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April 29th, 2011:


This weekend is Boy and Girl Scout spring campout weekends for us. Princess and I will be going up to the mountains with her troop for our very first campout – we’re staying in cabins, but there isn’t any running water or electricity, so it should be good! They told us the cabins were heated (it IS April in CO afterall!). We found out today that the “heat” is a small wood stove! Sure, I can make fires and it’ll be fine, but that woulda been nice to know before today! Anyhoo – we’re way excited, even though the forecast is for 34 degrees and snow :-) Might as well break in the girls early!

Dude is going on his first Boy Scout campout without his parents tagging along. He’s way too excited about that last part for my taste 😉 He volunteered to take the tent for his group. Problem – he doesn’t know how to put up the tent. So he spent the past week practicing putting up the tent and taking it down. We’ll see what kind of shape the tent comes back in! He’s at least supposed to have nice weather where he’s going . . . 50 and sunny :-) They’re going where they have to dig their own latrines and cook their own meals (his patrol is in charge of breakfast on Saturday). He is BESDIE himself with excitement.

Let the camping games begin!