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February 22nd, 2010:

Swingers For A Day

We were going up snowboarding this past Saturday, so we invited some friends along. Turns out, they already had plans to go to another mountain, so we looked for some discount tickets so we could join them. We found there was a Swinger deal, which made me giggle ūüėČ Click the link to read and watch the video – hee hee. Clever.

Anyway, we found a deal and decided to join them. We got lucky Friday afternoon when someone cancelled at the hotel we usually use points at for a free room, so we did a quick pack and left for the mountains right after the kids got out of school. We ran into some pretty nasty weather Рit took us forEVER to get to Vail from Frisco! But we made it safely AND they upgraded us from a regular room to a suite  Рwoo hoo!

We were so happy to get to sleep in and take our time getting ready on Saturday. We headed downstairs nonchalantly and¬†got ready to pack our luggage in the vehicle to head out to breakfast when our bubble was burst. The bellman told us that Vail pass was CLOSED! There had been a mini-avalanche and they were clearing the snow. CRAP! We decided there was nothing we could do about it, so we headed out to breakfast and called our friends that we were supposed to meet to tell them we were trapped on the other side of the pass. We figured that if the pass was still closed at 9:30, we’d just stay and board at Beaver Creek or Vail since we could get discounted passes with our season pass for the other mountains. We called the CDOT numbers and got an inkling that they’d opened the eastbound side of the Interstate. When we got back to the hotel, Hubby went to watch the news while I got our boards from the ski valet. Hubby saw traffic moving eastbound over the pass on the news – he couldn’t tell if they were regular vehicles or snow removable vehicles, but we decided to give it a shot. This is what the road looked like . . . not too awful . . .


We didn’t see any cars on the westbound side, except this one CDOT pickup. When we got about half way up the pass, we saw this coming at us on the other side and just giggled . . .


Apparently they had JUST opened up the westbound side of the Interstate – all these cars had just been waiting for them to clear the avalanche and finish the avalanche reduction.

We made it to Copper Mountain, met up with our friends, and got our swinger passes :-) Up the lift and we were ready to go! Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE where I live? I can’t imagine not getting these views every morning.


Here are the four kiddos (ages 7, 8, 9, and 10) ready to go. The really cool part? Dude and T met when Dude was just 10 weeks old – Princess and C met when they were babies as well. Yup, all these kiddos went to the same in-home daycare as babies. I think it’s so awesome that they are still friends!


Dude thought it was awesome that T had the same gear as he did . . . same sale at Kohl’s ūüėČ

Princess found a comfy seat while she waiting for the fam to get ready. Such a bummer being the only skier in a family of snowboarders . . . always waiting for us to strap in!


She was very excited to go skiing with our friends because they all ski and she’d finally have some ski buddies! Mr. David was nice enough to give Princess some lessons, which she desperately needs. Her need for speed has outgrown her ability to keep her ski’es parallel so she can turn and stop fast enough. She was happy as a clam to get some lessons while the boys were excited to be let loose. Riff Raff on the mountain – watch out!


We’d never been to Copper before, and we’d never had the opportunity to ride in nice powder – yup, 2 years of boarding without any good snow! We were way excited for all the snow they’d had up in the mountains the past week. Here are the boys coming out of the moguls . . .


Where are me and Hubby? Um, we were trying to figure out how to board again. Oh we were getting all kinds of cocky thinking we were getting pretty good and knowing what we were doing. Thing is . . . we got our asses handed to us! We’re used to riding the nice smooth blue runs at Breck . . . not the bumpy runs at Copper! It was a GREAT workout, that’s for sure! We were huffing and puffing every time we got to the bottom. It was definitely a wake up call when we realized we had to turn when the bumps and terrain dictated, not when WE wanted to.

But the powder . . . oh the powder!


We had a GREAT day. We got tons of runs in, got a wonderful workout, had a bazillion dollar lunch of pizza and soda on the mountain, and got some more runs in after lunch. The perfect boarding day was made even better because we got to spend it with good friends.

This picture of Princess and C sums up pretty well how we all felt at the end of the day.


¬†We were looking forward to getting home and climbing in our nice soft warm beds. Turns out – the drive took FOREVER! The roads weren’t bad at all, but there was sooooo much traffic that we went between 5-20 mph all the way to Denver. ACK!

When all was said and done, we conquered the weather, we tried to conquer a new mountain, and we had a great first experience as Swingers :-)