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December 2nd, 2009:

$1700 Later – Again

So ya – the garage door broke yesterday. It’s always sagged a bit in the middle – OK, a lot – like enough that my step-dad who is over 6′ tall can’t walk through the middle or he hits his head. Enough so that we couldn’t drive the Jeep or Highlander in the garage in the middle without risking hitting the luggage racks. So we need a new one – which is not a surprise since we’ve lived in this house with a heavey saggy garage door for the past 6 years.

Hubby starts looking around and pricing them, etc. We decide on one – a regular 7′ tall double garage door, metal with insulation and then metal on the other side. No windows. Not an expense we were planning for, but whattya do.

So the guy comes out to measure our garage door, and guess what . . . the people who lived here before us are stupid. yes, that’s mean – but one of the 1st two owners cut corners ALL. THE. TIME. You can see the cut corners everywhere in the house, to painting around toilets, putting 3 layers of walpaper over the original, laying 2 layers of linoleum and one layer of fake hardwood over the original floor in the kitchen so it was 2″ higher than it should have been, etc. You see, this house was built in 1979. It’s basically a very Brady house with wide hallways. Given it’s age, it was originally built with a single car garage under a bedroom. At some point between 1979 and 2003, when we bought it, they added on a 400 square foot ‘office’ onto the back of the house on the ground level. They put hardwood in it and taughht dance lessons in there. They build a deck on top of the flat roof of that room – flat roofs are always a great idea in climates where it SNOWS so the snow sits right on top for weeks on end. They changed the single car garage into a bedroom (but heaven forbid they add extra insullation!) and added a double garage out in front. To do so, they had to get an easement because the wider driveway would be too close to the property line and the house itself too close to the road, even though our houses are at least 3 car lengths away from the road. And then they build the garage, with a peaked roof. YAY! However, the peaked roof comes right up to the bedroom windows in the master bedroom – like the peak is higher than the bottom of the windows in our bedroom. Why do I share all of this with you?

Because their master plan for this garage involved digging out a bunch of land (granite I might add!) to make the driveway wide enough. Then they had to add retaining walls on either side. As you go up from the road to our house, the wall gets higher – probably 3 feet at it’s highest. A fair amount of work. Then they put in the garage and garage door.

Back to the guy who came to measure . . . our garage door is not a regular 7′ garage door height. Oh no no no no. It’s 6′ 9″. The people chose to NOT dig an extra 3 inches to get a regular sized garage door way back when.

So now, we get to pay for a custom ordered door to fit on our freaky garage, which means our $1000 simple almond colored metal garage door with no windows has now become at least $1700.

Bah humbug!