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March, 2011:

Light Headed

My Dude and some of his buddies joined 45 other people from his school to raise money and shave their heads for St. Baldrick’s. Their team of 50 raised $15000! I thought that was pretty awesome :-)


The event was a whole day-long thing . . . they had Leprachauns juggling on stilts, face painting, balloons, live bands, emcees and 6 shaving chairs ready to go. Here is Dude and some of his friends at the front of the line just waiting, nervously, to get their heads shaved.


My little Dude got himself in the chair – he’s smiling, but a little nervous.


And finally, the shaving begins! For the kid who does not like change and hates to get his hair cut at all, this was a big deal.


Here he is, almost finished! And kind of still smiling.


And finally, the boys are done :-) What a handsome group!


So proud of my Dude (raised $575 himself) and his buddies :-)

The Dude Bridges

My Dude worked so hard the past two years as a WEBELOS to complete all the requirements (and many more – he’s so motivated!) to earn his Arrow of Light, the only patch you can take with you to Boy Scouts. They had their official Bridging Ceremony last weekend where he went from a Cub Scout to a Boy Scout. It was a great ceremony – I love all the traditions that Boy Scouts and this Pack in particular have.

First, they had all the parents of the WEBELOS IIs come up on the stage with the boys.


We got to hang out with them while the Scoutmaster talked about the Arrow of Light and how special it was that all of these boys had earned their arrow. The boys each presented an Arrow of Light pin to their parents for helping them get through Cub Scouts. Then each of the boys was presente with their very cool handcrafted arrow . . . Dude was very proud of his.


Next up, the actual bridging ceremony. Each of the boys was announced and invited, one-by-one, to come sit by the campfire with their fellow Cub Scouts who were bridging that day. The campfire is awesome . . . a fake wood box with a red lightbulb in it . . . it’s been in the pack for 30 years! Anyhoo – Dude is always first because of our last name.


After all the boys were announced and sat by the fire together for the last time as WEBELOS, they went back to the side of the stage and got ready to actually bridge. They were all so cute (can I call 10 year old boys cute?) as they stood on the bridge and soluted the crowd before officially being welcomed into their chosen Boy Scout troop.


Quite a few of the boys from Dude’s den went to the same Boy Scout Troop. See my little Dude in the front? He looks so tiny! See that “kid” in the back on the far right (as we look at the photo) – that kid is the Senior Patrol Leader in Dude’s new troop – and he’s bending down!


Dude is beside himself with excitement about moving into Boy Scouts. He can’t wait to start actual real live camping and hiking and all the other stuff that comes with Boy Scouting. He’s really motivated to start working on Merit Badges right away. I think he’s going to be shocked when he sees how much more difficult it is to earn Merit Badges than it was to earn belt loops and pins in Cub Scouts!

Here’s one last look at my little WEBELOS with his Arrow of Light. From here on out, he’s no longer a Cub Scout, but a Boy Scout.


A Little Teary

Last weekend I took Princess, Dude, and one of Dude’s friends up snowboarding Breckenridge for the day. Dude and his Buddy have been friends their entire lives – all 10 years of them. They are both great kids and very trustworthy and they’ve both been lectured enough on mountain etiquette and safety that for the first time, I took the 2-way radios. I gave Dude and Buddy the lecture and a radio and said “have fun.” Princess and I saw them board away, feeling incredibly old but still looking incredibly small. We saw them at lunch (I had the money) and at the end of the day (I had the phone number for the shuttle to the hot tub). They were SO good about it all day long . . . they radioed when they moved to a new peak, they answered when I called to check in on them. . . . and they didn’t get into any trouble. I loved it, but I’m not sure I like it – all this growing up stuff.

