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December 11th, 2009:

Flu Shots and Stickers

An email and giggle from my Mom . . .

On Wednesday I went to the clinic to get my H1N1 shot.  The clinic had a room set up where all they did was give these shots by appointment.  When I arrived there was nobody else in there but right after I got there a woman came in with 3 little triplet boys that I would guess were about 3 years old.  The mom asked the boys who wanted to go first and they were standing in a line and none of them said anything…they all just shook their heads no.  Then the nurse stepped in and showed them a roll of very big stickers and said that after they got their shot they could pick out a couple of those.  Mom again asked who wanted to go first and again they all stood there and shook their heads no.  At that point I rolled up my sleeve and said to them, “You know what, I’ll go first and you’ll see that it really doesn’t hurt and you know what else…I don’t even get a cool sticker like you!”.   One of the little boys looked at me and said, “You don’t get a sticker?” and I said “no I don’t”.  He then said, “You can have my sticker because I’m not getting a shot!”.   The nurses and I laughed sooo hard!  I left feeling sorry for that mom because she wasn’t going to have an easy time.

Lesson Learned

Princess is finally feeling the pain and realizing the lesson she’s learned.

So we went to Texas for Turkey Week to visit some dear friends who moved there in June. When on the airplane, we usually sit two and two – Dude and Dad, Princess and Mom. For some reason on the way home, we had 3 seats on one side and one on the other, so Hubby sat with Dude and Princess and I sat across the aisle. All was well – they read, watched movies on the computer and iPod, played with their Nintendo DSes. Then we landed . . . I looked over and saw books in the back of Dude’s seat. I said to him, Princess, and Hubby “Check all over and make sure you have everything.” They checked, and the books were still there. So I said “Dude, make sure you get the books out of the back of your seat and that you both have all your stuff, blankets, whatever, in your backpacks.” “Yes, Mom, we know. We have it all.”

Fast forward about 40 minutes . . . we get in the Jeep at the hotel after the shuttle dropped us off. Dude whips out his DS to play on the drive home. Princess starts bawling.

Um, apparently she “accidentally forgot her DS on the airplane.” GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

So back to the airport we go thinking there’s a slight chance that 1) the plane is still at the gate or 2) the cleaning crew found it and handed it into the gate agent. More likely is that the DS is gone with the plane.

I find the United customer service desk and they are VERY helpful (yes, I mean it – no sarcasm). They called the gate to see if the plane was still there. Nope. They asked if the DS had been turned in (big pink case with DS and 7 games in it – not hard to miss). Nope. They called the cleaning crew to see if they’d found it. Nope – they did a 10 minute turn-around since we were a bit late getting in, so didn’t do a full clean of the aircraft before it left. I fill out the “lost and found” paperwork – she thinks that maybe since it’s a high value item (over $250 with all the stuff in there) there is a chance it will be found and turned in.

Of course we’ve heard nothing. I’m sure some little girl of an airport employee is getting a wonderful Pink Nintendo DS with games for Christmas. Or at least the airport employee is getting a good amount of money for it after selling it on eBay.

What made me most mad? Princess said “Oh crap. Oh well, it’s not like I played it that often anyway.” Um, WHAT?! That made me not feel bad for her. Now, 3 weeks later, she’s wanted it a few times, and now that boarding season is starting and we’ll be driving 2 1/2 hours each way to go boarding, she’s going to want it. She’s begun to miss it. And I’m quite certain that she’s going to be PISSED on our 14 hour drive back to MN for Christmas when she doesn’t have it. It will be painful for all of us 😉

Lessons Learned:
Princess: When you’re finished using something, Put. It. Away. Especially when you’re travelling!
Hubby: Your 6 year old daughter isn’t going to do a thorough check of her plane space even though we tell her 7 times. LOOK FOR HER and do a roll call of the stuff she’s supposed to have in her backpack.
Me: Sit with the kids. It’s easier for everyone involved. I spent the flight handing my computer and iPod back and forth across the aisle for the kids to use anyway. Hubby is used to travelling alone and forgets that he needs to do roll call.

What makes me mad is that even though Princess has learned a lesson, it’s still MY $250 that we’re out!