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October, 2010:

Wordless Wednesday: Not So Bad Watching Soccer With This View



My term for a “Fear of Change” – an affliction Dude suffers from.

Case in point:

Me: How was school today, Dude?
Dude: Good.
Me: Learn anything new?
Dude: Not really, but we had to write a “dream” paper. Not like about a dream we had while sleeping, but what is a dream we have for our lives.
Me: Sounds cool. What did you write about?
Dude: Well, I couldn’t choose between MLB or MLS. So I chose MLS because I’m doing soccer right now.
Me: Good choice.
Dude: What would you choose?
Me: Totally MLB. There are more teams so there’s more opportunity to play, and you get paid more if you do make it to the big leagues.
Dude: Ya. I guess that is true. I just really couldn’t decide. And if I did do MLB, I’d have to play for the Rockies because they’re, you know, here in Colorado.
Me: That’s not really how it works. A team chooses YOU to play for THEM, and you go wherever the team is.
Dude: What? You mean I’d have to move?
Me: At least during the season you’d want a place to stay in the hometown.
Dude: Well then. If I have to move, I guess I won’t be a sports star.

I just about died laughing – on the inside of course. I guess he should’ve written about his dream of living in the mountains in a cabin by a stream with his dog and his four-wheeler – and an extra shed to store all of his spouse’s stuff because I’m quite certain his adult bedroom will look exactly like his kid bedroom has for the past 7 years, Lego table and all :-)

Yes, I’ll Do It

Four words that seem to come out of my mouth quite often.

Today these four words committed me to coaching Princess’ volleyball team for the next 8 Saturdays.

Why do I keep saying yes?

 Because my kids will only be kids for a short time.

And them actually get excited about me being involved in their stuff will only last for an even shorter time.

And I like sports.

And if I have to be there anyway to watch the practice and the scrimmage, I might as well be active doing something, right?

And I like spending time with my kids.

I’ll tell you how much I like spending time with other people’s kids in 8 weeks 😉

Paralyzed By Indecision

This doesn’t happen to me often, but I’m currently paralyzed by indecision. I’ve got tons on my to do list – and I’m certainly not complaining, because while some of it is work type stuff, lots of it is FUN stuff! I just can’t decide what to do first. Make Halloween costumes or work on Hubby’s book? Find the recipe for creepy jell-o brains for the Halloween party this weekend or get started on a few Christmas gifts? Clean the house or clean the car? Plan for the next Brownie meeting or help Dude earn more pins and patches for Boy Scouts? Blog or sleep?

And the list goes on and on. I want to do all of these things . . . and by not being able to decide what to do, I’ve done NONE of it . . . ouch!

Yesterday I finally decided I needed to cross something off the list, so I went for the low hanging fruit and did something I could finish for sure that day – I cleaned the house while I did all the laundry. Yes, tha’t how I role. If I feel like I’m losing a little bit of control, I do the one thing I can control – make my house a happy place. Organized things make me happy! I LOVE starting my work week with a clean house and full drawers and closets. So it’s a happy Monday at the Boedie Abode :-)

Now I have 5 days to complete most of the tasks above . . . thankfully the kiddos are way excited to help me with most of the tasks, so it should be a fun week of full evenings.

How about you? What do you do when you’re paralyzed by indecision?

The Accidental Manager

So I’ve been at my new job for 18 months now, and I LOVE it! In August, I started working 30 hours/week when the kids went back to school. I wasn’t sure how the extra days/hours would fit in my volunteer/play/mommy schedule, but I’m LOVING it! Total stress relief. I was always stressed about not being able to get my stuff done “on time and on budget” as my bosses love to say – weekly/daily/hourly. Now, I have time to get my stuff done – there’s still more work than I could ever possibly do in my available hours, but I can at least give it a good college try :-)

I also feel like I’m actually doing something worthwhile at this job. In my previous job (which I had for 13 years!) I was very good at what I did, and in theory I helped people and companies, but in reality, how many people actually read and use a software user manual or online help system? Just me? Yup :-) Now I’m doing work that will actually help save lives, and I can’t tell you how good that feels – knowing that I’m doing something worthwhile and knowing that people will actually use and appreciate what I do.