Then a couple weekends ago, my Dude earned his Arrow of Light and bridged from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts (more on that tomorrow). We went to his first Boy Scout meeting last Tuesday and OMG he is so TINY! A head shorter than anyone else there and short enough to walk through the legs of the incredibly tall Senior Patrol Leader. He is so excited about Boy Scouts that I can’t even describe it – he’s been bouncing off the walls and got all on my case when he realized that in the 2 days since the Bridging ceremony I hadn’t had time to convert his Cub Scout uniform to a Boy Scout uniform. Sorry Dude . . . I’ve got things to do! Know what he was most excited about? Going off on his own to the meeting with his new patrol leader . . . and hearing that they have a camping trip planned for the end of April that Mom and Dad won’t get to go to (I’ll be camping with Princess and the Brownie troop and Hubby will be gone flying). Dude was a little too excited about that going off on his own with the boys for my taste! When we got home, he and I started talking about merit badges and everything else that he was so excited about and of course he didn’t need ME to explain to him how it all works and that HE is responsible for all the stuff from now on, not the parents. His motivated little self couldn’t be more happy about that :-)

Finally last week, we had his last parent/teacher conference before he heads off to middle school next fall (MIDDLE SCHOOL!). He of course got all A’s and rocks and everyone in the class loves him, especially his teacher (who is the most awesomest 5th grade teacher on the planet, probably in the entire universe). She chatted with us for a little while about middle school and how she’ll really miss seeing him in the elementary hall next year (his school is a K-12 built on a hill with each school level on a different level on the hill – pretty cool actually). My Dude is WAY excited about middle school – he’s so ready for it, especially academically, and he doesn’t seem worried at all to be leaving his other best buddy, who is a grade behind, down in elementary for a year. I asked his teacher if she had any concerns at all about him going to middle school with all those giant kids who are probably shaving and not still 10 (he is afterall the youngest kid in his class and the smallest by far with his short parents and August birthday). To my surprise, I almost started crying! OMG what is WRONG with me?! She joked with him and said that as long as he can figure out a way to see through the crowd, he’ll do awesome and she has no concerns whatsoever.

So all this growing up happened in one week . . . at least that’s what it seems like to me. Sure we’ll still go camping and all that jazz with Boy Scouts, and he DOES still need us for some things – we are, afterall, the ones with the driver’s licenses.

I couldn’t be more proud of the young man he’s become, but quite frankly, I’m not handling this growing up and doing stuff without Mom and Dad stage very well.

Sleeping In The Garage

No. Nobody got sent to “the doghouse” :-) Buy my Jeep is way happy to be sleeping in the garage again! Yup – we FINALLY actually  for real life finished the forever long laundry/mud room project. We had kind of a goofy setup . . . the laundry room was normal and fine and good-sized and opened to the garage. We have a weird garage . . . it’s a regular 2 car garage, but in the front on one side there was half of a single car garage (remodeled half of it into a spare bedroom when they built the 2-car garage – way before we bought this house). Anyhoo – the laundry room opened to that goofy half stall of the garage. Our plan was to take that half-stall, wall it in, and make a ginormous laundry/mud room that would actually be useful.

Typically, we are great at planning a project and making it happen in record time. Not this time . . . for some reason, we decided on Christmas Eve day that we were finally annoyed enough with our laundry room situation that we started tearing the cabinets out and making the remodel actually happen. We hadn’t really planned on starting, so I didn’t get any totally before pictures . . . but I did get a couple.

This photo is what’s left of the “stuff” in the goofy half stall at the front of the garage.


Basically, this area held the freezer, the toolchest, an old floor cabinet from our kitchen remodel, a table saw, the dog food bin, assorted rakes and shovels, and 4 school-type lockers that held anything from snowboarding boots and helmets to old paint blankets to kites to soccer balls and baseball bats. Where did all of this stuff go when we started the remodel? Into my Jeep’s garage stall, of course!


This photo is one end of the laundry room. See the cabinets on the left? That’s what was on the wall to the right. And there were lovely old cabinets above the sink and washing machine – again left overs from the kitchen remodel. Lovely peach walls and incredibly awesome 3 layers of linoleum on the floor.



For the next three months we worked and had people working with us and for us cutting and building and designing and measuring and ordering and laying tile and hanging cabinets and putting on countertops and generally taking up space.

When it was all said and done, we ended up with an awesome laundry/mud room that we are already using to it’s fullest potential.

Remember the first photo above of the goofy garage space? Now, it looks like this!


