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February, 2012:

13 Days

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted – even longer if you consider that I cheated by reposting my wedding day posts :-)

We’ve been busy here in the land of Boedie!

Swim team is going awesome, and keeping us busy.

My Mom and Step-Dad came to visit us for a long weekend over President’s Day weekend. We didn’t venture out to do many things, but Princess was happy they could see her swim meet! We had a great time just hanging out, playing games, and spending time with them.

Boy Scouts is keeping us very busy as well. Dude’s troop just had their troop elections for the next 6 months. He didn’t get Bugler, which he REALLY wanted, but he did get elected as the Troop Scribe (his 2nd choice) and also as his Patrol Quartermaster. So he’s happy. This photo of him with some of the guys from his troop kills me. They were doing their tree recycling pick up after Christmas. My Dude is in the middle . . . and yes, the boy to his right is a Scout – a 16-year old one at that :-)



Girl Scouts has been keeping us busy as well! It’s cookie season, and the girls are going strong selling with their cuteness :-) Princess has sold 322 boxes of cookies – her goal was 350. The sale ends this Saturday – we’ll see if she can sell 30 more boxes this week! Here’s a crappy cell phone photo of her selling at Safeway earlier this week. She’s wearing a “vintage” Brownie uniform (I just called MYSELF vintage – the Brownie uniform is from 1973). I love it! The white shirt lookes like 70s wallpaper, but it’s actually got little Girl Scout emblems all over it. And the elastic sock holder uppers with the orange tassels just kill me! She loves it – it IS  a dress afterall 😉 Thanks, Mish, for letting us borrow it!



Planning our Alaska trip for this summer has been keeping me busy! I can say that as of 9:53 a.m. today, I have EVERYTHING reserved and scheduled . . . and payed for for our entire 2 week trip. And believe it or not, even with me along on the trip, we’ve got 4 days of “nothing” scheduled where we can do whatever we want. And 2 other days involve the awesome nothingness of sitting on the deck of the ship watching the amazing glaciers go by as we cruise through the Inner Passage. Oh we are all sooooooooo excited!!!

This stupid cold has been keeping me busy! It’s actually kicking my ass . . . sinus nastiness for the past week. Throat and cough started yesterday. I think being so busy all last week made me kinda forget about it (better living through pharmaceuticals!) . . . but I did cancel my working a cookie booth yesterday and did nothing but hang out in my fleece jammies working on the computer. No manual labor or real pants were required all day. It was a HUGE help! Better today, but still nasty . . . I think I may finally be on the downward slope of this stupid thing. I can’t complain, though – it’s the first sick we’ve had in the house since school started (knocking on wood!).

This week isn’t going to let up at all either . . . Girl Scouts and a cookie booth today after school, swim team and Boy Scouts Court of Honor tomorrow, trumpet lesson and Little League Board meeting Wednesday, swim team Thursday, Horseback riding lesson Friday, baseball tryouts and merit badge session Saturday, baseball tryouts again Sunday . . . then my week of actual working starts :-) I need to catch up on my paying gigs!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week :-)

12 Years Ago Today – February 15, 1996

Originally posted on February 15, 2008

Check here, here, and here to read about our travel to Maui, our meeting with Father Jack, and our wedding ceremony.

We officially began our honeymoon. And what did we do on our first day as Husband and Wife? We spent the day with 4 of our 6 parents. Yup, we actually spent quite a bit of our honeymoon with family, which was perfectly fine with us :-) We had so much fun on our honeymoon . . . we went to Honolulu for the day and saw the Dole Pineapple Plantation and the beautiful sunsets on Waikiki Beachfirst. Here we are at the Dole Planatation:

Pineapple Planation

Dan and I also drove the north shore in our rental car even though it said the contract was void if you did that. The road was so narrow and lots of spots it was one lane. You had to just go for it and hope nobody else was coming. It was kind of funny because we’re driving along this beautiful little road and we look up on the hills above us and there standing on the edge, looking out over the ocean, was a single cow. How lucky he was! We also made the 52 mile 4 hour one way drive to Hana and saw the beautiful black sand beaches and bamboo forest. It of course rained part of that day, but we didn’t mind :-)

Jodie Dan Hana Road

We hadn’t planned on it taking quite that long; so we figured we should eat dinner before we left to go back to Kihei. The only place we found that was open was this place that was offering a Valentine’s Buffet for $25. We were so hungry we were willing to pay that price per person! Turns out, it was $25/couple and drinks were included! Add to that the wonderful Hawaiian entertainment and we had a great dinner together. We couldn’t have planned it better if we’d tried.

