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February 5th, 2010:


So my little Princess has been grounded since Wednesday. She was supposed to be grounded just until the end of today, but yesterday, she earned herself a grounding all the way through Sunday.

What did she do? She lied.  Not a huge lie or anything . . . just a bunch of little lies. We even made it very clear that we knew the answers to our questions and that it would be in her best interest not to lie, but she chose to lie anyway.

So, she’s grounded. Lying is NOT tolerated in t his house. With the grounding, she’s not allowed to have any sweets either – as part of her punishment. When she was told there would be consequences for her lying, she said “I don’t care. You can take away all my Webkinz forever!” Um – WHAT?! So Hubby took away sweets, which might not seem like a big deal, but we have about 2 dozen left over cupcakes sitting on her counter. It’s KILLING her that Dude gets to have a cupcake each day after school and she can’t (he’s only getting them every day to make a point to her).

And today – we had planned to take them to the movie The Tooth Fairy after school because they really have been really good lately – especially this past 10 days while I was playing the role of single mom. Alas . . . no movie for Princess. She gets a babysitter. And to make it sting a bit more – Queen Taunya is joining us at the movie AND I went to Walgreens and bought 4 HUGE boxes of candy for the movie. Ya I know I’m not supposed to take candy into the movie – but that’s not the point here! Stay on task . . .

The candy is sitting on the counter for all to see when they get home from school :-)

Ya – I’m a good mom like that.

I shouldn’t let her go on the Daisy field trip Saturday, but I will. That’s really important to me. Open skating on Saturday with the family is another thing – I see a little Princess sitting in the ice rink without skates on her feet, watching the rest of us skate around with our friends.

Snowboarding on Sunday – she’ll go – that’s not fair to the rest of us to not go because she made bad choices, and there is no way I’m paying a sitter for the entire day! But, she will NOT get to watch movies on the way up there.

Yes – I’m in the running for the MOTY award.

No. You Can’t Ride The Horse

I know you’ll all be terribly jealous when I tell you how I get to spend my Saturday afternoon.

I get to take my 15 Daisy Scouts to my friend’s farm so she can tell them all about horses . . . and somehow tie that into being courageous and strong so the girls can earn their Red Courageous and Strong petal.

We will learn all about feeding and caring and riding and safety and manure and all that fun stuff. The girls will get to hug and pet and love on the horses. The girls will get to feed carrots and bread to the horses. The girls will get to get their shoes muddy without their parents yelling at them.

But they will NOT get to ride the horses . . . it’s against Girl Scout rules for Daisy Scouts to ride horses with the troop on a field trip.

I suspect the following phrase will come out of my mouth approximately 50 times in our 3 hour trip tomorrow:

“No. You can’t ride the horse. No. You can’t ride the horse. Nope. You STILL can’t ride the horse. That’s great that your Grandma’s Uncle’s Cousin’s Daughter’s Best Friend has horses that you’ve ridden before, but you can’t rid the horses here. Nope. Not even if your mom says it’s OK. No. You can’t ride the horse.”

Wish me luck!