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April 20th, 2010:

I Don’t Like Missing Out

I don’t like missing out on stuff with the kids. I’m sitting here at work, one of the 2 days I have to go to my actual work office each week, and I’m annoyed. Annoyed that Hubby and the kids are headed to the Air Force Academy baseball game – without me – on their day off of school.

I know I know – I get to spend tons of alone time with them when Hubby is gone flying. I love that time as much as I love our time together as a family. And I REALLY do understand how important it is for the kids to do stuff alone with Dad, too.

But I don’t like to miss out on anything. Just ask Hubby. Whenever he and I have to split up to do kid events, there are a bazillion questions when he gets home. I want to know everything that happened!

Is it because I know that at some point Hubby will be gone flying and I’ll need to know all this stuff? Or is it because I just really hate to miss out on stuff?

If history is any indication, I just hate to miss out on stuff; however, the part about Hubby being gone and me needing to know without having to trust my 9 and 7 year old to tell me details is definitely a viable excuse for my control issues 😉