A nice little cubby for the freezer. That little part of the wall that sticks in? Necessary so we had room to fit the trash and recycling cans in the actual garage. Check out the tile – yay! And a place out of the way for the litter box – woo hoo! I’m not sure I knew the toolchest was going to stay in here, but it fits and it’s not in the way, so I won’t worry about it :-) Besides, now I don’t need to put on shoes to get a tape measure or screw driver or hammer – you’d be amazed how often I use those things.

And my most favoritest fantastical part of this new room . . .


The lockers! As you can see, it took us no time at all to move into them and start using them. They are so totally awesome I love it! To the right of the 4th locker is a tall pantry type closet, but we put shelves in there and have the dog treats and cat food and kitty litter bag and all that jazz in there. I LOVE this part of the room! Right off the garage in a room all by itself so all the dirt we track in from shoes stays contained.

And now, the laundry room. Remember that second photo above of the washing machine/dryer/sink? This is what it looks like now.


Lovely tile – woo hoo! We got the same hickory cabinets we had installed in our kitchen when we remodeled it. We also got the same countertops because we love them so much. Oh ya – and a new dryer to match my ginormous washing machine . . . a wall-mounted ironing board so it’s hidden because the only thing I really use it for is to iron patches on Girl Scout and Boy Scout uniforms . . . and an actual large utility sink and faucet so we could actually clean something in it. Jealous of my cabinet space? Wait until you see THIS – the other wall . . .


More cabinets than we know what to do with! The one on the bottom left holds my laundry bin for when we come home from snowboarding or wherever else and just want to throw our laundry in there rather than take it upstairs. The lazy susan I LOVE – it holds all of the cleaning supplies – no more digging around in the back of a cabinet to find the Windex. The one to the right of that? All the dog and cat stuff like shampoo, brushes, and all that fun stuff. And the one to the right – a pull out trash/recycling bin . . . love love love it! The cabinets on top are only about 1/3 full, and even then we put stuff up there just because we could :-) I’m sure we’ll fill it in no time at all.

Now that we had our awesome laundry/mud room done and put together, we still had this little problem of all the stuff in the Jeep’s garage stall . . .



Where was that going to go? How did I make my Jeep’s garage stall go from looking like that to looking like this?

Notice the green cabinets on the wall? THOSE were in my laundry room prior to the project!



I FINALLY, after 3 years of whining and waiting, insisted that we get a shed. It’s GINORMOUS and holds all the stuff we need it to:


Way cool that it fit on the one level spot in our yard and even way cooler that all the stuff we wanted inside it fit with no problem.

5000 points to the person who sees the one issue with this shed.

If you noticed that Princess need only open her window and jump 2 feet to get onto the roof of said shed, you win! At this point, we decided we’d rather have it outside her window than outside a 10-year old boy’s window – that would just be too tempting; however, Hubby and I have already agreed that we need to start saving for the alarm system we’ll need to install when Princess gets old enough to think that sneaking in and out of the house might be a good idea 😉 We plan – we think ahead – and we’ve been HER before 😉

So, we are all happy to have an awesome laundry/mud room. I’m way happy to have an awesome shed. And my Jeep is way happy to have her bed back!

Long, Long Ago In A Land Far, Far Away

About 2 months ago, I got to go on a trip to Italy for work . . . remember that? If you want to refresh your memory, feel free to check out Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, and Day 6. For me, it seems like just yesterday – we’ve been doing so much since then! for the 2 pay periods after we got back, I logged over 100 hours for each. Have I mentioned that I’m a part-time employee working 30 hours a week? Ya – apparently everyone forgot about that. But we got the project done on time – woo hoo!

Back to Italy. Everyone else took off to head back to The States on Saturday morning while I slept snug in my bed. I woke up a bit later than usual (9:00!) and was out the door at 10:00 to catch the metro to downtown. I had a great time just walking around by myself looking at everything . . . there is so much to look at! I spent 5 1/2 hours just walking . . . walking and walking. The first thing I did was stop at a little information booth and get a map of the city – the gentleman there was so nice and drew me a “course” to take to just see a little bit of everything if I were just walking. So I started on my journey. I took quite a few pictures, but it’s kind of like the Grand Canyon – without being there and seeing it and experiencing it and actually tasting the gelato, you can’t really appreciate it. For me, the coolest part was just knowing that everything was so – OLD!

