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April 8th, 2011:


The Boedies are still alive and well . . . and having so much fun we can’t stand it!

Little League started – I somehow got roped into being the Assistant Coach for Dude’s team. I’d like to say I don’t know how that happened, but I know exactly how it happened. Coach asked if I wanted to be the Assistant Coach and while my brain said “No. I really don’t have time, I’ll just help when I can” my head nodded yes and my mouth shouted “OMG Yes I”d love to because I love baseball and can’t think of anything I’d rather do with my evenings!” So I’m the assistant coach of the Twins :-) (Hubby’s company is sponsoring Dude’s team and I’m on the local Little League Board of Directors, so I got to choose the team – yay Twins!).

Soccer started – I totally did NOT get roped into coaching or even organizing a dreaded snack schedule. This practice time for Priness is the one hour per week I’m guaranteed “free” time to run around the Y and get exercise while she has a blast with her friends practicing a sport I know nothing about.

Boy Scouts is in full swing – different from Cub Scouts which typically follows a school year and takes the summers off for the most part, the Boy Scouts go all year long. They have at least one outdoor event every single month all year – usually camping. Dude is really enjoying it, as are we – we love that stuff! His first weekend campout is April 29-May 1st. He’ll be going to that one with just the troop since Hubby will be gone flying and I’ll be camping out with my Brownies!

Brownies – we’re rockin’ and rollin’! The girls sold a ton of cookies and have quite a bit of moolah to spend on an end-of-year party (after saving some for next year, of course). So we’ve got a weekend campout planned (our first one with the girls – can’t wait!), a hotel sleepover (this is what they wanted for their party), and horseback riding at the AFA stables (party option #2). All this will be happening in the next 3 weeks! Then we’re done with Brownies for the year . . . we take the summers off. They’re only in 2nd grade, so we figure we can get into all the summer stuff as a troop when they’re a little older.

Snowboarding – we made it to the mountain a dozen times this season and had a blast! Sadly, with baseball and soccer in full swing, we’ve washed all the gear and stored it until next season. But we had a great last hurrah on the mountain with Hubby’s brother and his fam who came out for their spring break last weekend!

Work – last but not least, Hubby and I are both cruisin’ at work. We’re both REALLY liking our jobs, even though we’re insanely busy. We’ve just been lucky that Hubby’s busy time has been when I’ve been slow and vice versa. Even though we’re both quite busy, it’s good because we like what we’re doing and our jobs are pretty flexible so we can still do all the volunteering with our kids that our little hearts desire. We’ve even managed to carve out date nights sporadically, which are always good.

April already – wow! Kiddos only have 6 weeks of school left before fun fun fun in the summer sun starts.

Random fact – I haven’t scrapbooked since 2009. I don’t like that. But someday my kiddos will be older and gone and I’ll have all the time in the world to scrapbook all the awesome photos of them being younger and remembering what awesome times we are having together as a family.

How ’bout you? Whatchya been up to?