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May, 2009:

At Least She Pays Attention

We’ve been playing pickup baseball with some friends quite a bit lately and having a BLAST! Princess decided she loves it and would like to play Y baseball this summer while Dude’s playing. So she and I went to Target yesterday to get her some baseball pants and baseball socks. She was trying on the baseball pants in the aisle, over her shorts. The XS size was a bit big around the waist even with her shorts on underneath.

Me: Princess – they’re a bit big, but they’re the smallest size, so I’ll just take them in a bit.
Princess (very loudly): That’s OK! They fit fine. And besides, I’ll be wearing a cup anyway, so that’ll make ’em fit better!

OMG! I just LOST it – as did the Dad in the aisle over! Apparently she was listening when Dude and I had this conversation a couple months ago when shopping for his baseball pants 😉

Kindergarten Graduation

Princess had her Kindergarten graduation last night. She was SOOOOO excited and SOOOOO cute and SOOOOO . . . tiny looking.

Here she is getting ready for the “big walk” . . . yes I took the tassle protector off :-)



With her teacher, Ms. Dale, after she got her diploma. She was so excited!!!



The happy “grad” with Ms. Dale and Ms. Laura



Keira and her best school friend, Naomi. I can’t wait to take this picture again in 12 years!



Proof that there was a Kindergarten class, that she was indeed in the class, and that she did graduate.



I love her hands on the poster. But mostly, I love that she thinks she’s writing her name in cursive.


So, my baby has graduated kindergarten. We’re so very proud of her and all of her accomplishments this year. She’s done so well in math, she’s reading like there’s no tomorrow, and she’s grown up so much in the past 6 months – socially and figuratively – and while this makes me a little sad to think that I’ll be putting her on the bus with her big brother in the fall to head to 1st grade, I’m so excited to see what the next year brings us with our Little Personality.

It Runs In The Family

I may be a founding member of Advanced Planners Anonymous, but that’s only because I was the first to admit that I have a problem. This curse of mine was definitely handed down to me from my mother (hi, Mom!).

My Mom, SIL, and I have just finalized plans for a mini-family reunion with 7 adults and 2 children . . . for the week of July 18th. We have a place to stay and everything.

Oh, did I mention that it’s in July of 2010?!

The next APA meeting will take place on the 3rd Thursday of June, 2009. I expect you all to be there.

Teacher Gifts – Foam Flowers

We had a rainy Memorial Day weekend – and it’s STILL raining and supposed to be raining all week. We did squeeze in some pickup baseball and barbecues between the rain showers and had a blast!

In between the breaks in the rain, the kiddos and I got busy making gifts for their teachers. They each had 2 teachers in their classrooms this year – all 4 of them were AWESOME – we totally loved them. We had to come up with 4 of something that weren’t too expensive, but still said a huge Thank You from the heart. We decided on foam flower bouquets (a big thanks to my friend, Gail, for the idea!).

The kids spent quite a bit of time cutting out flower petals and leaves while I got my fingers all sticky and full of splinters putting floral tape and foam petals on bamboo skewers. But, I think they turned out well! (excuse the poor photo quality – in my infinite wisdom, I set the bouquets in front of a window!)


Princess chose some shorter metal buckets for her teachers. This one and a pink one just like it. It took her and her little kindergarten fingers quite a while in a couple sessions to cut out all of these flower petals, but she did it! I was very proud of her.



Dude chose some fun tall metal buckets for his flowers. This one and a yellow one for his other teacher. It didn’t take him quite as long to cut out his petals, and I didn’t have to do as much “rounding” of his corner cutting as I did with the ones Princess cut out.




Here are a couple pictures of the flowers from the top. We put gift cards to Hobby Lobby inside each bouquet (except for Princess’ teenage assistant – she got an iTunes gift card).

I won’t claim that the kids did this project without a little whining. There was a LOT of cutting involved, and they did get tired of it after a while. BUT, they stuck it out and understood the importance of putting time into something special for people who are important to you.

And, I will say, that they were both so proud when their teachers were so happy and grateful for their handmade gifts. Dude may have even whispered “That was totally worth the effort.”

What would I do different next time? I’d put more petals on each of the roses. I’d also mix and match the colors for the other flowers instead of just using the two colors they each chose for each flower. It was their project, so I did as I was told, but I might try to influence their decisions a little more next time 😉

Any teachers out there? What was the best gift you’ve received? What is a gift you’d LIKE to receive from a student?

