my insurance company. I have used the same insurance company for 20 years! The exact same company  that I’ve had since they day I got my license. I’ve had the same agent for the past 13 years – we switched when we moved to CO. When Hubby and I got married, he switched to my insurance company. When we bought our first house, we added it to the policy. When we bought our new cars, we kept with them. When we bought our second house and kept the other as a rental, we stuck with them. We added the camper when we bought it. They’re not the cheapest, but we liked them and the service was good. You know how many claims we’ve had with them in the past 20 years? ONE! No auto claims at all. One homeowners insurance claim last year when our house got struck by lightning and the computer, DVD player, receiver, printer, scanner, etc. got fried. That’s it in 2O YEARS! In 2000 we also added a personal articles policy. Stuff like jewelry, digital cameras, etc. (they won’t even let you add iPods and cell phones because of the turnover on those things). In the past 8 years we’ve had 3 claims on that policy – one $300 cell phone, one $300 digital camera, and one $400 laptop. So last week we get a note in the mail saying they’re cancelling our personal articles policy because of the huge number of claims we’ve made against it. REALLY?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Hubby was PISSED! He called our agent of 13 years and told them that he thought it was absolutely ridiculous. Said he’d NEVER shopped around for insurance even though we know they’re not the cheapest. Said we’d been with them for over 20 years without any claim on auto and one on homeowners. Said that if they were going to do this over 3 stupid claims (the last of which was in 2007!), that he WAS going to shop around, and not just for a personal articles policy. We’re taking everything to another insurance company. He’s very good – way better than me – not mad, not upset, etc. . . . just even toned and matter of fact. Told her this was her chance to change her mind.

You know what she said? She said “Well, they consider these things very carefully and there’s really nothing I’ll do about it.”

Oh. My. GAWD! So ya – STATE FARM INSURANCE SUCKS! 20 years with no claims (they sent us a letter 5 years back saying they couldn’t ever cancel our auto because we’re such good drivers) . . . and they are going to lose a customer because of 3 stupid personal articles policy claims we made over 6 year period.

So there . . . my bad mouthing of 2 companies that are totally pissing me off this week.

How about you?