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December 12th, 2009:

364 Days Until We Do It Again

We just got back from Princess’s birthday party! She celebrated her 7th birthday – 7TH BIRTHDAY! Seriously, 7? Her birthday isn’t until December 22nd, but we always have her party a couple weeks early before everyone leaves town or has family visiting.

Her morning started out with a bit of a bummer . . . he best friend couldn’t make the party – she came down with the flu last night :-( She was a little bummed, but got over it quickly.

So we were off to the mall to Build-A-Bear! Yes – we voluntarily went to the mall 2 weeks before Christmas – and we survived. I’ve figured out that having a party at a “place” is cheaper and easier than having it at your house. They probably cost about the same, but you have no set up, no cleanup, no goodie bags, and no activities to plan. I’m all for that!

The kids had a great time, and I must say that the folks at Build-A-Bear know what they’re doing :-) The’ve got a birthday party plan and the use it – the kids are always busy and the time flies by.

Here is Princess and a couple of her friends after they picked out their bear shells:



The kids got to pick out hearts to put in their bears, stuff the bears, give them a bath in the bathtub, put bows in their hair, and color the bear boxes. Here’s the group, minus one boy who had to come a little late, with their completed bears.



After they got their birth certificates and colored their bear boxes, we headed up to the food court for some cupcakes and juice boxes! I really wanted cupcakes so we didn’t have to worry about cutting cake at the mall. Princess really wanted a cake that was shaped like something. So we compromised on a pull-apart turtle cupcake cake :-)



Princess of course had to have a little extra fun with her cupcake 😉



After cupcakes and presents, we got all the kids together for one more photo with everyone. We really did have a fun birthday party – it was a great group of kids!


364 days until we do it all again :-)