Good Deal! Buy Now! Today Only!

So I went to volleyball last night for the last match before we take a break for summer. I saw this and had to giggle, because this is just par for the course where we play 😉


This N That

While sitting at dinner . . .

Me: Who did you sit by at lunch, Dude?
Dude: Him, and him, and her.
Me: Did you eat all of your lunch?
Dude: Ya . . . except my Smarties. I gave those to Him. Everyone wanted my Rice Krispie treat.
Me: Did you trade someone for it?
Dude: What? Trade lunches?
Me: No. Just the good stuff. When I was a kid, if someone had a cupcake or something that I wanted, I’d trade them my Twinkie for it.
Dude: What’s a Twinkie?

OMG! He’s so sheltered! I’m going out tomorrow to buy a box of Twinkies, Hostess Cupcakes, and Swiss Cake Rolls (which must be frozen of course!).


Cat herding went well on Tuesday. Here are the cats I was put in charge of at the zoo . . .


They look sweet and innocent, don’t they! Well, I ended up herding only one of those cats . . . mine on the left. The other cats were banished to different teachers after 5 minutes for a complete inability to listen, follow directions, or be nice to anyone around them. Princess and I had a wonderful time :-)


Sitting at Texas Roadhouse a couple weeks ago with Grandma and Grandpa . . . The Gambler is playing in the background.

I start chair dancing to the music . . . Dude is CLEARLY embarrassed . . . chair dancing is to be done only in the privacy of your own vehicle, and only when people like Lady Gaga are singing.

Then I start singing . . .

So if you don’t mind my sayin’, I can see you’re out of aces . . .

Dude: Mom! Stop it!

Said, If you’re gonna play the game boy, you gotta learn to play it right!

Dude: This guy’s singing about teaching someone how to play a Gameboy? Who wouldn’t be able to figure out a Gameboy?!

Ummmm . . . ya . . . that was an “I’m incredibly old” moment!


The most beautiful boy flirted with us at the zoo the other day . . .



Princess has kindergarten graduation next week. I’m going to miss seeing her bring home art projects like Mrs. Hair Head :-)


A nylon stocking, a little dirt, and some grass seed can go along way in a kindergarten classroom!


I took the kids to a park to play some baseball with another family on Sunday. Me and David were both single parents that day, so it was just us two adults with the 5 kids. Of course, the kids wanted to play kids against adults. So David pitched and I played the field. After a couple hits, I let Duma off of her leash to help me! The kids would hit the ball, and if it went past me, Duma would sprint out there, retrieve it, and bring it back and drop it in my glove :-) It worked out well! Even with the fielding help, David and I got a ton of exercise! When it was our turn to bat, we had to run a lot because one of us always had to make it home no matter what so we didn’t get an out. After an hour and a half, we were DONE! It was 90 degrees and sunny out and we’d all been running constantly. It was a ton of fun, and we can’t wait to do it again – hopefully with a couple spouses next time.

I’m not 40 yet, but for the first time ever, I went straight for the Ibuprofen in the Over 40 Cabinet when I got home!


The kids and I went to pick up the camper Sunday morning – mostly because we’re so excited for our first camping trip in a couple of weeks. Turns out, the Highlander has the wrong electrical hookup. So we drove around looking for an adapter . . . turns out – there aren’t any that match our camper wiring! I’d have to buy a kit – and there is no way I’m messing with the wiring on the Highlander.

So, I have to call and get an RV place to wire me the correct electrical hookup. Not a big deal since we need them to install a brake box, too . . . just disappointing that we couldn’t bring it home last weekend :-(


We’ve got nothing planned for the long weekend . . . and we are EXCITED! I see a camper, bike riding, and hiking in our future. Hopefully some good barbecuing as well!


I added another day to my work week . . . woo hoo! I was hoping it wouldn’t be until fall after the kids started school, but my boss asked if I wanted to increase my hours . . . and when I said yes, he gave me some awesome new projects to work on . . . projects that are right up my alley, with less admin stuff. The job is turning out to be pretty much what I thought it would – it’s just happening a bit more quickly than I had anticipated. I thought I’d be having this conversation with him in September/October time frame. But, I wasn’t going to say no, that’s for sure!

