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October, 2011:

Budding Cowgirl

Princess has completed her first two lessons and absolutely loved it! Not that there was any doubt in my mind 😉 She was so excited for her first lesson that she could barely contain herself. She of course had to wear her horsey shirt that matched her brand new boots. What I loved about the lesson was that they didn’t just toss her up on a horse and have her start riding, even though that’s what she REALLY would have liked to do. Rhiannon talked to her about horse safety and had her lead Lynx out to the hitching post first. Then she taught Princess how to walk behind a horse and where not to ever go around a horse. Princess of course already knew this stuff because she’s been to MS’s house and learned about this with their horses 😉 But she listened intently and did everything Rhiannon asked.

Then it was time to saddle Lynx! Much to Princess’s dismay, and my liking, Rhiannon made sure Princess understood that you can’t just throw a saddle on a horse. You have to brush them first, with two brushes, to make sure to get the dirt off, especially the areas where the saddle will rest. Otherwise, Lynx might have some nasty pebbles or something else rubbing under the saddle and make it very uncomfortable. So here’s my Princess using the round brush thingy to get the dirt to the surface before she used the hard bristled brush to wipe the dirt off.



After brushing and saddling it was finally time to get on and ride – woo hoo! She used the mounting block to help her get up.



She made a TON of laps around the arena! Each time around, she learned something new, from how to steer with reigns, how to steer with legs, which leg was inside and which was outside, which hand to hold the reigns in, how to stop, how to shimmy backwards, and a bunch of other things that she stored in the special Horsey file in her brain.



They walked over poles and around cones. Then she got to practice her turning by weaving in and out of some blue cones,which she thought was awesome fun.



After tons of riding with a constant smile on her face, she got to lead Lynx back to his stall. She thought this was especially cool because Rhiannon let her do it all by herself.



She looks like a natural to me! On our way back to Lynx’ stall, we saw this cutie! A fairly brand new baby with his momma.



Princess was of course quite taken with the baby and couldn’t wait to go see him! Alas, Rhiannon told her they couldn’t see the baby until they’d unsaddled Lynx, brushed him really well again, and put him away in his stall with a couple cookies. I love that she’s teaching how important all that stuff is!

Princess had her next lesson a couple days ago. Rhiannon asked if it was OK if her friend, Emma, who also does lessons gave Princess her lesson. Absolutely! We both loved Emma as well. Princess made some big leaps on her 2nd lesson. She got right to business with the brushing so they could get the saddle on and get going without being told 😉 Emma commented on how quickly they had gotten Missy saddled up! Emma worked on having Princess not hold onto the saddle horn with her free hand while she was riding and worked especially hard on placement of the reigns when turning and making sure the reigns were in her outside hand. Princess did awesome! She was most excited because Emma never held on to Missy’s lead while she was riding. She got to do it all by herself. She worked on more weaving and then did some giant figure 8s in the arena. The last thing she did was play Emma says. The first Emma says was to turn each way, turn a complete circle, then stop. Then she had Princess get Missy going again before she had Princess put the reigns around the saddle horn. After that, Princess had her arms out like a helicopter, then on top of her head, then one on Missy’s butt and the other on her head, then she did the helicopter again but had to twist her torso around like she was actually flying, then she put her hands on her head and closed her eyes, the she did the helicopter torso turning thing with her eyes closed . . . all the while Missy was walking around the arena. Princess did awesome and had a blast :-)

I paid for and signed Princess up for 4 more lessons before Christmas break. We’ll see how she does before we decide if she gets more next year :-) But I have to say, I have a strong feeling I have a budding cowgirl on my hands!!!

And no – we are not getting a horse 😉

Halloween Fairy

My little Princess went off the board for Halloween this year. She originally wanted to be a witch again. But then we were shopping at her Mother Ship – aka Claire’s – and she saw some wings, a skirt, and a tiara and she just HAD to have them. Then we found a cute Halloween shirt at Target that she HAD to have that had colors that matched the skirt and wings. Then we found some fun stripey tights at Walmart that would go perfect as well. The Underarmour we had from snowboarding and the boots we had from last year.

Princess ended up being a Halloween Fairy . . . and I ended up being a happy mom that could make the costume work in warm or cold weather – always a necessity here in the Snow Belt :-)



She hasn’t asked for a wand, which is surprising since she’s a girly girl and every girl knows that a Fairy needs a wand! I hope I’m not wand shopping the week before Halloween. That would kind of be like shopping for a new iPhone the week before Christmas.

