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April, 2009:

Easter in the Snow Belt

We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt at our house yesterday! Mother Nature is granting my snow request like there’s no tomorrow . . . this is what we woke up to at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday.

6 inches of snow and it was still falling fast!

Egg Hunt Snow

Not a flake to be had on Christmas . . . but when Easter in mid-April comes along, let it snow! With this much snow at 7:00 a.m., you can imagine what it was like at 11:00 when everyone showed up – and at 1:00 p.m. when we started our hunt after a yummy ham dinner!

But we are a hearty folk and headed outside for the hunt anyway. Here are the kids – ready to go :-) Welcome SPRING!

Egg Hunt Group

The kids could have cared less whether there was snow or sun or rain or clouds . . . they had a blast! Too bad it only takes them about 5 minutes to find all the gazillion eggs after the Dads spend about 20 minutes “hiding” them 😉

Apparently Princess spotted an egg and was on the move!

Egg Hunt Princess Run

After they found the eggs, the boys thought it would be fun to stand at the edge of the deck, where Mr. Marc was shoveling snow over the side. It was HILARIOUS! Here’s Dude getting pummelled. Ian was using him as a human shield 😉

Egg Hunt Dude Snow 2

Nick wanted to get in on the action, too! His family is moving to a warm sunny state soon (boo hoo), so he got his snow fix Sunday :-)

Egg Hunt Nick Snow

I have to laugh at Duma! She would stand right next to the boys and get showered with snow and shake like it was the worst thing in the world . . . then she’d run and hop around and wait for the next snow bomb to fall . . . it was HILARIOUS!

So there you have it – a glimpse of Easter in the Snow Belt :-)

Oh – and Lent is O.V.E.R.!!! Yes, I had an entire bag of Brach’s Classic Jelly Beans yesterday (thank you Easter Bunny – BAWK BAWK!). I did NOT, however, drink my Cherry Pepsi. Never got around to it  . . .  never had the desire. Maybe this whole no sugar thing for 40 days will become more  of a lifestyle change this time around. I lost . . . da da da daaaaaaa . . . 8 pounds just by giving up sugar for Lent. Woo hoo!!!

Hope you all had a great Easter!

Bye Bye Jodie! Bye Bye Dan!

I mentioned we went skiing and boarding with QT and Mr. T on Sunday. Princess spent the entire day following her ski buddy, Mr. T, down the hill – squealing with delight the entire time! At one point, I’d stopped to take a picture of QT and Dude as they caught some tiny air on some baby jumps. Hubby stopped by me for a little rest. We were sitting there in the wonderful quiet of the Rockies when we hear this teeny tiny voice go flying by. We look up to see Princess following Mr. T down right next to us – she’s got the hugest grin on her face. She’s waving like there’s no tomorrow. She’s yelling “Bye Bye Jodie! Bye Bye Dan!” and giggling and giggling!

Hubby and I just looked at each other and shook our heads, huge grins on our faces. It’s so funny to hear your kids call you by your actual names! And it’s even funnier when they crack themselves up doing it :-)

A Saturday In Dallas

After being thwarted at almost every turn on Friday, we had semi-high hopes for Saturday (and a plan!) since the forecast seemed to be changing every minute.

The Plan: Sleep In. Go out for breakfast. Drive to Forth Worth. Hang out. Walk around the shops. Eat some yummy barbecue. Watch the cattle drive. Maybe get tickets to the rodeo.