I started my walk down “expensive row” – my fancy schmancy name for the street that has a bunch of shops on either side with stuff that is WAY too expensive for me. Designer stuff, like Armani and that type of thing. It was Turin’s Rodeo Drive. Of course every shop said they were having a sale that day – but I still couldn’t have even thought about purchasing anything in those stores!

The one thing I had been jonesin’ for the entire time I was in Italy was a mocha. Just a plain old regular mocha – a la Starbucks. Of course they don’t do Starbucks in Turin. And oh my gosh what a travesty it would be if they actually had a to go cup! No no no . . . in Italy, you sit, you talk, you enjoy your cup of coffee and pastry. No walking, no having anywhere to go. So I finally got up the nerve to walk into a “bar” (that’s what they call them – you can get pastries, coffee, candy, and any alcoholic beverage you want) and try to order a mocha. Mocha was not in my book of words. So I walked in and said in what I’m sure was perfect Italian that I did not speak Italian and was there anyone that spoke English? YES! One person :-) That person and I fumbled through me trying to explain that I wanted a mocha . . . which apparently does not exist. So she finally talked over me to the barrista and ordered something for me. I thanked her and walked over and watched what he was making. Oh my! He took a knife and dipped it into this awesomely large container of liquidy chocolate and frosted the inside of my tiny little cappuccino cup. Then he made me the most perfect cappuccino – it looked just like the ones you see on TV :-) So I stood there at the bar with my little cup of coffee and a spoon and a tiny glass of fizzy water and drank my coffee. It was YUMMY! I ordered a pastry too – no clue what it was, but I pointed to something and he gave it to me and it was yummylicious. So for the next 10 minutes I hung out with a bunch of Italians who were speaking a bunch of Italian and enjoying their coffee . . . I tried to emulate them as best I could to make sure I properly enjoyed my coffee and fizzy water (which I am not fond of – I order water naturale!). All was yummy, all was good – I paid and left (which was wrong . . . apparently you pay when you order and then you take your ticket to the barrista and order AGAIN!).

Anyhoo – back outside to walk around some more. I ended up at the square where the King and Queen’s castles are. This is the front of the King’s castle:


Can you picture the large groups of ancient Romans walking around here? The pictures were very cool! When you walk inside the castle, you’re in a huge courtyard. The sheer size of the thing is amazing! I didn’t take a tour because I didn’t want to waste my time inside on such a beautiful day, but I did wander around a bit.

Outside the King’s castle, is the Queen’s castle. Here’s the front of it – being restored…


Looked quite modern to me, so I walked around the back and ah ha – that looked more like an old castle to me :-)


The Queen had her own castle built because apparently she did not approve of the King’s decorating (no, I’m not kidding – that’s what the stuff said). She felt the need to present herself better to the people, so she had her own castle built. I went inside to look around and it was pretty cool. There was a glass floor so you could walk on top of the stone stairs and corridors. They are very narrow and very perfect. Looks just like they do on TV :-) I thought this circular staircase was very cool.


I found this sign in the castle . . . Itanglish makes me giggle :-)


Itanglish is the reason we were even in Italy – we’re rewriting the flight manual for an Italian-made airplane that was translated to English. Anyhoo . . . back to my little self-guided day tour of Turin . . .

On one of our first nights in Turin, one of the guys who’d been there before told us about the Roman Wall and the Gold Dome that were very close to where we were eating dinner. So I decided to go looking for them – he said they were just beyond the King’s castle. And he was right :-) First, the place with the gold dome (yes, I’m so particular about names of places).


See it back there, just to the right of the tall tower? That’s where the Shroud of Turin is. Of course I didn’t get to actually see the Shroud because it comes out only once every 100 years . . . but it was still pretty neat to look at the building. These guys were “guarding” this church we’re looking at . . . they looked all cool and military like until I noticed their Robin Hood hats – that kinda made me giggle 😉


Still on my miniquest to find the Roman Wall, I t urned around and walked a block and there it as!


