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May, 2011:

It’s All Good

Whew – May was a whirlwind! I’m just thankful it was a good whirlwind and not a tornado whirlwind. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the tornadoes and flooding . . . I can’t imagine!

Here at the Boedie Abode, May is already almost over and we’re looking ahead . . .

Hubby turned 40 – awesome time in Vegas with some good friends. That was way back on May 12th, and I can’t believe I haven’t had a chance to post any pictures of our fun time!

Brownies ended. Woo hoo! We had a blast this year, but I am so happy to have that one thing off my plate.

Soccer ended. Princess had a lot of fun this season, but again we’re happy it’s over so we have one less thing to look forward to every week :-)

Little League is in full swing. Dude’s team is rockin’ and having a lot of fun. 3 more weeks – I love baseball, but am also looking forward to this being over.

The kiddos are not doing any activity this summer . . . no baseball, soccer, gymnastics . . . just some summer day camps. We’re all due for a break and really looking forward to it!

Princess will finish 2nd grade and officially be a 3rd grader next week. She is so excited! She did great academically this year and we really liked her teacher. I just hope she can control her little self a bit more as a 3rd grader and not be quite so chatty in the classroom – I’m not holding my breath, though. She is just an 8 year old¬†social butterfly, and that awesome personality is what I love about her :-)

Dude will finish elementary school tomorrow. His 5th Grade Continuation is tonight. He is so excited he can barely stand it! I still think any graduation other than a high school and college graduation is not necessary. I also don’t think every kid who participates in any activity under the sun should get a ribbon/trophy/certificate, but that’s a post for another time :-)

I’m buying Dude a used trumpet tomorrow. Didn’t know he chose the trumpet for band next year? Well yup – he did. After weeks of telling me he really didn’t want to do band and could I please not make him (I always told him and Princess that they had to at least try it one year), the middle school band instructor emailed me to tell me he’d signed up for band but hadn’t gone to any of the instrument tryout nights. What?! So I asked him about it and he said “I’ve always wanted to do band! I want to do the trumpet.” Um, what-EVER Dude! I’m convinced he changed his mind AND chose the trumpet after his first Boy Scout campout. He really wants to be “the guy who wakes everyone up in the morning with the horn.” :-) He won’t admit that, but the fact that he mentioned that person every day for 2 weeks after camp AND that he chose the trumpet “out of the blue” seems like more than a coincidence to me ūüėČ Anyhoo – a friend had¬†her son’s used trumpet, so I decided to just buy that instead of rent for $25/month (yes, $25/month!). I’m getting it Friday. It’s a suprise.

We are not going ANYWHERE for Memorial Day weekend. In fact, we have only one thing on the entire schedule Friday – Monday, and that’s the Little League Day at the Sky Sox game on Sunday. Can’t wait for that! The rest of the time? Who knows . . . hiking? Biking? Territory Days? Sitting on the deck sipping margaritas while the kids play? I really don’t care what we do as long it’s not a scheduled event on my calendar.

Next week, the kiddos are officially on summer break. Shees – where did all that time go? They’re signed up for some fun summer day camps that should be fun. For the first summer, they are doing different camps most of the time, which will be good for them because they got to pick some things they really wanted to do, but a nightmare for me on a few days when I can’t be in two places at once to pick them up. It’ll all work out – it always does :-)

Hoping you all have a wonderful and SAFE Memorial Day weekend!

So The World Didn’t End

And since we thought it would, we went out and bought a new 4Runner to replace our dead Jeep . . . sheesh, had we only known the world wasn’t actually going to end.

OK – obviously not true. But we did buy a new 4Runner to replace our dead Jeep. We ended up selling the Jeep, so we at least got something out of it – even though the tires alone were worth more than what we got for it. I’m just happy we didn’t have to deal with towing it, Craigslisting it, etc.

So Hubby went out of town for the week for work and was busy on the phone with the Toyota dealer guy. He made a great deal for the exact 4Runner we wanted . . . features, salsa red, dark cloth interior. It was going to be here Friday! Woo hoo!