Don’t Be Callin’ Me

So last Friday night, Hubby and Dude took off after school for a weekend Boy Scout campout. As luck (for me!) would have it, Princess got invited to a friend’s house for a sleepover Friday night as well. I may or may not have whooped and hollered (OK not really, but I did smile really big and do a happy dance) when Princess hung up the phone and announced her plans. Dude innocently asked me “You want to be home all alone for a night?” Hubby just laughed :-) I said, um “HELL YA!!!” Dude still didn’t understand why on earth someone would want to spend an evening home alone. That’s OK – he doesn’t need to understand . . . the only people that need to understand are me, the baseball announcer, and my beer.

On our way back in to town on Friday from Princess’s horseback riding lesson, she finally figured it out. Out of nowhere she says “Well MOM! I guess this night is all about YOU! Dad and Dude are gone and I’m going to be at my sleepover. You can do whatever you want.”

Yes . . . yes I can :-)

Me: I will miss you guys, but I’ll find something to do.
Princess: I’m sure you will. There’s always lots of chores. Like if you cleaned Spy’s cage, then I won’t have to waste time doing it on the weekend.

Um . . . thanks.

Me: But what if I get scared home by myself?
Princess: You’ll have Duma and Tonks. And besides, you don’t get scared, do you?
Me: Sometimes a little.
Princess: Oh. Well, if you do get scared, don’t be callin’ me cuz I’ll be busy with my sleepover at Maddie’s house. You’ll have to call Dad or Queen Taunya.

Sheesh . . . how quickly they turn!

For the record. I did not get scared. I spent my evening drinking a beer, watching a movie, and eating a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream. All while not having to say a word to anyone :-) It’s amazing how a little silence can be so therapeutic!


We got some awesome pumpkins earlier this week (thank for the tip, MS!!!) and took Wednesday night to work our magic on them :-)

Princess wanted to do a dolphin jumping out of water . . . so I made her a stencil for it. Kiddos also wanted the pets to have a pumpkin, so we made a stencil with 3 different size paw prints for Duma, Tonks, and Spy.

Here are the finished products before lights out . . .


Dude wanted to a more traditional pumpkin, so he chose a Scared looking jack-o-lantern.


Hubby didn’t know what to do, so I took the liberty and drew up his stencil for him 😉


Of course I had to one-up Hubby’s pumpkin – well, actually 5 up 😉



Here they are all lit up! One of the best looking groups of jack-o-lanterns in the Boedie breezeway if you ask me :-)







And finally, GAME ON!



Princess loves horses. Always has. I don’t know where this love for horses comes from. We don’t own a horse. I don’t ride horses, other than the occasional vacation trail ride, and only then because Princess really wants to do it. I really know nothing about horses. If you recall, Princess even chose a horse-themed outfit for her first day of school this year:



My Little Princess is a social butterfly, which is code for she likes to talk – often. Even in school – which is not a good thing. Her challenge this year was to try really hard not to talk in class when she wasn’t supposed to. While she’s an 8 year old girl and still had a couple lapses, she did awesome overall. Her teacher even said so at conferences (whew!). She also got all A’s for her first time ever on her report card. As a surpise, we got her a couple one-hour beginning horsemanship lessons. And even a non-girly girl like me knows that a budding cowgirls need cute boots :-) This is what she picked out yesterday…


First lesson is on Friday. Giddyup!

Sewing – Not Just For Girls

After spending a couple days with Princess teaching her some sewing skills, it was Dude’s turn. In August, he was voted the Troop Historian for his Boy Scout Troop. His “job” entails keeping the troop scrapbook up to date, creating photo slideshows for Courts of Honor and other events, and maintaining the Troop Blanket. Last night it was finally time to update the blanket and add the patches the troop had gotten from campouts and events they’d attended in the past couple of months.

What did Dude learn about sewing?

1. Threading a needle is easy.
2. Tying the knot at the end his not. His ham bone fingers had trouble rolling the thread off of his index finger.
3. Poking the needle through the blanket is easy.
4. Poking the needle back up through the patch is not – at least not without stabbing your finger!
5. Sewing patches on a blanket is easy.
6. Sewing patches on a blanket so they look nice is not.
7. Sewing patches on a blanket yourself takes longer than watching Mom do it.
8. Sewing patches on a blanket yourself provides more personal satisfaction and feelings of accomplishment than when Mom does it for you.

