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April 8th, 2009:

A Saturday In Dallas

After being thwarted at almost every turn on Friday, we had semi-high hopes for Saturday (and a plan!) since the forecast seemed to be changing every minute.

The Plan: Sleep In. Go out for breakfast. Drive to Forth Worth. Hang out. Walk around the shops. Eat some yummy barbecue. Watch the cattle drive. Maybe get tickets to the rodeo.

What Happened: We woke up to clouds, 30 degrees, and 40 mph winds! There was no way we were going to walk around outside all day in that weather. So we decided to go to the Galleria Mall . . . everyone said we just HAD to go, even though we don’t like shopping. We got ready and headed to what was supposed to be the best mall EVAH! On the way, we decided to stop at a little cafe/bakery and have some breakfast. I have a huge glass of milk for breakfast every day – I hadn’t had one for 3 days and was really Jonesing for one. So I ordered an omelette and a huge glass of milk. They were out of milk. Yes – they were out of milk on Saturday morning. UGH! OJ it is. Mom ordered apple juice . . . nope, none of that. Only orange juice at the moment. BLAH! Our omelettes were yummy – so that was a good thing. Off to the mall, where we ended up, you guessed it, gettingĀ a wee bit lost! And we ended up on the tollway, the one you’re not supposed to go on – but luckily we got to exit before we ever had to pay at a non-existent toll booth. We got to the mall right at 9:00 when it was supposed to open. Found a GREAT spot in the parking garage so we could walk across the alley and right into the mall. Turns out that the store we parked by didn’t open at 9:00! So we had to walk around to the other side of the building to get in. It. Was. WINDY. And. COLD! But we made it. Apparently “9:00” actually means “9:10” or “9:20” or even “9:30” when you’re the store manager opening on a Saturday. So we wandered around until the stores opened. Then we wandered into a few stores, tried on a few things, and walked out without buying anything. Hello $400 shoes and $200 jeans and $50 t-shirts! Mom did buy a shirt and one pair of shoes (not the ones mentioned above). We watched a skating competition at the indoor rink, wandered around some more, then headed back to the hotel – without getting lost – woo hoo!

We made some Bloody Marys and headed to the pool – which was CLOSED again – apparently clouds are enough to close the pool. Sheesh! So we headed back up to the room and drank and played dice and decided where we wanted to go to dinner. I fired up my laptop and did some looking around. Seriously – how did people travel before laptops and the internet? The concierge certainly was NO HELP at all . . . we would’ve been eating at McDonald’s if it was up to them! We really wanted some place with good BBQ and good beer. Is that so much to ask for in Texas? Apparently it is!!! There aren’t any sit-down BBQ places that also serve beer – most are just order cafeteria-style and then sit down. Not what we were looking for. So we decided on steak. Except all the steak places we looked at were SPENDY! We finally decided on Nate’s Seafood and Steak House – the menu looked good, the prices were fair, and it was within hotel shuttle distance (one of the reasons we chose that hotel was because of the free shuttle). So we got a little hammered on Bloody Marys and headed down to the front desk for a ride to the restaurant around 5:00 p.m. They said they’d gladly give us a ride there, but we were on our own to get back because they were trying to save money on salaries and didn’t allow the concierge to work past 6:00 p.m. WTF?! It’s friggin’ Saturday night and the shuttle driver can’t work past 6:00 p.m.?! They told us a cab back would only be $10, so we said fine – a $10 cab is better than driving after drinking! Turns out the restaurant was everything we thought it would be and more. We had a 30-minute wait (at 5:00 p.m.!) to sit down, which I guess was a good sign. We had a couple drinks while we waited and watched huge platters of crawfish and lobster and jambolaya and assorted other Louisiana fare walk by. The meals we chose were every bit as wonderful as we though they’d be. We caught a cab home for $30! Still better than driving . . . but really?! The hotel had no clue how much a cab would cost to get to their place from somewhere so close?

Another day of thwarted plans and closed hot tubs that ended in Bloody Marys and wonderful food :-) We packed, watched a movie, and ordered a wake up call for an 8:00 a.m. departure to catch our flights.

The bonus was that we didn’t get lost on the way to the airport, our flights left from the same terminal so we got to hang out together, and our flights were both on time. Overall, even with all the goofy things that happened and tried really hard to ruin our vacation, we had a great time. Lots of time to talk, laugh, drink, and eat together :-) Definitely worth every penny and minute!