Our honeymoon also included an awesome day trip of snorkeling and a sunset cocktail cruise to see the whales. Yes, you can see the whales from the road . . . and yes, the tourists DO pull over right on the side of the only 2-lane road in to Kihei, and effectively block traffic for miles, just to see the whales out in the water. They are amazing, but we chose to take a sunset cruise and get a little closer. We really enjoyed the cruise AND the whales :-)

Jodie Dan Sunset Cruise

Near the end of our honeymoon, we went to the Old Lahaina Luau with my mom and Tony. We had heard many times from many different people that this was the best Luau in all of Hawaii, so we went for it. We were NOT disapointed!

Jodie Dan Shirley Tony Luau

You of course are given a mai tai the minute you walk in, and the food was amazing – just don’t eat too much poi 😉 In the middle of the show, they had everyone who was on their honeymoon or celebrating their anniversary to head down to the beach for a moonlight dance to some great music. It was SOOOOO much fun!

After all that fun and some really awesome food, it was time to head back to the chilly land of the upper midwest and back to reality. We had such an awesome time – I’d totally do it again!

We had a reception a couple weeks after we got back. I don’t have a lot of photos of that, but here is a picture of our fun cake – yes, Mickey and Minnie have again made an appearance :-)

Wedding Cake

The reception was a lot of fun! We were relaxed and laid back and having a great time. I just can’t imagine how wiped out we would have been if we’d had a big wedding and the reception on the same day. AND, I got to wear my wedding dress twice! How many people get to do that?

Here’s to our Happily Ever After :-)

Family Xmas Millers


We are celebrating our anniversary with the kids. Jason didn’t have school today, so I took the day off and we headed up to Breckenridge for a day of snowboarding lessons. Jason had a lesson last year and loved it. So we figured we’d all take one this year. We might as well all learn together as a family, right? Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

12 Years Ago Today – February 13, 1996

Originally posted on February 13, 2008

Check here to read about our uneventful travel to Maui!

On Tuesday, Dan and I got up early and headed in to Kihei to find St. Theresa’s Catholic Church and meet Father Jack. My Mom had worked so hard for the past year trying to plan a Hawaiian wedding on a limited budget, and she did GREAT! We were so happy with everything. When we got to the church, we were so happy. It was a simple little church, but amazingly beautiful. And since it was the Lent, it was decorated beautifully – we didn’t have to do a thing.

St. Theresa's ChurchÂ

The meeting went very well. When we’d talked to the church manager on the phone a couple weeks ago prior set up the meeting, we’d asked if we could write our own vows. She said she didn’t think so because Father Jack was very traditional. We were OK with that; so when we got there, we expected to see Father Jack dressed in traditional Catholic Priest Wear. Um, not so. He came out in a white tank top, khaki shorts, and brown Burkenstock sandals. He was SOOOO laid back – it was awesome! We immediately liked him. The only bummer was that they’d had to start doing some rennovations on the library – which is the room where I would normally had gotten ready. But, that wasn’t the end of the world, so we went on our tour of the church and talked about the ceremony. When we told him that Al was going to sing at our wedding, he was very pleased and said Al was awesome and we would love him.

All in all, we left the church very happy. Then we headed to the government office to get our marriage license . . . had to show proof of the blood tests and everything and write down what I wanted my new name to be (it’s got more letters than the alphabet!), and all that jazz.

Off we were to enjoy our last afternoon as fiance’s . . . the weather was beautiful, everyone we were expecting had arrived, and we relaxed and had a nice dinner. Then we were off to our separate condos for the night. Even though we’d lived together for about a 8 months, I stayed with my mom and Dan stayed with his parents.

Check back tomorrow for details on our ceremony!