So YAY! I’ll still get to be home with the kids quite a bit, and they won’t have to go into summer camp, which is good for everyone. We’re all really looking forward to this summer!


How about you? What’s up?

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend :-)

Wisdom Teeth

A conversation with my 8 year old son while we waited for the IMAX movie to start.

Dude: Mom . . . when am I going to get braces?
Me: Not for quite a while, Buddy.
D: Why? Some kids in my class have braces already. Travis has braces already!
M: Dentist says you need to wait until all of your baby teeth fall out and your adult teeth come in. He also said he’d pull your wisdom teeth early so your teeth have more room to move when you get your braces.
D: My wisdom teeth? What are wisdom teeth?
M: Those are the big molars in the back of your mouth that grow in when you’re quite a bit older. Most people get them pulled out when they’re teenagers.
D: Why do they call them wisdom teeth?
M: Because they’re connected to your brain. They’re so far back there that the ones on top are connected to your brain. They hold your wisdom.
D: What?
M: They hold your wisdom. You know, the stuff you learn from living every day. Not the book stuff, but the stuff you learn just by doing stuff . . . that’s called wisdom. When you get those teeth pulled, you get kind of stupid for a while because they pull some of your wisdom out.
D: Nuh uh!
M: Yes HUH!
D: That’s not true! . . . is it?
M: Sure it’s true! Why do you think teenagers start making such stupid decisions around the time they get their wisdom teeth pulled out?
D: I dunno. I guess I never thought about it. . . . THAT’S NOT TRUE! . . . is it?
M: Think about it. Lots of teenagers make some really bad choices, don’t they?
D: Yes.
M: Well – that’s because they lose some of their wisdom when they get their wisdom teeth pulled out. They have to gain that wisdom back. And since you gain wisdom by living and learning every day, you have to live and learn again to gain that wisdom back . . . which means making some bad choices again until you learn.

Dude shakes his head in agreement, as if this all makes perfect sense.

D: Wow. I don’t know if I want my wisdom teeth pulled if I have to learn all this stuff over again!

I LOVE being able to mess with my kids :-)

Dear Mother Nature

Thank you for FINALLY sending summer our way. I know I asked for snow and all that stuff, but that was BEFORE, when it was supposed to be cold and snow. Now, it’s May – and it’s supposed to be nice.

We were a little disappointed at the 40 degrees, wind, and cold you sent on Saturday for Princess’s last soccer game (she didn’t get to wear shorts for any game this season!), but the 88 degrees and sun you sent today is AWESOME!

Tomorrow you plan on sending us 90 degrees and sun. I know I’ve asked a lot, but if you could tone it down a little bit, I’d appreciate it. It’s much easier to herd cats – er kidnergarteners – at the zoo in 75 degree weather than 90 degree weather 😉

Another APA Meeting

I think it’s time to schedule my next Advanced Planners Anonymous meeting.

We just bought our ski/ride passes for next winter! We are READY – even though we still haven’t put away the skis and boards for summer storage yet 😉

Mom and I are signing a rental agreement for a house for our trip to Savannah . . . in NOVEMBER!

Hubby and I have been making plans to go see some friends in San Antonio – FOR THANKSGIVING!

Yes – we are founding members of APA. Anyone want to join?

120 Minutes

When you’re 8, one of the best ways to spend 120 minutes of your life is to . . .


. . . head to the park and warm up for your Little League Game.



. . . recite the Little League Oath and pledge your allegiance to the Flag.



. . . be so excited when you get to play 1st base and actually catch all the balls thrown to you!



. . . smack the ball over the 2nd baseman’s head for the first time ever.



. . . be ready to run when your buddy pounds the ball.



. . . run as fast as you can and slide into 2nd base, just so you can get your uniform dirty for mom.



. . . make it all the way home and score the first run of the game.



. . . rehydrate after the game with a yummy Ice Blue Gatorade.



. . . relax with a snack while watching the end of your 6 year old sister’s soccer practice.



. . . convince Mom to take you and Princess to the ice cream shop for some ice cream even though it will surely ruin dinner.



. . . have played so hard that even with all that sugar, all you can do is lean on your tubs of Dubble Bubble while trying to keep your eyes open on the way home.