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April 16th, 2009:

I Guess You Had To Be There – Did She Just Have a Stroke?

I read this post at We Are THAT Family and ended up in fits of giggles all by myself over a memory I have. I’m giggling now just thinking about typing about it!

Way back before I had kids, QT and I were taking classes toward a Masters in Corporate Communication degree. 3 days a week we left work early and drove to Denver for night classes. We always had a GREAT time! One of our professors was a funny little lady . . . funny “goofy weird” – not funny “ha ha” . . . her name was Judith. She had a habit of teaching the most boring class on the planet, had added “Dr.” on her checks in the hopes that people might take her more seriously, and would change topic mid-sentence without a blink of her eye.

One particular evening, QT and I were sitting at a round table with 5 other students. Judith was going on and on about something terribly important having to do with surveys blah blah blah. We were all listening intently doodling, when the talking stops. After a couple seconds, we look up to see Judith standing there frozen mid-sentence . . . we waited a couple more seconds. Then a few more seconds. Then QT said it . . . she looked at the rest of us at the table and whispered loudly “Did she just have a stroke?!?” We. All. LOST. It.! We looked at her and realized no, she did not have a stroke . . . she was just thinking. After about 20 more seconds (which seemed like an ETERNITY), Judith just picked up where she left off like nothing had happened. Kept right on talking mid-sentence.

Our entire table was overtaken with fits of suppressed giggling, everone’s shoulders heaving up and down while we tried to keep our laughter inside. At one point, Judith stopped talking, looked at us and said “What happened that’s so funny? Do I have something on my face?”

Oh. My. GAWD! That certainly did NOT help the situation. We told her no, she did not have something on her face, but we just couldn’t help it.

She let us all go to break early.

I still laugh uncontrollably every time I think about that – and when QT and I are together and talk about it, it’s like it just happened yesterday!

How about you? What’s your hilarious I guess you had to be there moment?