So he went down there Friday after I picked him up from the airport, to put down a deposit and all that jazz. Turns out, the red one wasn’t going to be here for a week. Boo hoo :-( We decided we could suck it up and wait.

We decided to go down to the dealership after work since Dude’s baseball game was cancelled due to weather, and check out the silver one that they had with all the features and interior we wanted. They offered to give us another nice discount if we chose the different color “to compensate for the inconvenience of them messing up on the deliver date.” Did not like the silver one. At. All. Dude and Princess climbed in a black one that had the dark interior. They were in there for about 47 seconds, and when they got out guess what I saw. Fur.

Fur on the carpet and fur on the seats. Not a ton, but some fur. That was a deal breaker for me. We have a cat with gray fur and a yellow lab – clearly black interior was not going to cut it. Knowing the fur is there and not being able to see it is different than constantly being able to see it ūüėČ (Disclaimer – I’m a freak about my cars being clean, so they are not fur-filled, but seeing the fur between vacuumings would drive me crazy!).

Anyhoo . . . we took the white one with the light interior that we had originally driven out for another spin around the block.

We ended up buying it on the spot – it was the one I had always wanted – Hubby wanted red, and I didn’t really care about color. He also decided he liked the white one with the light interior. I had wanted the white color on the Highlander when we bought it, but they didn’t have a white one with the features we wanted (not one in the entire state), so I was totally excited about the white 4Runner :-)

The big bonus? All those discounts for the door guards, color “inconvenience,” and everything else Hubby talked them down on? Ya . . . they still gave us those discounts even though we got everything¬†we wanted plus some other stuff. Woo hoo!

We are happy as clams with our new vehicle so far :-)

Oh – and I do rent out Hubby for vehicle buying negotiations if anyone needs him. He is THAT good at it, even over the phone!

Yay! Boo!

YAY! Today was the last outing for our Brownie troop. We had a great year, accomplished a lot, and had a lot of fun, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy that Horseback Riding today was our last get together for the year.

BOO! I had to go take all the “stuff” out of my Jeep today :-( Last week, my Jeep turned 12. It also turned over to 180,000 miles. It immediately gave me the finger and died. Really, seriously died. A rod flew right through the engine – in one side and out the other. A replacement engine (rebuilt, remanufactured, or used with 100,000 miles on it) costs about twice as much as the Jeep is worth with a working engine and the body in the excellent shape it’s in. I cried today. I bought that Jeep when Dude was born. That Jeep has seen a lot of cool stuff. I will miss it dearly.

YAY! Our car fixer place people are going to buy my Jeep – for a whoppin’ $300. Hell – thefairly new¬†tires on it are worth more than that! But, we don’t want to waste the money fixing it, we don’t want to deal with people if we try to sell it on Craigslist, and we don’t want to pay to get it towed to our house. So, we’ll gladly take $300 and have someone else deal with all of that stuff.

BOO! Because we now need to purchase a replacement vehicle, carpet is no longer on the “to purchase” list for this month. All that moolah needs to go toward the vehicle.

YAY! Hubby and I drove every vehicle under the sun 2 1/2 years ago when we were searching for the vehicle to replace our car that we’d outgrown, so we knew what we did and didn’t like. Yesterday, we spent the afternoon driving every vehicle under the sun again . . . and even drove some that we hadn’t considered before . . . we both agreed fully on the vehicle we want to purchase, down to the features and color. Lucky us!

BOO! Vehicles cost money; money I hadn’t planned on spending on a new vehicle for at least 2 more years.

YAY! Hubby and I had a WONDERFUL time in Vega$ last weekend celebrating his 40th birthday. We were there for 4 days and didn’t spend so much as one penny gambling. We just never got around to it. Huge thanks to Mom for coming to stay with the kids while we went to play!

BOO! Mom had to leave when we got home :-(

YAY! Lovin’ work right now. I love what I’m doing, I love the people I work with, I love my part-time hours.

