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December 15th, 2009:

A Daisy Sleepover

As you may or may not know, Girl Scout cookie season is almost upon us! Because we’re a new troop, my co-leader and I decided to take our daughters to a cookie rally sleepover that another troop was putting on about 45 minutes away. The rally was in a large shed at a fairgrounds. We knew we’d be sleeping on a cement floor, so we made sure to bring ThermaRests and air mattresses. Here are Princess and K sitting on the airbed while our ThermaRests self-inflate.


After we got our “bedroom” set up, the girls headed to the craft tables to make some fun stuff! Princess models her first craft, a Candy Cane Rudolph.



They were having such a good time with the crafts while the other girls (60 of them ages 5-14!) arrived, that they moved onto the bookmark craft. It’s so fun that Princess is reading so well. Here she is reading the instructions on how to create her Frosty Reading on a Sled bookmark.



And here’s the finished product :-) She did well!



The whole point of the sleepover was to learn about the cookies we’d be selling, learn about the sales incentives, and of course taste the newest cookie – Thank U Berry Much. Princess gave it a thumbs up (they were REALLY good for those of you who buy Girl Scout cookies!).



We of course had to have a see food photo – the cookies were THAT good!



The place was so big that the girls had plenty of room to run around and burn off some steam in their pajamas :-) They had such a good time!



After a yummy spaghetti dinner, the girls relaxed and read a book together.



A little later, we headed over to see what the big girls were doing. They were having at on of fun playing some kind of game, so Princess joined in. They were playing a game called “Frog Catcher” – there is one girl who is the “detective” and has to cover here eyes. Then the rest of the girls in the circle put their heads down and their thumbs up. The leader puts one girl’s thumb down, and that girl is the frog. The detective comes into the middle of the circle and the fun begins! The girls look at each other, and when the frog catches someone looking at her, she sticks her tongue out and kills the other frogs . . . that girl has to lay down. This goes on until the detective figures out who the frog is. The detective gets 3 guess as to who the detective is. It was a lot of fun!



At about 8:00 p.m., they opened up the candy, pop, and popcorn shoppe! It was all included in our whopping $7 fee per scout (adults were free!). They each got a bag of popcorn, some pop, and a full-sized candy bar to have while watching the movie. The movie was Up. The girls had a great time hanging out and watching the movie.



Here’s Princess just finishing her Snickers bar . . . yes, she ate the whole thing . . . and finished it at about 10:00 p.m.! Now that’s a way to end a sleepover 😉



About 11:30, she finally crashed and climbed in her comfy sleeping back on her comfy ThermaRest and went to sleep.



Everyone was up pretty early the next morning for yummy muffins and hot chocolate for breakfast. Then we were off to home.

Our first girl scout sleepover was a huge success! We had a great time and learned a lot about what we’d have to do to have our own cookie rally in the future when our girls are a little bit older.