What Happened: We woke up to clouds, 30 degrees, and 40 mph winds! There was no way we were going to walk around outside all day in that weather. So we decided to go to the Galleria Mall . . . everyone said we just HAD to go, even though we don’t like shopping. We got ready and headed to what was supposed to be the best mall EVAH! On the way, we decided to stop at a little cafe/bakery and have some breakfast. I have a huge glass of milk for breakfast every day – I hadn’t had one for 3 days and was really Jonesing for one. So I ordered an omelette and a huge glass of milk. They were out of milk. Yes – they were out of milk on Saturday morning. UGH! OJ it is. Mom ordered apple juice . . . nope, none of that. Only orange juice at the moment. BLAH! Our omelettes were yummy – so that was a good thing. Off to the mall, where we ended up, you guessed it, getting a wee bit lost! And we ended up on the tollway, the one you’re not supposed to go on – but luckily we got to exit before we ever had to pay at a non-existent toll booth. We got to the mall right at 9:00 when it was supposed to open. Found a GREAT spot in the parking garage so we could walk across the alley and right into the mall. Turns out that the store we parked by didn’t open at 9:00! So we had to walk around to the other side of the building to get in. It. Was. WINDY. And. COLD! But we made it. Apparently “9:00” actually means “9:10” or “9:20” or even “9:30” when you’re the store manager opening on a Saturday. So we wandered around until the stores opened. Then we wandered into a few stores, tried on a few things, and walked out without buying anything. Hello $400 shoes and $200 jeans and $50 t-shirts! Mom did buy a shirt and one pair of shoes (not the ones mentioned above). We watched a skating competition at the indoor rink, wandered around some more, then headed back to the hotel – without getting lost – woo hoo!

We made some Bloody Marys and headed to the pool – which was CLOSED again – apparently clouds are enough to close the pool. Sheesh! So we headed back up to the room and drank and played dice and decided where we wanted to go to dinner. I fired up my laptop and did some looking around. Seriously – how did people travel before laptops and the internet? The concierge certainly was NO HELP at all . . . we would’ve been eating at McDonald’s if it was up to them! We really wanted some place with good BBQ and good beer. Is that so much to ask for in Texas? Apparently it is!!! There aren’t any sit-down BBQ places that also serve beer – most are just order cafeteria-style and then sit down. Not what we were looking for. So we decided on steak. Except all the steak places we looked at were SPENDY! We finally decided on Nate’s Seafood and Steak House – the menu looked good, the prices were fair, and it was within hotel shuttle distance (one of the reasons we chose that hotel was because of the free shuttle). So we got a little hammered on Bloody Marys and headed down to the front desk for a ride to the restaurant around 5:00 p.m. They said they’d gladly give us a ride there, but we were on our own to get back because they were trying to save money on salaries and didn’t allow the concierge to work past 6:00 p.m. WTF?! It’s friggin’ Saturday night and the shuttle driver can’t work past 6:00 p.m.?! They told us a cab back would only be $10, so we said fine – a $10 cab is better than driving after drinking! Turns out the restaurant was everything we thought it would be and more. We had a 30-minute wait (at 5:00 p.m.!) to sit down, which I guess was a good sign. We had a couple drinks while we waited and watched huge platters of crawfish and lobster and jambolaya and assorted other Louisiana fare walk by. The meals we chose were every bit as wonderful as we though they’d be. We caught a cab home for $30! Still better than driving . . . but really?! The hotel had no clue how much a cab would cost to get to their place from somewhere so close?

Another day of thwarted plans and closed hot tubs that ended in Bloody Marys and wonderful food :-) We packed, watched a movie, and ordered a wake up call for an 8:00 a.m. departure to catch our flights.

The bonus was that we didn’t get lost on the way to the airport, our flights left from the same terminal so we got to hang out together, and our flights were both on time. Overall, even with all the goofy things that happened and tried really hard to ruin our vacation, we had a great time. Lots of time to talk, laugh, drink, and eat together :-) Definitely worth every penny and minute!

Bad Business

Ya know that saying about if something good happens, most people will tell maybe 1 or 2 people about it, but if something bad happens, they’ll tell 8-10 people?

Well, I’m going to tell 8-10 people. I’m POed.

