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February 16th, 2010:

The Princess and The Cat

Tonks the Princess cat is finally settling in to our humble abode. She spends her days napping in the sunny spot. When Duma is out of her kennel, Tonks naps on the couch while Duma takes her regular sunny spot on the floor. When Duma is outside, Tonks takes every opportunity to roll around in Duma’s sunny spot and mark the spot with her scent. Let me tell you how much Duma LOVES that – OMG has she been pouting the past week or so!

I also found a solution to the litter box issues. A $35 plastic cat door and a night light. I started by just taking the cover off the litter box and watching Duma closely so didn’t go fishing for tootsie rolls. Tonks STILL wouldn’t cover her pee or go more than once in the box! Then I bought a night light. She did a little better, but still “hurried’ herself through her business. Then I bought a cat door for the laundry room door. Apparently the Princess Cat is claustrophobic, does not like the dark, and likes her privacy. Now that she has no lid, a night light shining bright, and a shut door that the nasty terrible yellow lab puppy can’t get through, Tonks takes her time and covers up her business multiple times a day.

Dam cat.

She’s obviously living a very rough life here at the Boedie Abode, getting more love from one little girl than any cat should ever expect . . .