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May 28th, 2010:

Friday Flashback

Hubby and I found this new retro dry goods store in our little town . . . we LOVE it! Its got an antique candy area where you can buy one Bit O Honey for 1 penny, actual big metal Slinkies that will actually walk down stairs, metal lunch boxes without a zipper or cold pouch in sight, real live wooden Tinker Toys, 4 different “brands” of candy cigarettes, and this . . .


Oh yes, this yummy goodness is available for purchase in a single bottle, 6 pack, 12 pack, or by the case. OR, if you’re really feeling nostalgic, you can mix it with any of a number of other awesomely fun old-tyme flavors such as these:


I have yet to find the old top open bottle cooler like the one I used to get bottles out of at the Barber Shop with my Dad on Saturday mornings, but the soda tastes so yummy no matter where I may have bought it :-)

What’s your favorite nostalgic soda?