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February 11th, 2010:

We Boycotted The Super Bowl

The Vikings or Packers weren’t in the Super Bowl, so we headed up to the mountains on Super Bowl Sunday. We figured we’d have a double good chance of a slow day up there – the Super Bowl would take some people and it was Sunday, always slower. The bonus was that it had snowed a couple inches the previous 4 days and was supposed to snow Sunday – so we were all over it!

Turns out the weather could not have been any better . . . it was 25 degrees and slightly overcast with a light flurry. Dude was way happy because he got some new duds!I’m a sucker for a sale, and we got his entire “outfit” for $60 . . . you can’t tell, but his jacket has the same pattern down the sides as his pants. The Pink Power Puff is still gushing about her blue and pink ski’es with butterflies on them :-)



I just had to giggle again – we did a few runs, then rode Four O’Clock To Town so we could take our standard walk to Subway for lunch. The run can get pretty flat in spots, which means Princess and Dude have some trouble because they’re so light. Princess did her air pole and tuck routine again . . . I was in front of her this time, but it was just as cute from the front as it is from behind :-)



I also took the opportunity on Four O’clock to catch my first baby air! Woo hoo! You MIGHT have been able to fit a credit card between my board and the snow, but I was so excited I actually did it! Baby steps – literally . . . maybe I’ll even try a little jump next time :-)

My kiddos aren’t quite as chicken as I am . . . they went right for the little mogul field after lunch on one of our favorite runs. Hubby even did the moguls on his board! The kids are so funny because the moguls just swallow them up – it’s more like skiing/riding around hills than it is navigating moguls for them.



At the end of the “bumps” as Princess calls them, there is a little ramp-like jump thingy right behind the lift pole. Princess decided to catch a little air after her second time through the moguls. I missed the air in the pictures, but she certainly got more air than I did!



Dude decided to try it, too. He caught some air, and his front edge! He did pull this out though and didn’t wipe out :-)



After we all had a full day of fun trying new runs (oh ya – we added 3 more blue runs to our quest for the blues!), catching or first air, and trying out the moguls, we took Four O’Clock To Town again and walked across the street to check out the ice sculptures. The festival was a couple weeks ago, and it’s been pretty warm so some of the parts had fallen off a couple of them, like a guitar handle, but they were still way cool to look at!







We got back home in the regular 2 1/2 hours, just in time for some warm soup and hot showers before bed. Winter Sundays don’t get much better than that :-)