The old Roman Wall (off to the right) and the gate to the city.


So what? It’s just a brick wall and gate, right? Kinda . . . until you read the sign . . .


. . . and realize you’re looking at and touching something that was built in 25 B.C.! I don’t know about you, but until now I thought my Grandma was pushing old at 87 😉 I’m not real into history or anything, but just thinking about all those Roman-type people in their Roman-type clothing walking through those gates, or at least trying to, was pretty darn cool.

After I found the 2 things I really wanted to check out, at least from the outside, I spend the next 3 1/2 hours just walking around taking it all in. Everywhere you walk, the sidewalks are covered.


You walk under the cover so you don’t get rained on – obviously not a problem for me this day 😉 The stores are all those little doors under the walkway. I walked and walked and had the best gelato ever (it really is just better and different!) and checked out some shops looking for souvenirs for the kiddos (I came back with nothing – they have everything we have, just way more expensive!). I eventually ran across the obelisque and restaurant where I’d eaten dinner with the guard guys a couple nights before, so I went in for some lunch – I just had to have some more gnocci! It was just as good this time as it was last time . . . as was everything else I ordered. I spent about an hour eating and watching soccer and waiting for my check . . . which came only after I realized I had a swallow of Coke left in my glass 😉

Back out for some more walking around and just looking at things and people. All the buildings were just neat – I thought this one was especially appealing.


Anyhoo . . . I walked and walked and walked and checked out stores and sampled food and watched people. I walked down to the Po River and back and just enjoyed all of it. All of the small alleyways with the neat little shops and restaurants and tiny little food markets. And the street market with all the fresh food and little Italian ladies wanting you to sample everything they’ve got in hopes you’ll come back next time.

After the busy busy week, it was so nice to just walk around and relax and do whatever I wanted – not having to talk to anyone about anything unless I wanted to . . . and then it was a challenge 😉 It was time to head back to the hotel so I could talk to the kiddos one last time before my marathon trip back to Colorado the next day. I was all “adventured” out, so I walked a couple blocks to get some “Indian Pizza” for dinner . . . I also got some of the yummy chocolate cake ball dessert things and brought it all back to my room – I know, eating dinner in my room in Italy – but I was just pooped and ready to do nothing. So I popped in some 24 DVDs on my laptop and watched Jack Bauer while I enjoyed my Italian pizza and the yummiest little dessert ball things.

That night . . . I was ready to get a good night’s sleep before I got up way early to catch my cab and super long flight back to Colorado. All went well until about 1:00 a.m. . . . when I woke up to a woman screaming – and then some banging – and then some giggling. Yup. The people above me were having fun. They had fun at 1:00, 2:30, and 3:30! So ya, didn’t get much sleep my last night in Italy :-)

I definitely enjoyed my trip to Italy – and I can’t wait to go back sometime with Hubby when we can explore and ride trains and actually see more stuff in detail rather than just in passing. It really was a great experience and I’m lucky to have had the opportunity.

The Final Run

Some time ago about when Dude was still a teeny tiny little Cub Scout, he participated in his Pack’s Pinewood Derby. I love how my Dude gets so into the whole thing . . . not a lot of kids his age would decide to sit down after school to sand their car just a little bit more so it was perfectly smooth. He was particular about the whole process!

First, to think of the perfect design. Ah ha! He came up with one – you’ll have to wait until later to see what it was.

Next he made a template and traced it onto his block:



After he finished drawing the outline on his block, he called Uncle E and asked if he could borrow his tools.

Aside: Uncle E is the first person we met when we moved to Colorado. He was new here and so were we. He is a Packer fan and so am I. It was a match made in Heaven.

Uncle E is an Eagle Scout. He has 3 daughters, so he was more than happy to have Dude over to do guy stuff in the woodshop for the Pinewood Derby! And he’s sooooooo patient. He took a scrap piece of wood and showed Dude how to use the saw.


Then he had Dude practice on a scrap piece of wood. Then it was time for Dude to actually cut out his car. Uncle E sat back and just watched him do the whole thing.


