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December 19th, 2009:

Snowboarding – Check

Hubby and I went on a date Friday . . . to Breckenridge to go snowboarding!

A friend of ours took her two little boys up there because they didn’t have school Friday, so we decided to join her, without our kiddos because they DID have school on Friday.

We told Dude and Princess they were going to have a sitter on Friday after school for a couple hours because we were going on a date Friday. They were all excited. We all got in the car Friday morning to drive to the bus stop and it finally clicked for them. Dude looked at me and said “Why are you wearing your snowboarding pants?” Then without waiting he said “Hey! The snowboards are in the back! NO FAIR! You guys are going snowboarding!”

Then it dawned on Princess . . . “What? WithOUT US!?”

They couldn’t believe it 😉 I offered to have them go with, but neither one of them wanted to miss the awesome day of parties that awaited them at school.

So Hubby and I were off to find our legs on the slopes again.

Great weather . . . check.

Good snow . . . check (surprisingly!)

Excellent company . . . check.

Finding our legs . . . check.

One pretty spectacular fall for each of us . . . check.

One saved wrist due to wrist braces . . . check.

One injured tailbone . . . check.

Ibuprofen consumed . . . check.

Fun and loud entertainment with to the Dew Tour being there . . . check.

We’re headed back up on Sunday/Monday . . . we’ve got some friends coming in from Louisiana to enjoy our beautiful mountains! The kids are way excited, and we are way excited to get them up there and see our friends. We went up the same weekend last year, and Dude was lucky enough to get his picture taken with Shawn White and Hannah Teeter when his instructor took the 3 boys up to watch some of the half-pipe competition. Dude is hoping that might just happen again . . . I’m thinking NO since um, we are not instructors and will have no access to the heavyweights :-) But we sure will have fun, and might even pick up some schwag while we’re there!

Wish us luck!