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May 23rd, 2010:

Jodie’s Week for $400 Alex

“Soccer balls, baseballs, tennis balls, paint rollers, and attitudes.”

What are “Things that Roll?”


For the past week I’ve been playing with things that roll, and since my keyboard doesn’t roll, well, I’ve quite ignored it.

Dude had 3 baseball games scheduled this week – three! I LOVE baseball and could watch it every day, even if it is goofy 9 year old kid-pitch walk and strike out marathon games; however, Princess is getting a little “over” all this baseball stuff. And rightfully so . . . at least she’s a good sport about it. There are other girls to play with at the games, and the locally-owned ice cream shop is right across the street from the ball field – we all know what that means! Not only did Dude play in his 3 scheduled games this week, he subbed for another team on Friday! They were short players, and since Dude is part of the player pool, he got to play another game. When I asked Hubby if we should say yes, he said “of course – Dude will love it!” Than about an hour later he said “Did we REALLY just agree to spend another 3 hours watching baseball this week?” Yup – we sure did! Amazingly enough, we went to watch some boys play in the dirt and a baseball game broke out! Doesn’t this look like fun?


I love how it looks like he’s getting hit in the head with the ball. Not so much – the ball was on its way to the pitcher, who ended up dropping it, and it rolled (hee hee) away from home plate – Dude was safe! 

Then there was the matter of Duma . . . poor thing has been a bit neglected lately because of the crappy weather, but with the wonderful weather this week, and the extra time I’ve found since Daisy Scouts and a work contract are over for the year, I got back into my morning runs. Duma is a happy camper now that we get up in the morning and head out for our run, with the Chuck It in hand, which means that she gets to chase a rolling tennis ball while I huff and puff my way up and down the hills to get a mile in. It sure does feel good to be doing that again!

Princess had her last week of soccer this week – a makeup week from the week that got snowed out. Finally a beautiful day to watch soccer – no rain, blankets, or winter coats in sight! WOO HOO! It was quite windy, though . . . windy enough that the girls didn’t even have to kick the ball and it would roll all the way down the field.


They only had 7 girls there, which meant they had to play a lot! With 5 girls on the field at a time, Princess only got to sit out twice the whole game. She made the most of that time by rolling around on the turf.


The girls had a great time playing and were very excited to get their medals. This has absolutely nothing to do with rolling, but it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want :-)


Now Princess has two weeks of “nothing” before YMCA baseball starts . . . which I personally can’t wait for! I may or may not have volunteered to coach her team . . . WTH was I thinking!

I also “got” to do work on Thursday and Friday at the office, which normally isn’t on my schedule . . . but I figured why not, a little extra money won’t hurt . . . and the tires on my car do indeed roll, so it fit with my theme for the week :-)

And then there was this little project of a mini bathroom remodel. I was just going to paint – that fun bright yellow color I’ve always wanted. And I did! It went from dull yellow to bright sunshiny yellow. I’ve been rolling yellow paint on my walls and ceiling for DAYS! Notice how the previous owners were too lazy to remove 4 friggin’ screws to take down a rectangular mirror when they painted. . .


Also note the wonderfully 1979ish lights . . . they don’t look as awful in this photo as they actually were – old tarnished brass . . . bluck!

As for the mirror that was there, I hadn’t planned on replacing it, but on a really windy day, the basement door slammed when Dude and his friends went outside – since the mirror wasn’t attached because I was painting, it fell off the counter and shattered – so $60 later I got a new, but the same, mirror. I also decided to replace the lights. I would love a row of lights above the mirrow, but this is a mini redo and I didn’t want to have to rewire anything, so I got some clearance lights from Lowes . . . nothing fancy, but definitely better than the others!


I decided that I really wanted a new shower curtain to replace the nasty white frilly one I got on clearance 3 years ago when I thought I’d be doing this little remodel way back then. Princess and I picked out this fun one at Target :-)


I also replaced the old hooks with some new silver rolling ones that don’t get caught up on the rod all the time – yay! Also note the sunshine yellow basket I got for 40% off at Michaels. I don’t have a linen closet, so it works perfect for me to roll up the towels my Mom gave me for Christmas. I also replaced the big fat white hook on the wall with some smaller ones – I have these in our guest bathroom and everyone loves ’em, so I got them for my bathroom. I already like this simple little hook better than the other ones!

Since the rest of my bathroom was looking so much brighter with the yellow paint and the white accents, I decided the nasty wooden medicine cabinet that I had just wouldn’t cut it. So the kiddos and I went shopping for something different. I wasn’t finding anything anywhere. Then at Bed Bath and Beyond, just as we were about to leave the bathroom area, Dude spotted this on the bottom shelf behind something else . . . it’s exactly what I wanted! Yay! So I got a new white medicine cabinet that doesn’t look so blah. I’m way happy with it :-)


It looks a little goofy and crooked in teh picture – it’s actually not like that in real life – weird!

I of course had to hang my awesome Mother’s Day gift on it. The cool thing is that both of the white gold/diamond/sapphire necklaces were Mother’s Day gifts, and the yellow gold/diamond heart necklace was a gift from my Mother – so it’s perfect that they are all there together :-)


Finally was the wall behind me – the one I see when I look in the mirror. If you recall from previous posts, that was my tester wall. Turns out, testing with dark blue paint sucks – especially when you make the mistake of not priming that wall before painting a bright yellow on it! UGH! 2 coats of paint and it still looked like dark blue – no coverage at all, while the rest of the bathroom looked pretty good. So I got some primer and primed that wall. A 3rd coat on the entire bathroom completed the entire bathroom except for that wall. I’ve done 2 coats over the primer, and it’s almost there. One more and I’ll probably call it done. I’m going to FINALLY get to hang the bumble bee and sunflower picture QT gave me in 2004 (embarrassed me here!) . . . I was waiting until I painted the wall . . . little did I know. But now it will be up there . . . covering the probably not quite covered blue spot on the wall . . . and I’ll get to see fun bumble bees and sunflowers in the mirror every day when I dry my hair. YAY!

And my last rolling thing for the week – I finally found the semi-waterproof/fleece picnic blanket I’ve been looking for at Target . . . it’s AWESOME that it rolls up and has an awesome carrying handle – yay!

So I’ve spent the last week watching soccer balls roll, watching baseballs roll, watching tennis balls roll, driving my car while the tires rolled, letting my attitude roll with the punches, and using a roller to paint my bathroom a bazillion more times than I’d ever planned. YAY for a fun rolling week!

How about you? What did you roll with last week?