First, the airlines. I went online to purchase a ticket for a trip I’m taking. I found a great flight for a great price – $220. Then I remembered I had a $50 voucher that I got through e-rewards – woo! So I went online and tried to use the voucher when I bought my ticket. Instead of just choosing your ticket, than applying the voucher at checkout, you have to put in the voucher information, then do your flight search. Guess what the price, before the $50 reduction, was on the exact same flight. $293!!! So if I use my voucher, I end up paying $23 MORE! What (pause for dramatic effect) EVER! I was so annoyed. What a load of crap. The airline . . . Northwest. I fly them a lot because they have a direct flight out of my small city to MSP where we go to see family. So ya – I’m way annoyed with them!

Second, my insurance company. I have used the same insurance company for 20 years! The exact same company  that I’ve had since they day I got my license. I’ve had the same agent for the past 13 years – we switched when we moved to CO. When Hubby and I got married, he switched to my insurance company. When we bought our first house, we added it to the policy. When we bought our new cars, we kept with them. When we bought our second house and kept the other as a rental, we stuck with them. We added the camper when we bought it. They’re not the cheapest, but we liked them and the service was good. You know how many claims we’ve had with them in the past 20 years? ONE! No auto claims at all. One homeowners insurance claim last year when our house got struck by lightning and the computer, DVD player, receiver, printer, scanner, etc. got fried. That’s it in 2O YEARS! In 2000 we also added a personal articles policy. Stuff like jewelry, digital cameras, etc. (they won’t even let you add iPods and cell phones because of the turnover on those things). In the past 8 years we’ve had 3 claims on that policy – one $300 cell phone, one $300 digital camera, and one $400 laptop. So last week we get a note in the mail saying they’re cancelling our personal articles policy because of the huge number of claims we’ve made against it. REALLY?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Hubby was PISSED! He called our agent of 13 years and told them that he thought it was absolutely ridiculous. Said he’d NEVER shopped around for insurance even though we know they’re not the cheapest. Said we’d been with them for over 20 years without any claim on auto and one on homeowners. Said that if they were going to do this over 3 stupid claims (the last of which was in 2007!), that he WAS going to shop around, and not just for a personal articles policy. We’re taking everything to another insurance company. He’s very good – way better than me – not mad, not upset, etc. . . . just even toned and matter of fact. Told her this was her chance to change her mind.

You know what she said? She said “Well, they consider these things very carefully and there’s really nothing I’ll do about it.”

Oh. My. GAWD! So ya – STATE FARM INSURANCE SUCKS! 20 years with no claims (they sent us a letter 5 years back saying they couldn’t ever cancel our auto because we’re such good drivers) . . . and they are going to lose a customer because of 3 stupid personal articles policy claims we made over 6 year period.

So there . . . my bad mouthing of 2 companies that are totally pissing me off this week.

How about you?

We Graduated!!!

We had some great snow the past week, so we decided to head up to Breckenridge for one more day of boarding . . . and man are we glad we did! We met QT and Mr. T around 9:30 and hit the lift at 10:00 (takes a while to get 2 kids and 4 adults dressed and to hike to the lift!). We were dressed WAY warm because the forecast was for negative windchills, clouds, and snow. Turns out – the forecast was TOTALLY wrong! It was sunny with a slight wind and no snow . . . and temps in the teens, so we were happy as clams (and sweating to death!). We did a couple warm-up runs on a familiar run, then decided to head to Peak 7 to check out all the blue runs over there. We. Had. A. BLAST! We have officially graduated from easy blue runs that turn into green runs, to actual blue runs – woo hoo!

Princess had a blast with Mr. T because they are both skiers. She followed him around all day, telling him constantly to “go speedier – go speedier!!!” She loves it when he comes with so she has a ski buddy. They both love eto go fast, so they had a great time together. QT, Hubby, Dude, and I had a great time on our boards . . . no major wipeouts, but we did work a bit harder trying some new things and did have a couple falls. But nothing too terrible. And we have improved so much this year that we were no longer the last ones down the mountain every time. We all are pretty much at the same level, so we could go fast or slow or straight or crooked or over bumps or on flat land or around trees or down steep slopes together. Nobody had to wait for anyone else to get to the bottom. Woo hoo!!!