Before we started, we inspected the other patches on the blanket. I laughed out loud when he said “Wow! That patch was put on this blanket before I was even born!” I think that’s awesome – he’s understanding how cool it is to be part of a group with such a history. He commented himself on how some of the patches were on better than others and some just looked nicer than others. I asked which way he wanted to sew – he said he wanted them to look nice and not fall off. Good Man!

I don’t have any pictures because Hubby was overseeing the sewing while I sat in the chair sewing patches on Dude’s uniform and sash.

Overall, he did a great job. He sewed on two patches, both shaped like giant arrowheads. He only bunched the fabric a little bit under one of them; so we’ll call it a success :-) Now that we know he’s capable, he’ll get a lot more practice sewing his own patches on his sash and uniform!

Sew Fun

Last week, Princess had a couple days off of school for conferences, so she and I decided to work on one of the fleece quilt kits we got at a garage sale a couple summers ago. While the fleece pieces were already cut, she had to figure which way to sew them together to make the pattern. She got a sewing machine lesson on how to fill a bobbin, thread the machine, and guide the fabric straight under the needle. She did a great job! After got sewed the squares together to make the 7 rows, we had to sew the rows together. Then, we headed downstairs to watch TV while we cut the fringe. Her fleece quilt blanket turned out pretty well!



Saturday, we had the sewing machine out already, so after soccer we decided to make some microwaveable rice bags. I sewed the bags, then Princess and Hubby put the rice in them. Then Princess got her lesson on hand sewing to close the tops of the bags. She did really well with that, too :-) Here she is warming up her neck and legs with our creation.



Overall, a fun few days with Princess teaching her some useful skills she’ll hopefully use in the future :-)


When we picked Princess’s name, it was because Hubby really liked it. I liked it, too, and thought there aren’t that many of them out there. The toughest part was figuring out how to spell it . . . not so people would spell it correctly, but so they had a half-ass shot at pronouncing it correctly (with a last name like Boedigheimer, the poor kid was going to be spelling her name every day for the rest of her life anyway!). So I did a test at work . . . spelled the name 3 different ways and asked people to pronounce it. It’s supposed to sound like “k-ear-a” . . . this one got the highest percentage of closest correct pronunciation :-)


The others got k-eye-ra (Kira and Kyra) and key-are-a (Kiera)

Who knew that she’d be in a class with OTHER Keiras! In her class this year, there is a Kira, Keira, and Keiran (boy). Never thought she’d actually have to be called Keira B :-)

On a side note . . . got my roster for the kids’ volleyball team I’m coaching this fall. One of the kids is named Nayvee. I’m sure his parents have a reason for doing that. At least his last name isn’t Blue.

Was That A Good Decision Or A Bad Decision?

I say that to my kiddos weekly.

In a few weeks, I’ll be asking myself that question.

Princess wants to try volleyball again this fall, so I went to the Y to sign her up. I explained to her that we were signing up way late so I might not be able to be her coach, but I would at least help out with the team. I get there and look at the rosters. There are 4 full teams. One has a coach. The other 3 have the empty space at the top “Reserved for coaches child.” Seriously? 33 kids signed up and only ONE parent volunteered to coach? These kids are 3rd and 4th graders . . . it’s not difficult. Heck, if they even touch the ball when it comes over the net it’s a success!!!

The good thing was (at least I think it was a good thing???) that I had my pick of the 3 teams. So I browsed the names on each team – only recognized one girl from last year. Then I chose the team I wanted to sign Princess up for. I chose the one team with a couple boys signed up on it. I’m pretty good with little boys – actually better with boys than girls! I also thought it might bring a different dynamic to the team.

Practice starts the first week in November. At that time, I can decide whether choosing the team with a couple boys on it was a good decision or a bad decision :-)

Get Outta Town


All of us are jonesin’ for a break from school, work, sports, and Scouts.

Made reservations at the condo up in the mountains for this weekend.

Can’t wait.

Beautiful leaves to be seen.

Hot tubs to be sat in.

Beer to be drank/drunk.(?)

Kids to be played with.

Snow to be seen (37 and snow!!!).

We are lucky.