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April 23rd, 2009:

No More Aminals

Ho Hum . . . my Princess is growing up. Darn thing decided to learn how to READ well. She brought a book out to read to me yesterday – it was something about “Blah blah blah the Animals” – very exciting book. There were some big words in there that she did great at figuring out. And one word in particular made a light go on inside that little brain of hers. The word? Animal. Yup – she actually “read” the word and for the first time in her 6 1/2 years here on Earth realized that she had been pronouncing it wrong. She was AMAZED! And so proud that she now says the word “correctly.”

Me? I’m sad. There will be no more aminals in the Boedie Abode. We now have only animals . . . siiiiggghhhhh.

But we do still have a slight lisp, so I’ll be good to go for a while 😉