We rode the Gondola down to town and walked a few blocks to Subway for lunch (thank the powers-that-be for snowboarding boots!!!) – yummola! Back to the Gondola for some more fun on Peak 7. We did a few more runs after lunch – Dude and QT even caught some baby air on a couple of small jumps. Hubby and I just rolled over the jumps without catching any air. I wanted to make it through an entire season without an injury 😉

We got 5 solid hours of great boarding in on some wonderful snow, with the lunch break, before calling it quits and heading home. It was a school night afterall and we did have a 2 1/2 hour drive home. Our legs were sore and our tummies were hungry!

It was a WONDERFUL way to end the season! We were so glad QT and Mr. T were there with us and are already talking about buying our passes for next year.

Oh, and just a note . . . in my first full season snowboarding, I made it up to the mountain 12 days (which equates to 60 hours of driving – no wonder there are so many miles on the new car!!!). I’m half tempted to make SURE I make it up there on closing day, no matter what the weather is like . . . then I can also say I went on opening day and closing day my first season – that would be a good way to start and end my first season I think :-)

A Friday In Dallas

I mentioned that I met my mom in Dallas for a long weekend at the end of spring break. We were trying to escape the cold and snow of MN and CO for a few days. Alas, that did not happen. In fact, while we still had a great time, pretty much nothing we tried to do on that trip happened anywhere near as we thought it would. We decided to go without planning anything – just hang out, relax, enjoy each other’s company, and maybe see a few sights.

It all started Wednesday. I saw on the news that a huge storm was going to pummel Colorado starting around 7:00 a.m. Thursday morning – dumping up to 2 feet of snow with high winds and blizzard-like conditions. I called Hubby and he arranged for me to stay in a hotel near the airport Wednesday night so we wouldn’t have to try to drive up there in the weather. I also changed my flight to 7:00 a.m. so I could beat the storm. Hubby was supposed to get home around 6:45 p.m. Wednesday evening, and I’d head up to the airport. Hubby’s plane was delayed 3 hours! He walked in the door around 10:15 p.m. . . . at which time, I gave him a hug and a kiss, hopped into the car, and made the hour drive to the hotel. In bed by 11:30, but I had to get up at 5:00 to catch my flight! Good thing I got going early, too, because they ended up cancelling 500 flights out that day!

Anyhoo – finally met mom in Dallas and got the rental car . . . you read all about our wonderful adventure getting to the hotel. Since Friday was supposed to be the nicest day weather-wise, we decided to do a few outside things.

The plan . . . 20 minute drive to downtown, check out the 6th Floor Museum, which opened at 9:00 a.m., hang out at the grassy knoll for a while, take some pictures, walk around, head to Lee Harvey’s for lunch. Back to the hotel to relax and have a drink in the hot tub, then get ready for dinner at Lefty’s, a seafood place we found on the Internet.

What happened . . . 45 minutes of driving got us nowhere thanks to the wonderful directions from the Internet. We ended up driving to the tall hotel that has Reunion Tower so we could ask directions. Why did we choose that hotel? Because we could see the tower from everywhere and didn’t need stupid MapQuest to help us. Got directions to the grassy knoll, which was a whoppin’ 4 blocks away. It took us 15 MINUTES to get there. Lots of one-way roads and terrible signage make it difficult. We ended up driving right past it TWICE and ending up back on the highway because the 1st time we didn’t know where we were going, and the 2nd time I was looking for parking and forgot to turn (my bad). We finally ended up finding a parking lot that a crazy man waved us into. $2/hour . . . at least that’s what we thought! Turns out it was $2 every 20 minutes! We parked anyway – afraid to try to find somewhere else 😉 We walked to the grassy knoll, where a really nice man told us more than we ever cared to know about “that day” and took some pictures of us. We stared at the X in the road, said Ooooh Ahhhh, then walked across the street to the museum. We did not see the museum. It didn’t open until 10:00 that day! Stupid Internet. We decided we didn’t really care to see it and walked around a bit. Stopped at a bakery for a light snack while we waited for it to be close enough to lunch time so we could go to Lee Harvey’s. Mom and Hubby were there a few months ago when they both happened to be in Dallas – said it was awesome burgers and onion rings. We drove around looking for the place and missed the turn about 8 times – driving past the same cop car every time we missed it. We turned down an alley and AH HA – there was Lee Harvey’s! But the chain link fence was locked (yes, it’s enclosed by a chain link fence in the middle of a neighborhood of houses). We couldn’t see a sign to tell when it opened, so I called Hubby and he checked online. Opened at 3:00. Crap! Thwarted again.