Dude loved it! He was so particular about it, following all the safety rules and making sure he stayed straight on the lines he’d drawn. And Uncle E is such a good teacher. When you’re an awesome woodworker, it’s gotta be tough to sit back and watch a little boy fumble through cutting out his own car!

Dude spent the next week sanding his car . . . and sanding his car . . .


And sanding his car some more  . . . and just a little more here . . . and a little more there . . . and in one more tiny spot here. Who says young boys won’t put forth the effort to make their own awesome car?!

After the sanding came the days and days of painting, coat after coat after coat. Then he spent a few days coming up with the perfect design for his car, because guess what he saw at Uncle E’s house . . . a laser! Yup, Dude got to create a design to have lasered into his car.

Back to Uncle E’s house where E showed Dude how to get his design onto the laser computer and explaining what happens with it. Again, super patient!


Next, he got to watch his design get lasered onto a sample piece of wood.


Do you see a pattern here? Yup – everything is sampled and measured and remeasured before you do something final. E is a perfectionist when it comes to this stuff and there was no way he was going to let Dude skip any of the steps.

They worked and reworked until they finally got the design just how they wanted it, then it was time for the moment of truth – lasering onto the actual car! And how did it turn out?

Pretty darn AWESOME if you ask me!


He decided to make an Arrow Of Light car since that’s what he was working toward these last couple years in WEBELOS. I thought it was way cool :-)

That weekend, we were off to the races! His Pack has a pretty cool setup for the Derby. They have what looks like a giant 4-lane Matchbox car track. 


The cool thing is, there’s software attached to it. The software tells you which cars to put in which lanes, and then when you say go, there guys let go of the switches and the cars are off. When they get to the end, the software automatically registers the times and shows the results on the big screen. This keeps going until every car has raced four times – once on each track to make sure it’s fair.

The really really cool thing is that they had a video camera at the end of the track, so you could watch the race on the big screen if you couldn’t see well – AND they showed instant replays and slow motion of the race while the next heat was being set up.


So how did he do? He was 2nd in his Den and 3rd in his rank of WEBELOS II :-) WOO HOO! He was way excited to go home with a couple trophies.


What’s next? Waiting. He came in 4th overall for the WEBELOS (WEBELOS I and II together). Only the top 3 get to go to the District race, so he’s the alternate in case one of those kids can’t make it. The huge bummer – he only missed out by 1/1000 of a second! The 3rd place boy’s car averaged 3.0128 seconds per race and Dude’s averaged 3.0129 seconds per race!

He wasn’t too bummed, though. He worked hard on his car and had a great time at the race – that’s what’s it’s all about.

I Guess I’ll Have To Look That Up, Too!

Dude and I were downstairs together last night. We both had our laptops open while we were watching Titanic on TV. I was doing Little League stuff and he was learning about Alcatraz and the guy who escaped and feeling the need to tell me everything I ever didn’t want to know about it :-)

He starts watching a little more Titanic, and starts telling me everything I ever didn’t want to know about it (he read a book about it once and is now a Titanic expert – just ask him!). Then he asks me a question . . .

“What was the captain’s name?”

Um . . . I have no clue.

Big sigh and rolling of the eyes from Dude . . . “I guess I’ll have to look THAT up, too, then!”

Such a big attitude for a little guy! I wonder what he’d say if I took away his laptop and told him he had to go to the library and look in an actual BOOK to learn things about stuff???

It’s Coming Together

Since December 24th, my beloved Jeep has been sleeping outside rather than in the garage. Anyone who knows me knows how unacceptable this is . . . if you have a garage, vehicles go in it.

Hubby got a hankering to finally start the remodel of our laundry/garage/mud room. We have this older home (1979) that has been added on to over and over, so our double garage was an “add on”, which left half of the original single car garage in front of the double garage . . . for storage :-) Freezer, tool chest, lockers, dog food bin, trash and recycling bins, and anything else we could fit in there. The grand plan was to close off that area and open up the wall into the laundry room and one large awesomest mud room/laundry room ever!