BOO! I have to continue to go to work during the summer, when it’s really nice out. I’m an outside person. Being inside when it’s nice outside is not a pleasant place for me.

YAY! At least I love my job!

BOO! I have lots of stuff on my to do list that I really want to get to, but it all keeps getting pushed back for other “stuff” – some day I’d like to get back to my fun to do list.

YAY! Baseball season is in full swing. Dude is LOVING it . . . every time we drive home from a game he says how happy he is that he chose baseball instead of soccer. I’m having a blast with it as well . . . great coach, great kids on the team . . . all around good time.

BOO! It’s late, which means I won’t get as much sleep as I’d like tonight, which means I might be a tad bit grumpy in the morning, which means I’ll probably make myself a mocha, which will taste great but add too many calories right off the bat to start the day.

YAY! I get to take the kiddos to a good friend’s house for dinner tomorrow evening. I’m so looking forward to it! Burgers, beer, and buddies . . . all on a Wednesday evening. It doesn’t get much better than that.

It’s Suddenly Light Out!

I like to get up and take Duma for a run in the morning. OK, that’s a lie. I don’t necessarily like to get up, but I do like taking Duma for a run in the morning. Gets my day going. Makes her happy. Takes one thing off my to do list before the day even gets started. It makes me happy to get a check mark on the list before the kids even wake up :-)

However, it’s been dark in the morning lately. It’s been getting lighter each day, but not light enough. Last week, when I was waking up naturally around 5:30, it was still a bit too dark to take her running. Dusk and Dawn in my neighborhood are prime bear/mountain lion seeking food times of the day. No need for an ambush!

Then at the end of the week, I started actually sleeping in until my alarm went off. Then it was the weekend.

Today, I woke up at 5:30 and it was LIGHT outside! Woo hoo! Who knew . . . in the span of 5 days it went from too dark to perfect for a morning run. So Duma and I headed out and oh was it nice! She got to run and get the wiggles out. I got to run and start working to get the jiggles out. All is good.

Duma got her run, I got my run, showered, kids to school, groceries bought, emails sent, Little League site updated, and dishes washed, all before 8:30 a.m. on Monday. Gotta love that kind of start to the week!

Happy Monday everyone!

Proof That My Daughter Is My Mother’s Granddaughter

Ya followin’ me? My co-leader and I took Princess and her Brownie troop on a campout last weekend. One of the girls snapped this photo of me and Princess . . . proof positive that Princess is indeed my Mother’s Granddaughter :-) The girliness definitely skipped a generation!


Let’s start at the top . . .

Me – Ponytail with no style, class, or glitter.
Princess – nicely combed hair with a pretty headband that coordinates nicely with her shirt dress thing.

Me Рno earrings.
Princess – Lovely large yellow chickadee earrings. Why large and yellow? Because later that evening they were to dress up as minions from Despicable Me, which meant a yellow sweatshirt – and of course photo opportunities. Matching was a necessity.

Me – Black Under Armor shirt and a long-sleeved yellow Life Is Good shirt that is at least 9 years old. Hey, at least I got the yellow part for the minion parade later!
Princess – Lovely short-sleeved brown shirt dress thing with beautiful pink polka dots and matching belt. A definite necessity for camping in the cold and snow of the Colorado mountains in April.

Me – khaki-like convertible camping capri pants.
Princess – although you can’t see them, I assure you she is wearing very stylish blue jeans with the appropriate amount of hot pink embelishments down the leg and on the back pockets to accent the pink in her shirt dress thing.

Me – 7-year old muddy, blue hiking shoes.
Princess – stylish pink and grey hiking shoes that appropriately accent the pink in her shirt dresst thing.

Me – no makeup.
Princess – no makeup; however, I’m sure if I’d said yes after the 12th time she asked, she’d be wearing some lovely body glitter and lip gloss.

Love ya Mom . . . but you know she did not get any of that from me!