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February 25th, 2010:

Constructive Criticism

I’m annoyed. I’m all for someone telling me that my stuff isn’t right. I always acknowledge their position and welcome any suggestions.

What I can’t STAND is when someone gets all worked up about something and gets all righteous. Without details, yesterday someone suggested that maybe I hadn’t chosen the best way to do something. I acknowledged that he was correct, but also stated that we did the best we could with the resources we had and that I’d forward his email to the people who could help him.

Then he responded and BLASTED me . . . telling me how awful it was and how awful I was and how could I even think that was OK blah blah blah and if he sent his information to those people would they just put it where he didn’t want it to be anyway blah blah blah.

Um, OK . . . when that happens, I stop listening. I accept the criticism, I acknowledge it, and I welcome suggestions. But when you have no suggestions for improvement and continue to blast me, I won’t listen.

And BTW dude? I’m VOLUNTEERING for this position. We’ve asked for help a bazillion times. If you don’t want to offer your services, you can’t continue to complain. We’re doing the best we can.