The plan worked beautifully – it’s almost finished (counter tops were installed Wednesday, I get my dryer today, and the plumber is coming to finish the ginormous sink stuff next week). I can’t wait to post pictures! The only bad thing? All that “stuff” in the extra garage space has no home . . . it’s been living in the Jeep’s garage stall. So my 11 year old Jeep has been living outside in the cold forest . . . protesting every morning when I go out and start it . . . I massage her and talk sweetly to her, but she still protests “How can you make me sleep outside in the cold after I’ve taken you safely wherever you’ve wanted to go for 178,000 miles?!”

So this past Monday, Hubby and I drove her down to Tuff Shed and bought an 8×10 shed . . . it will be delivered/installed/built next Thursday. At that point . . . the “project that lasted way longer than it should have” will be complete :-) I will get to put all my stuff away – again, anyone who knows me knows how important this is in my house: everything has a home and everything should be in its home. And my beloved Jeep will get to sleep inside, just in time for pollen season.

Next on the list? NEW FLOORS! We haven’t decided on hardwood, carpet, or a little of both . . . all we know is 13 years of kids (ours and the people before us), large dogs, and a treed yard with no grass has taken a toll on our light tan carpet!

How about you? Any good projects going on?

Form Before Function

It’s finally happened. The whole form before function thing with my kiddos. Dude is still Dude . . . but overnight he completely shunned his all camo all the time and decided that jeans are the only acceptable pants to wear – his world was actually going to end because he didn’t have enough jeans for a whole week and how could his awful terrible mean mother not take him THAT minute to buy more jeans?!

Um . . . because for the past 6 years I’ve tried to buy you jeans and this sit brand new and unworn in your drawer until you outgrow them and I pass them along to a friend who has 2 little boys.

And the shorts. No more cammo for that either. It has to be those long basketballish type “shorts” things that don’t show your knee caps. Apparently showing your knee caps is a no-no. ACK! I hate those things. And it’s not like they’re actually shorts . . . they’re just shortER than his regular pants. But he must wear them on days when it’s over 60 degrees because that’s what all the buddies are doing. He’s lucky his cousin passed a few pair down to him because he hasn’t convinced me yet to spend MY money on them.

Have I mentioned he hates basketball? Just sayin’ . . .

And Princess. Oh my little Princess with her pink and purple and desperate wanting for bangs. She rarely lets me put “pretties” in her hair anymore . . . which is fine for me. Less yelling and fighting in the morning :-) She LOVES headbands . . . wears one almost every day – keeps her cute shoulder length bobbish cut hair out of her eyes. Except lately she’s decided that headbands apparently are not for actually holding your hair back – they are simply a decoration – a decoration you put on in the middle of your head to accent your clothing while allowing your hair to still “flow and cascade around your face and onto your shoulders.” At least she still wears cute socks and some cute shirts and likes some bling on her jeans.

Ask me how anxious I am for her teenage years!

Does Popcorn Have Sugar In It?

Lent starts tomorrow . . . Jason and I have been talking about Lent and what it means and why you do what you do, etc. I told him I’m giving up sugar again (clarification – I don’t eat or drink anything with sugar as one of the first 3 ingredients). He said he wanted to do Lent this year. He decided he’d give up sugar, too. I told him that’s a good thing . . . then he went grocery shopping with me after school. I was telling him all the things he couldn’t eat during Lent . . . like wheat bread – we’d have to buy 7-grain, and cereal – pretty much any cereal, and of course pop and the Moose Munch he just bought and the Girl Scout cookies.

He still insists he wants to give up sugar for Lent.

We sit down to watch a movie tonight and he gets this incredibly worried look on his face. He says “MOM! Does microwave popcorn have sugar in it?”

Um, no.

“WHEW! Because I don’t think I could go that long without popcorn!”

He then went upstairs, popped a bag of popcorn, and ate the entire thing – sharing, reluctantly, maybe a dozen popped kernels with his sister.

Popcorn – the boy can’t live without popcorn.

Me? Ice cream. Coke. Beer. Whiskey. MOCHA. Girl Scout Cookies.

I’m pretty sure I’ll have to have all of these things before Tuesday is over . . . just to get my fix :-)