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September, 2010:

Hey Mom/Dad, Can I . . .

. . . take my chihuahua on a key chain to school with me?

. . . take my white puppy with the curly ears to school with me?

. . . take my other puppy to school with me?

. . . take lip gloss to school with me?
No. You never get to take any of that stuff out of the house with you, and especially not to school.

. . . take my pink dot puppy purse to school with me? I want to play with it with my friends at recess.
No. Stop asking. You cannot take that stuff to school.

Hubby checked out her desk on Monday morning when he was in the class helping. She said she left her Duck Days duck in her desk.

This is what he found…



She hasn’t taken that blue sports snack thing to school since THE FIRST DAY, which was August 16th! And the Ziploc bags . . . they’ve had popcorn in them for her snack, which is acceptable . . . but the bags wadded up and left in her desk? Not so much.

Needless to say, Princess got a talking to. We’ve had issues with her taking stuff to school that she’s not supposed to since the very first day. Hubby also found out that Mr. Teacher told her MANY times to put that stuff in her backpack and take it home because he didn’t want to see it again. Apparently stuffing it into the back of her desk was good enough for – I mean, he didn’t see it again!

Princess got the “lying is unacceptable and we can’t trust you” talk . . . backpack/pockets/etc. will be checked EVERY time she leaves the house and every time she walks in the door. Extreme? Maybe . . . but better to drop the hammer in 2nd grade when it’s stuffed animals and lip gloss instead of later when we’re dealing with who knows what.

Not True

This was outside Princess’s classroom door. Apparently they had to write something about how they felt on the first day of school.


Awwwwwww . . . my little Princess was scared on the first day of school because she didn’t realize she was going to have  Mr. Teacher for a 2nd grade teacher instead of Mrs. Teacher. How sad…

Except that it’s a complete and total LIE! My little Princess has the same teacher that Dude had in 2nd grade. We all know Mr. Teacher well. She said over and over all summer how she REALLY REALLY REALLY hoped she’d get Mr. Teacher for 2nd grade! She was ecstatic when we found out a week before school started that she did indeed assigned to Mr. Teacher’s class. She was happy when we went to Open House night and talked to Mr. Teacher about the classroom and everything.

So ya . . . she KNEW she was getting a boy teacher and there is no way she was scared about that :-) She definitely knows how to work those Princess powers!

Fifty Dollars

Me: Hands birthday card from my Mom to Dude. Hey, Dude. Look what Noisy Grandma gave me for my birthday!
Dude: What?! No way! You got $50! Sheesh – I only get $5!
Me: Um, what (pause for dramatic effect) EVER! Dude, you get $5 just for EXISTING . . . like “Oh here Dude, here’s $5 because it’s Thursday. Love, Grandma.”
Dude: Ya. That might be true.
Me: I can’t wait! Now I get to call and schedule my facial!
Dude: What are you going to do with the rest of the money?
Me: Um, that will use all the money.
Dude: What?! You’re going to spend ALL of that money on a FACIAL! Seriously? Do you KNOW how many Legos you could buy with that much money? Walks away shaking his head and mumbling . . .  What a waste.

How our lives change…

The First 5K Down

We did it! The Boedie fam completed our first (and last?) 5K this past weekend. It was part of a fundraiser for the kids’ school, so we figured why not!

Princess was one of about a half dozen 2nd graders that did the whole 5K. Dude was one of a few 5th graders who did the whole thing. I was so proud of them! Dude, Princess, and I finished in about 42 minutes . . . it was better than the goal I set and we weren’t last, which was my other goal 😉 This is Colorado, so the course was not flat by any means . . . downhill, up hill, flat, up hill, down hill, etc. The kiddos did pretty well sticking to the plan of running the downhills and flats and walking the uphills . . . although they did require a little prodding on the last mile and I did end up giving Princess a piggy back ride up the last hill. But it was fun!

Why didn’t Hubby run with us? Well, he tried. He finished in about 34 minutes. Dude started the race running with a friend, but then he slowed down when his friend kept going. Hubby was trying to catch up to Dude and must’ve run right by him at one point! So he spent the race trying to catch up to Dude while Dude was jogging along with me and Princess quite a bit behind :-)

All in all, it was a great experience! I was so proud of the kiddos for doing the run. We had an awesome pancake/ham/fruit breakfast in the cafeteria afterward. I even won a $10 gift card to It’s a Grind in the raffle – woo hoo! I must say, the Boedies have been pretty darn luck with raffle drawing winning lately 😉

The kids took full advantage of my good mood and joined me on a trip to Castle Rock after the race. I needed some pants and shoes . . . but of course we ended up at the Underarmor and Adidas stores first . . . where I may have been feeling so proud of them that I spent a little more moolah on them than I normally would have 😉 They did allow me 30 minutes at my store to get what I needed, so all was good.

We hightailed it back to town so we could make it to Dude’s soccer game that afternoon – yup, after running the race, he had to run around that ginormous soccer field for 1.5 hours! He was a trooper and did awesome :-)

How about you? What did you do last weekened?

Thrilled To Be Here!

Nobody on this planet loves her cat more than Princess.



“See Mom! Look! She LOVES to have me hold her and make her look at the camera!”



“And she loves it even more when I put her in my doll carrier. In fact, I think she’s THRILLED to be here!”



Um ya – thrilled – that’s one word. Let’s get a little closer and see just how thrilled Tonks is . . .


Such a pissed off tolerant kitty.

Got Fire?

When you’re driving through Nebraska in 100 degree heat 7 hours into a 12 hour drive, the last thing you want is to be stopped on the Interstate. Then you see why and discover that slowing down a bit isn’t nearly as bad as what these people are doing…




Got Lake?

More from WI. Have I ever mentioned how glad I am that I have 2 kids and that they actually LIKE each other?








Got Mud?

More from WI. No, you’re not supposed to drive until you’re 16 . . . but sometimes I’m willing to break the rules in the name of fun. No, Princess does not have freckles :-)









A Silly Surprise

I’m finally getting around to sorting through the pictures I took on our vacation to MN/WI this summer.

We celebrated Dude’s 10th birthday. We told Dude that we wanted to get a picture of him when he turned 10.


Then we told him the picture didn’t work because he blinked and that maybe he should close his eyes and when we say “3” open them so he doesn’t blink again. The rest is history :-)




I’ll be so disappointed when my children are no longer gullible 😉

What is 3.10685596?

3 miles + 564 feet + 2.4 inches

The distance in a 5K race.

The distance the Boedies will travel, by foot (some people call it running), on September 18th in a fundraiser for the kids’ school.

What the hell was I thinking registering for this?

I blame it on a brain fart after a long, busy day at work.

Or it may have been the bottle of wine I drank with dinner.

I wonder what the kids will think about this new development when I tell thim in the morning?