In the 3 hours we’d been gone from the hotel, we had driven a gazillion miles, gotten lost a few times, had our picture taken by a big white X, and spent $6 on parking. No museum, no lunch.

We headed back to the hotel, stopping for a light lunch on the way – we were saving ourselves for seafood for dinner!!! At lunch, we decided to drive to Grapevine instead so I could show Mom the Great Wolf Lodge and we could ride the train to Fort Worth. The weather was holding up nicely – it was a bit chilly and overcast, but we figured why not. We stopped at the Great Wolf Lodge to take a look around and asked the concierge if he had any info. on this train ride we’d heard about. He gave us a brochure and directions . . . there was a train leaving at 1:00 – perfect! So we start our trek down main street to find the depot and what – or should I say who – do I see? Thomas the figgin’ Tank Engine. That’s right – it was A Day Out With Thomas at the depot that day! Now normally, I would have been happy and taken the kids – we’ve been a couple times here at home. But this day, I knew what it meant – that the train was not going to be taking us to Fort Worth. We parked and asked the lady inside about the train anyway – of course it was not running that day, at least not without Thomas and a hundred screaming kids. So we got some other info. on Forth Worth and decided we might drive there on Saturday. But for the rest of Friday, we decided to walk around Grapevine and see what we could see. It was nice walking around and chatting and looking in the shops . . . until it started to sprinkle. We decided to head back to the car. It started to drizzle a bit harder. I told mom to hang out under an overhang while I went to get the car . . . it started to rain, and rain, and rain – I was SOAKED before I got to the car! We laughed and giggled at our misfortune and headed back to the hotel . . . where, amazingly enough, it was not raining at all. So we figured we’d head to the pool and have a drink before dinner. We got all swimsuited up with drinks in hand only to find the door to the hot tub locked . . . closed due to weather. WTF?! It wasn’t raining – it hadn’t even rained there – it was totally dry! No lightning, etc. Whatever. We ended up playing dice and drinking in the lobby for a while.

It was almost time for our dinner reservation, so we cleaned up and headed out, directions in hand. We got VERY close to the restaurant a few times . . . but could not find it. According to the web site and to the man I talked to on the phone, Lefty’s is behind Jason’s Deli at 4201 Bent Line Road. So of course we went to Bent Line, turned on the 4200 block, and searched for Jason’s Deli. We turned around at the 4500 block to check again. Nothing. I finally called them to ask where they were. Apparently, in Dallas, the numbers mean nothing, kind of like the signs, because 4201 Bent Line Road is ACTUALLY on the 4100 block of Bent Line Road. I have no clue why I didn’t figure that out on my own 😉

But, we had dinner at a fabulous casual seafood restaurant that had WONDERFUL food! The lobster bisque was phenominal, the lobster and snapper were wonderful, the price was excellent, the service was wonderful, and the atmosphere was exactly what we were looking for. So even though the rest of the day didn’t turn out as planned, we ended up with a wonderful dinner at a restaurant nobody recommended to us . . . we found it on our own . . . and I’d tell anyone to go there. Back to the hotel to relax for the rest of the evening and get geared up for the cattle drive, rodeo, and BBQ in Forth Worth on Saturday!!! Yee Haw!