12 Years Ago Today – February 12, 1996

Originally posted February 12, 2008

12 Years ago today, Dan and I joined my Mom and stepdad, Tony, at the airport in Minneapolis. What were we doing there? We were leaving -35 F temperatures (-60 with the windchill!) and heading to beautiful Hawaii! Yup – Dan and I were getting married on Maui :-) Travelling to Maui takes a long time from MN . . . but man was it worth it! We had a slight layover in LA at their “lovely” airport. Here we are waiting patiently for our plane to leave to head across the ocean:

Us at LAX

We wanted to make sure I had my dress for the wedding – didn’t want it to get lost travelling - so we dragged that dang thing in a dress bag as a carryon. All the cabin attendants were so nice and more than accommodating when we got on the plane – they offered to hang it with the pilot’s jackets so it would be safe. They were wonderful! 

It was -35 when we left, but we still wore shorts because by golly, we were headed to Hawaii! That was the February that the entire US had weird really cold weather . . . so when we finally got to Hawaii and balmy 65 degree temps, we had to giggle at the Hawaiians working at the open-air airport . . . they were actually wearing parkas! They thought we were the weird ones in shorts and sweatshirts :-) We hung out at the Honolulu airport for a while waiting for our plane to Maui to leave. When we got on that plane, we were 4 of about 15 people total on the plane. The cabin attendant was so nice and brought us a bottle of champagne. Then he sat down in a regular seat by us and said “Here’s the spiel . . . this is a 15 minute flight. I’m the cabin attendant. This is the emergency door. If this plane goes down, grab on to my coat tails because I guarantee you I’ll be the first one out the door!” HAHAHAHAHA!!!

When we got to Maui, we all headed to the rental car counter to get our two vehicles . . . the slight problem was that they wouldn’t let Dan and I rent our car because neither of us were 25 yet! They wanted a HUGE deposit to let us take it with our name on the rental slip. My mom was MAD . . . and really, when my mom is doing “business” you do not want to cross her. She went off telling them how ridiculous it was that Dan could fly $6 million planes, but they won’t let him rent a pice of *^*& rental car. Then she told them that she was going to drive it and that was that . . . then we walked out the door and she gave us the keys :-) I LOVE my mom!

Off to the condo where we got settled and waited for the others to arrive. All in all we had about 20 people at our wedding . . . some family and some friends . . . what a great excuse to leave MN for a week in frigid February!

Check back tomorrow to hear about our first meeting with Father Jack, the priest who was to marry us :-)

Late = Zero

I’m annoyed. I love Dude and Princess’s school – it’s a great school. They’re learning, they’re having fun, they’re making friends, and they don’t feel threatened. One thing I can’t stand, however, is that there is rarely any consequence to being late – whether it’s your self that is late or your homework that is late.

I grew up in an environment where if you’re not early, you’re late. And I still, for the most part, live by that. My kiddos are quite often the first ones anywhere, and if they’re even a minute late, they hate it (which I like – late is not an option and should be avoided at all costs).

This “lesson” I’ve been teaching the kiddos is being ruined at school. I’m referring to homework. Princess’s teacher is awesome – if your work is late, you get docked points and you most likely get to sit inside at recess and finish unfinished work or sit out for a while during recess if your work was just turned in late. I like those lessons.

But I wish they’d take the lesson a little further. Turning in your work late should equal a zero. Ya ya ya, I know – people get sick, but there are processes in place for that. For every day you’re sick, you have 2 days to complete and hand in the work. That’s acceptable to me.

What is NOT acceptable to me is when my wonderful awesome Dude does his homework and “forgets” to turn it in. This has happened more often lately. To me, that’s just stupid. If you put forth the effort to do the work, then think to turn it in! If you can’t turn it in because 1) you “forgot” or 2) you can’t find it in your mess of a backpack or 3) you swear you turned it in because you remember handing it to the teacher but lo and behold a week later I get an email saying you have a missing assignment and could you please turn it in and you find it in your mess of a backpack . . . then you should get a zero. No credit for late work – period. But no, the teachers have not docked him ANYTHING for turning his work in late – not even some percentage of points! What the hell kind of lesson is that? Certainly not the lesson we’re teaching at home.

And yesterday, his band practice sheet was due. I don’t babysit him about his homework . . . it’s his stuff and his time and his grades and his consequences. He gets all A’s – always. But yesterday, he hadn’t completed his band practice sheet for January. Since the beginning of the school year, they’ve gotten a band practice sheet for the month. They have to set practice goals, record their actual time, and write a short paragraph on a question the teacher has on the sheet for each week. Then the student needs to sign it and the parents need to sign it for each week. Last Friday was a snow day. No school. I asked him if he had any homework to finish before we left to go snowboarding for the weekend. Of course he said No and we moved along.

