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February 10th, 2010:

Got Cookies?

The cookie drop for Girl Scouts was yesterday – so I took an hour off work and headed to the church parking lot where there were 2 large semi-trailers filled to the brim with Girl Scout cookies. I got in line at my appointed time . . . and I ended up being a couple minutes late getting my cookies. Why? Because the lady in front of me had 217 cases to load into her vehicles! OMG! The pictures below . . . my 86 cases in my Highlander.

First, the cargo area. Filled to the brim! I could have gotten maybe 3 more cases in there if I’d taken more time to organize, but the lady THROWING the cases at me and telling me to go faster and “turn only 90 degrees instead of 180 to save time” didn’t really allow time for organization. I did appreciate the help, though!



Next we have the back seat. I had to take Princess’ booster out!



And finally, the front seat. Not packed full, but man, they are not kidding when they say “You have X cases to pick up. You will need the following vehicles to pick up your cases. This means an EMPTY vehicle – no car seats, no animals, no passengers.”


And can I just say that aside from the choice of Tuesday at 9:00 to have the pickup, those Girl Scout ladies know what they are doing! To get 2 full semi-trailers completely unloaded and reloaded into vehicles in less than 90 minutes – DANG!

Hubby is gone, so Dude and Princess enlisted a couple of their friends from across the street to help us bring all the cases into the house after work yesterday. Tonight, the kids and I sorted them all out into the groups for each of the Daisies in my troop.

Surprisingly, I didn’t quite end up with the right amounts of surplus for each kind – ACK! Oh well . . . what can you expect when organizing 1000+ packages of cookies with the help of a 7 and 9 year old :-)