So ya – nothing went as we had planned, except the part where mom and I got to spend a day together talking and laughing and catching up without the kiddos around. But we still had a great time and it was alllll gooood :-)

Chocolate Shakes and Legos

I’ve lost 7 pounds just by cutting out frivelous sugar during Lent, and I’m CRAVING a chocolate shake . . . and fudge . . . and chocolate/raspberry cake . . . and original Brach’s jelly beans . . . and an ice cold COKE! I think this whole no sugar thing is going to my head!

Yesterday, I was walking downstairs to leave to go to an amusement park and I stepped on a Lego and screamed because it HURT! I continued on to the park anyway. My first stop at the park was at a shooting range where you could practice your shot. I got to shoot bullets at cans . . . Coke cans of course! After I was done shooting, the guy running the thing said I could take my ticket up to this little shop and they’d have my bullets there and that I could melt them down and make something out of them. Cool I thought!!! So I continued on through the park and stopped at this table where they had a ton of Legos that the kids could just build with. There were huge sculptures and small sculptures and this curious little table to the side with a bunch of brown Legos on it. I asked the attendant what was up with those Legos and he said “Oh, they’re edible! Go ahead, try one!” I told him I couldn’t because I gave up sugar for Lent and I’m sure they had sugar in them. He said nope, they don’t have any sugar! So I asked him for the ingredient list and read through it. It was all fine and dandy, no sugar! Until I got to the very last ingredient, which was a chocolate shake. Yup, these Legos were made out of a chocolate shake, which I was positive had sugar in it. So I did not eat an edible Lego. Dejected, I decided to head to the shop to mold my bullets into something. When I got there, they took my ticket, gave me my jar of bullets, and told me to dump them into the mold that I wanted . . . I put them in a mold that looked like a rabbit . . . I thought it would make a fun little thing for Princess. They melted them down, and when they handed my mold to me, lo and behold it was not made of metal, but of CHOCOLATE! My bullets had turned into a chocolate bunny!

So there you have it – my dream from last night. Edible Legos made out of chocolate shake and bullets that turn into chocolate when you melt them.

That darned Easter Bunny better bring me something good in a couple weeks!

While I Was Away . . .

While I was away in Dallas last weekend, my kids were thinking of me. How do I know? Because when I got home Sunday, Hubby said “TWICE while you were gone, they said to me ‘Mom’s gonna be mad!'” I had to chuckle . . . not only were they thinking of me, this proved they actually listen to me (sometimes) and pay attention (sometimes) . . . ah a happy day.

Then, I heard what they thought I’d get mad about . . .

First, they went to the grocery store to grab a couple things, literally – some apples and bread. As they were on their way to the check out, this happened:

Princess: We need eggs, too, Daddy.
Hubby: No we don’t. We have almost a whole dozen in the fridge.
Princess: But we still need to get eggs.
Hubby: No we don’t. We have plenty.
Princess: But Mommy gets eggs every time we come to the grocery store. We should get some eggs.
Hubby: We are not getting eggs today.
Princess: Fine, but Mommy’s gonna be mad when she gets home!

No, they did not get eggs. No I did not get mad about it when I got home.

Next . . .

Princess loves to run up to Hubby, with that mischivous look in her eye, giggling, singing “I’m gonna spank your butt!” and she’ll lightly swat him on the behind as she runs by. He, of course, chases her and swats her as well, while she’s giggling and giggling and giggling. On this particular day they were in the kitchen making dinner. Princess ran by and swatted him on the behind. So, he took the spatula he was cooking with, smacked it on his hand a couple times and said “I’m gonna get you with the spatula next time you do that!” So of course she ran up and swatted him on the rear. At that, he turned around, mock chased her, and smacked the spatula on the counter, sending the whole flipper part of the spatula flying across the hall and down the steps. Apparently THAT was the funniest thing on earth, because Dude couldn’t stop laughing as he told me about it. Princess, of course, was certain I was going to be mad that he broke my favorite spatula. Nevermind that I don’t like to cook and would be happy if every spatula in the house disappeared so I could eat out every night.