Monday at the bus stop I ask about his band practice sheet because I didn’t remember signing it. He got this look like “OMG I can’t believe it’s due today blah blah blah excuse excuse excuse.” I told him he was grounded after school until he got all of his school stuff in order and could prove he wasn’t “holding” completed homework in his backpack. I also may have mentioned that getting anything other than an A in band when your grade is entirely dependant on handing in a practice sheet would be completely unacceptable.

He comes home and says “Well, I got lucky today! Mrs. Music Teacher said our sheets weren’t due until Wednesday since we didn’t have school last Friday.”

Um, what? So basically what she said was that since they weren’t in class last Friday for her to remind them to fill out their sheets and bring them back on Monday, she was giving them another class day. Another class day because they are incapable of reading the due date on the top of the sheet? Another class day because 6 months of completing the same monthly practice record with a due date of the first class period of the next month isn’t enough time for them to figure it out?

What (pause for dramatic effect) EVER!

You’re still grounded!!!

I know it’s easier for the teachers to not dock points, because then they have to deal with the parents of those perfect kids who just couldn’t get their work done on time because of whatever it was that was more important than SCHOOL work. It’s easier to give the points than try to convince the parents that their kid turning their work in late shouldn’t be acceptable.

We’ll all have a boss we don’t like at some point. We’ll all have work deadlines that are difficult to meet at some point. We’ll all have a busy personal life that makes focusing on work difficult at some point. But ya know what? Get used to it! That’s life. Learn NOW how to deal with it, before you don’t show up for work on time because you were just too tired, or before you lose your job because you didn’t meet your deadline because you had too much going on, or before you quit your job because there is one person there that doesn’t cater to your every desire and you can’t figure out how to get past it.

Late work at school should equal zero points.

Off my soap box.

Tiger Sharks

Princess joined the YMCA Tiger Sharks swim team in January. She loves the water and swimming as much as I do and had learned a lot in the few refresher lessons she’d taken in November and December. Her strongest stroke is the backstroke, followed by freestyle. Butterfly and breastroke need a lot of work yet, but she’s getting there!

She had her first meet the third Saturday in January. One thing I’ve discovered is that “game” means fun action-filled team sport with constant movement while “meet” means bring a book and sit around and read while you wait for your kid’s turn to participate in their event, lather, rinse, repeat. Having grown up in the world of team sports, it’s been different watching my kiddos choose semi-individual sports like cross-country and swimming. I love it, but it’s an adjustment :-) Anyhoo – back to Princess’s first ever swim meet!

She was signed up for the 25 meter backstroke and 50 meter freestyle. She had to sit around a while and had plenty of time to get nervous before her first event, the backstroke. Here she is in her orange team swim cap, ready at the start, getting some last words of encouragement from Coach Katy :-)



Her lane was too far away to get any pictures of her swimming, but she took 2nd in her very first race ever! Woo hoo! After another long wait while the other heats raced, it was finally time for her 50 meter freestyle. She likes this stroke the best, so I was excited and nervous for her.

***Watching little kids compete in any kind of sporting event is always fun! You know how they’re supposed to look entering the pool, swimming, turning, and getting back, but what you get is totally different and entertaining :-)

For her freestyle, she was in the lane closest to us, so I got to try to get a couple pictures. Here is Princess’s entrance into the pool at the start . . .


I had to giggle! Not quite the splashless dive we’re all used to seeing at say, the Olympics, which is the only time we watch swimming :-) In fact, since we were sitting in the Splash Zone, we all got quite wet! But she did great for her first time entering the pool in a race. She did really well – got tired on the way back, and I really have no idea how she didn’t swallow the entire pool on her breathing strokes!



But she didn’t swallow the pool and kept right on swimming. She made it to the finish, with Coach Katy cheering her on to a 3rd place finish, which earned her another ribbon.


We were proud of our nervous Princess for earning two ribbons in her first ever swim meet! She enjoyed it, although I think she actually enjoys practice more, and asked me to sign her up for February, which of course I did. So I guess I’m now a Pool Mom who spends an hour every Tuesday and Thursday at the pool for practice and 2 hours at meets the 3rd Saturday of every month :-)