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December 25th, 2009:

Snow, Legos, TVs, and Kitties

Ahhhh – Merry Christmas!!! I get a few minutes to myself . . .

Santa arrived and the kiddos woke us up at 6:00 a.m. to open their Santa gift.

One 9 year old boy sitting at a kitchen table intently working on putting together his ginormous Lego Police Headquarters.

One 7 year old girl reading a book about kittens after arranging all the “kitty gear” that Santa brought her neatly in her room. Santa can’t bring live animals, so he brought the stuff for the kitten that we can go pick out.

One 2 year old yellow lab snoring in the sun while laying on the brand new bed Santa brought her.

One 38 year old kid putting up the surround sound speakers in the family room (we’ve had them for 6 years and never put them up!). I guess he figured we should have surround sound to go with our new 40 inch flat screen HD TV! No, I didn’t think we needed a new TV – the 24 year old one we had worked just fine.

One 37 year old Mother sitting at the kitchen table bummed that we can’t drive to MN today, or maybe even tomorrow for that matter, because of the nasty weather in Nebraska and Iowa right along our route. At least the kiddos get to play with their toys today instead of jumping right in the car for a 14 hour drive. And MN will still be there on Sunday 😉

Here’s to hoping you had a safe and wonderful Christmas close to the ones you love.