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December 26th, 2009:

Clear and Dry

Sooooo, all that stuff about the roads in Nebraska and Iowa being totally nasty . . . um so far, it’s a bunch of crap.

OK, I admit – we did wait a day, and it could have been MUCH worse yesterday – we did see a couple semi-trucks either jack-knifed or tipped on their sides in the ditch today (obviously a day old) – one even had it’s entire load dumped in the median! And it was incredibly windy today – blew me all over the road. So OK, maybe it was bad yesterday 😉 Anyhoo – we decided to take off this morning and drive as far as we could before either the roads were closed or we got tired of driving on the bad roads.

We made it to Kearney, NE in the regular 6 hours. Drove 80-85 the whole way – the roads were COMPLETELY clear and dry. The. Whole. Way. So ya, a little annoyed . . . because 40 more miles up the road? I-80 is CLOSED! Yes, you read right – CLOSED! Now I understand 40 miles is a lot . . . and the storm must have been different there . . . but it’s hard to believe that when there is no snow and nothing here, there is enough to close Interstates 40 miles away.

HOWEVER, I have JUST been informed that they have now opened the last stretch of the Interstate to Omaha, and they have also opened I-29 to Sioux City – so ya – the Boedies will be up and out of the hotel on their way to see family and friends tomorrow!

We did make the most of our stay in the middle of Nebraska . . . we discovered the HI here a couple summers ago – it has a mini-waterpark in it :-) So we unpacked all of our stuff (Highlander was filled to the brim – literally!), brought in the snowboards, and headed to the pool for a couple hours of fun before going out for yummy BBQ at a local joint we also discovered a couple summers ago. We’re getting to be Kearney regulars :-)

Anyhoo – our plans have only been set back a day, which really isn’t bad when you consider that we, being the Brainiacs we are, decided to DRIVE 900 miles across eastern Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and MN – in DECEMBER! We’re really grateful to have had a wonderful Christmas at home with family and friends, very pleasantly surprised that we had such an uneventful drive today, and hopeful that we can make it to MN safe and sound tomorrow, no matter how slowly we might have to drive.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas weekend!