FLASHBACK – I remember long ago when my Mom, brother, and I were in the kitchen. Mom was cooking and Bro did something she didn’t like. She wasn’t playing around like Hubby was; she was actually upset with him. She said something to the effect of “You better stop that or I’m going to paddle your butt with this wooden spoon!” Bro responded with “I don’t care. You can’t swing it hard enough to hurt me anyway.” At that, Mom got that “Oh ya – WATCH me” look in her eye . . . and she swung the wooden spoon down on the counter so hard that it broke in half and then into a gazillion pieces. Kind of ruined the feeling of terror my mother was trying to inflict upon my brother 😉 Mom picked up the spoon and my brother just laughed while I silently mourned the loss of the Kool-Aid stirring spoon.

Ahhhhh . . . cherry Kool-Aid! Good stuff! Right QT?

Boys Will Be Boys

Do you ever wonder what, exactly, causes men/boys to do some of the things they do? Hubby left yesterday morning to speak at a conference. Right after he left, I came downstairs to hop on my computer and get some work done. I noticed that his mouse was still sitting on the desk, so I called and told him so he could come back and get it. I even took it upstairs and stood outside in the cold waiting for him so he wouldn’t be late for his flight.

Then I headed back down to the office and turned on my computer. I realized the screen was a bit dark. But I thought nothing of it. Then, Hubby called.

Him: Guess what I brought with me?
Me: Ummmm, I don’t know, extra shoes?
Him: Nope. The power cord for your laptop.
Me: What?!
Him: I ran down to check my email this morning and used it to plug in my computer instead of digging mine out of my bag, and I must have just thrown it in my bag when I packed up my computer.
Me: ***silence – trying to figure out wtf I’m gonna do all week without a power cord***
Him: Sorry. You’ll just have to use the kids’ power cord.

So that’s what I’m doing – using Dude and Princess’s power cord this week. Man would I have been UNHAPPY if I didn’t have a power cord all week!

But seriously – he had to UNPLUG it from MY computer to take it in HIS bag! Shouldn’t that have rung a bell?

Love ya honey!!! :-)


In unrelated news, Dude is HILARIOUS! Or at least he thinks he is. Last night after dinner, he schleps off to his room and is gone for about 30 minutes – and he’s very quiet – always a scary thing when I realize it! So I asked him what he was doing. “Nothing! Nothing at all! Just, um, reading!”

Ya – what (pause for dramatic effect) EVER! I didn’t believe him, but I was busy rinsing conditioner out of Princess’s hair, so I let it go (and forgot about it).

A couple hours later I hop into bed . . . and OUCH! Something pricks me in the leg! I pull back the covers to find 5 or those rubber prickly animal things from Oriental Trading company on my bed! I called Dude on it and he just laid there in his room giggling like there was no tomorrow. And seriously, he’s got the BEST giggle – if he’s ever giggling, you just let him because it’s infectious!

After a few minutes, I started thinking. I remembered that he willingly brushed his teeth in my bathroom for a LONG time. I also realized that he had asked me how often I put on deoderant . . . weird question for an 8 year old to ask his mom at 8:00 p.m. I told him it would be tomorrow morning before I do it again. He said “aawwwWWWwww” and went to bed – giggling. I didn’t really think anything of it.

Then I realized that tomorrow was April Fool’s Day! And he’d been making a list the past couple of days and whispering to Princess a lot.

So I got up to take a look in my bathroom. The little turd had replaced my deoderant with Hubby’s (we don’t share a bathroom). He’d replaced my razor with Hubby’s. I yelled out “nice one Buddy!” And he just giggled even more. Then I went in to their bathroom to change my stuff back, and I found a can of silly string in place of Hubby’s shaving cream. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

The boy does have a sense of humor. I can’t wait until he’s older and can actually keep a straight face while playing jokes on us :-)