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May 27th, 2010:

This Just Wasn’t Me

Therefore, I totally don’t get it . . . but I do get that my little Princess is, well, a princess :-) She likes girly stuff . . . pink stuff . . . glitter and unicorns (just like the Progressive lady!). She is a princess, but not prissy (thankfully!).

So I come home one night last week . . . Hubby says “Go look at your daughter.” I see this . . .


Yes – Princess is sleeping with a fleece headband warmer thingy over her eyes. The next morning . . .

Me: Good Morning Princess! Um, why were you sleeping with that fleece headband over your eyes?
Princess: Because it’s too bright in my room and I can’t sleep, so I wanted it dark.
Me: Um – how about you turn off the nightlight and don’t turn your overhead light on full blast when you wake up in the middle of the night?
P: Because then I’ll be scared if it’s dark in my room.
Me: But you’re not scared when you wear a cover over your eyes to make it dark?
P: Nope. Because it’s light in my room, just not in my eyes.

Ah yes – makes perfect sense! WTF???!!!???

She proceded to spend the week asking if she could get one of those sleeping eye cover things . . . I kept saying she didn’t need one. She kept asking for one. I kept asking which of her friends has one that she thinks she needs one, too. She kept saying “None. I saw it on TV.”

Curse you Miley Montana Hannah Cyrus!

So the week goes on . . . she gives up asking. We end up shopping after a baseball game. Dude thinks he needs new shirts for summer (“because I’ve only got 5 dark blue or black ones and clearly that’s not enough even though I have a drawer full of other colored shirts that I won’t wear but won’t give up because I like them but I just don’t want to wear them with my camo shorts” – what – pause for dramatic effect – EVER!). Anyhoo – we’re at the mall and lo and behold right next to Old Navy is Princess’s mothership- Claire’s – oh so wonderful and full of earrings and glittery pink things!

Dude shops at Old Navy for appropriately black shirts with aliens and other boy things on them while Princess and I head to Claire’s to use the gift card she has from when she had to return the flip flops Grandma bought her. She’s on a mission – on a mission for one of these (which a friend did indeed have on the bus) . . .


Yes people, that is a brush that you push up and pop out so you can brush your hair and look in the mirror – just not at the same time! Of course Princess chose a heart-shaped pink/purple/blue glittery one. But wait – she still has MONEY left on that wonderful little gift card! Hmmm . . . maybe she can find a cute pair of earrings or a headband, because clearly 20 pair of earrings and a bazillion headbands are not enough for one 7 year old Princess!

She’s wandering and wandering while Dude is waving frantically from across the mall hallway because darn it he’s found stuff and wants me to come buy it NOOOOWWWW!!! I give Princess the word – it’s time to go. Find something or leave with just that awesome oh so cool gotta have it freaky brush and mirror thing.

She decides to come back some other time when she can really look at all the stuff and make a good choice. I’m wondering, are there any good choices at Claire’s?

We’re almost out the door – I AM out the door . . . then I hear my little Princess “Oh Mommy! Wait! Come Back! I found IT right HERE!” Oh yes, she found IT . . .


Pink, glittery AND with kittens on it . . . what more could a Princess ask for.

Thanks, Grandma!