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May 1st, 2010:

Ponies Run Wild

You may not know it from reading this little blog, but baseball isn’t the only sport being played by members of our family this spring. The Wild Ponies are back and on the loose, tearing up the soccer field! Keira only gets to be a Wild Pony ever other year. She’s a year older than the rest of the girls on the team, so for one spring and fall season she plays with the Ponies, then the next year she has to move up to the next level and play with another team. Then she plays with the Ponies again. It would be nice to find her a team she could stick with, but it’s just not happening . . . and we’re not ready to give up the Ponies because we love the girls and we love Coach Nick! So for now, she’s a Wild Pony.

I took this team photo after the first game because 1) the whole team was there and 2) they were wearing actual regular soccer uniforms.


“What do you mean they are wearing actual regular soccer uniforms? Of course they are! It’s soccer!”

Why yes, yes it is soccer; however, it is spring soccer on the front range! For most of our spring soccer games, the girls look like what I think kids of the Michelin Man and Stay Puffed Marshmallow would look like.


The girls could really care less. They’re out there running around having fun and actually staying warm. The parents? Not so much. We get to sit on the sidelines in fog thick enough you can wear it – doing nothing but freezing! We wear 15 layers of clothing. We bring hot drinks. We use huge blankets as wind blocks behind our chairs. We use more blankets to cover our fronts. We clap and cheer, all the while wondering WTH we’re doing out here in this weather!


Thought I was kidding when I said the fog was thick enough to wear? Oh I assure you I was not. Here’s the beautiful view of Pikes Peak that we have at all the soccer games that makes them tolerable in the usually windy, chilly, but sunny, weather.


Jealous of my awesome view? I thought so.

The Ponies could care less that we’re freezing our behinds off. They are having a blast out there playing soccer with their buddies! Which is what it’s all about. They could care less that the fog is so wet and thick that it clouds the far end of a soccer field that is 1/3 the size of a regulation field!


The 3rd Pony game was cancelled due to a foot of snow that covered the field last weekend. Not lookin’ too hot for this weekend either – 49, rainy, and windy. Good times. I can’t wait!

Go Ponies!