I know my coworkers appreciated me at my other job, just as I appreciated them, but it’s nice to have your bosses actaully make a special effort to tell you how happy they are to have you working with them – that’s right, working WITH them, not FOR them. My bosses are the 4 partners of the company – so ya, hearing that from them makes me feel like I’ve found the kind of place I’ve been wanting to work at for quite a while. I’m definitely a small company kind of girl. I didn’t realize until after my previous company laid me off that I had gotten unhappier and unhappier there as the company got bigger and bigger. Getting laid off was a blessing in disguise.

And finally, as of the 18th of this month, I have, as my bosses call it, “a minion” :-) Yup – I got to actually hire a full-time writer to help me out with the ginormous projects we’re working on. We interviewed 8 people after screening about 30 resumes. A few people had awesome experience and could have done this job with their eyes closed. But I highly recommended someone who graduated from college in 2008. This person I chose seemed like a perfect fit, which is weird since he has no experience whatsoever in technical writing. He graduated with his degree in English/Technical Writing just as the technical market here was taking a hit. So he’s been working in a call center since then to support his new family. He has a great personality, definitely seemed to know what he was talking about, was very eager to get going in his chosen profession, and was totally confident. And while I totally think he’ll be great at this job, I REALLY wanted to give him a shot – everyone deserves a shot, right? I mean, the company I worked for previously for 13 years gave me a shot when I was a newbie, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it (thank you Gail!). I also believe personality and corporate culture fit are almost as important as skills when choosing someone to hire. No fun to share an office with someone 4 days a week if you can’t stand them! So I guess I’m a manager now :-) And my bosses tell me that if we do this project right, I’ll have lots of people working for me in the very near future. I’m calling myself the accidental manager. I never wanted to be a manager, but I’m loving having someone to mentor.

So ya, work is going well while still leaving me all the time I need to be home when the kids get on the bus and home when they get off of it, volunteer in the kids’ school, co-lead Princess’s Brownie troop, get the kiddos to all their extra-curriculars, spend some concentrated time with Hubby, and still have time for myself and my friends.

Oh – and did I mention that work is sending me to Italy for a week in January? That’s a nice perk, too :-)

The Girl Plays Soccer

And apparently, for practice anyway, it does not matter what you wear :-) One of my favorite parts about going to Princess’s soccer practices is to see what the girls are wearing. As an example, here’s my Princess last week . . .


Let’s see . . . neon green t-shirt she got at school for field day so she could be easily identifiable as a member of Mr. Krich’s 2nd grade class. Marroon/pink/light blue plaid capris that matched the lovely marroon shirt she was wearing before she changed into neon green. Light blue headband with all sorts of colors of hearts and other completely necessary designs on it. The pinkest soccer ball ever made. At least she went for full function with her regular soccer cleats (pink accents of course), shin guards (yes, they’re pink), and soccer socks.


On game days, it all changes. This is serious stuff that requires serious uniform coordination!


It’s all about the uniform . . . soccer cleats/shin guards/socks. Of course there are matching red and white soccer shorts. And a white undershirt under the red uniform shirt – the undershirt is of course red when the uniform shirt is white – proper accent colors are a must for every 7 year old girl while playing YMCA soccer. Moving to the head we have 2 red pigtails brought together in one large ponytail, finished off with a homemade red/black/white soccer “pretty” – afterall, it IS all about the accessories :-)

And when Dude goes to practice or games? Same thing every time . . . black soccer socks, black soccer shorts, appropriate World Cup soccer shirt or uniform shirt.


It’s so uniform, it’s almost boring – yet a nice change from the drama involved in dressing one 7 year old for soccer.


It seems like everywhere I turn the past 3 weeks, I learn of a close friend/boss/coworker who is facing the certain loss of a father, a brother, a grandparent.

While I am so so thankful for my health and the health of my family, I am profoundly sad for these people I love that are facing such difficult times.

Please send some prayers, happy tawts, good vibes, whatever you’ve got out there to the universe.