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February 4th, 2010:

Do You Share?

I used to think that I was good at sharing – until I started talking to my friends. Apparently they share much more than I do.

Do you share . . .

a bathroom with our husband? Hell no! The key to a happy marriage is separate bathrooms :-) We have an older home that has a bathroom in the master bedroom, but it’s just a regular bathroom – identical to the main bathroom right outside in the hall. In  our previous house, Hubby got the master bathroom, and I got to share the main bathroom with a potty training boy! Ya – that was fun. This time around, I get the master bathroom, and Hubby shares with the kiddos.

an iTunes library? Ya – not a chance. We like the same music for the most part, but I want to be in CONTROL of my stuff 😉 It also seems that men are incapable of rating their songs. Seriously, that’s one of the coolest features . . . rate the song and get automatic play lists. There is no way Hubby and I would rate songs the same.

a car? Um . . . a little bit. When the Jeep is here, I drive it, because I love my 10 year old Jeep! Maybe it’s because I’m nostalgic . . . it’s the vehicle we bought right before we had Dude. I leave the new Highlander for Hubby to drive. Unless he goes flying – then my beloved Jeep gets parked at the airport for a week at a time, and I weep and pout until I get it back. And speaking of sharing cars, I LOVE to drive . . . road trips get me all excited, so I don’t share the keys to the cars very often at all 😉

an email address? This one I absolutely do NOT understand! How can you share an email with your husband, or anyone for that matter? That’s my secret way of planning things behind his back 😉 Heck, each of my kiddos have their own email address! They’re not allowed to use it unless we’re sitting there with them, and they’re not allowed to email anyone I haven’t already put in their address book (Mom, Dad, Grandmas, Grandpas, cousins, aunts, uncles, Queens, etc.). I think it’s important that we teach them early that they are in fact entitled to some privacy, but they also need to understand all the crap that is out there on the Internet and learn how to be safe. There’s no keeping the kiddos off the Internet, so we might as well work with ’em.

I don’t want you to think I don’t like to share at all . . . I am more than happy to share the cooking, laundry, homework, and poop scooping with my Hubby. See, I’m not totally selfish 😉