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May, 2012:

Girls Can Fish

It’s great to fish on a beautiful Tuesday evening…



It’s even better when you have a buddy with you…


Pirates – Then and Now

Dude’s team last year had an awesome coach and won their division title. We had a great experience. However . . .

I can say that this year has been the best Little League year yet. Dude hasn’t had a great year – not a bad one, but not a great one either. He has struggled at times. But, his awesome coach, the boys on this team, and the parents have made this a very enjoyable and memorable experience.  We have a Dad on the team who takes lots of photos of the boys while they’re playing. I love these two team photos . . . probably because I’ve gotten to know each of these boys throughout the season and am so very grateful Dude had the opportunity to play with them and learn from them – and he got to teach a few of them how to pick out the good things in the game and not always remember the mistakes.

This is what our Pirates could have looked like “then” . . .



This is how our Pirates look now . . .



Those smiles? Not just for the photo. This is what these boys look like every game. They have fun. They love the game. Go Pirates!


Princess wanted to do a spring sport, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to do soccer again . . . she wanted to take a break from swimming . . . and she was on the fence about volleyball. Quite frankly, I needed her to choose something that wasn’t on Saturday. I knew Hubby was going to be gone quite a bit, and with Dude’s busier baseball schedule this spring, I needed to know we’d have our Saturdays free. And she’s not really passionate about any of those sports.

She was still thinking when we got the email about spring Landsharks. Instead of running long distance like in the fall Cross country series, they run more sprints and shorter distances on the track. She decided that was what she wanted to do since it took less time and she’s been riding horses much more often.

Much to my surprise, she did awesome! The first week, they ran two races – a sprint and a mile. Here is my Princess running her first sprint . . . even though she is last in this photo, she came in right in the middle of the pack, which was great :-) It was even more impressive because we were gone the whole weekend playing with friends in San Antonio – up early and up late – and our plane got in 2 hours before race time. She had to change in the car, and she still had enough energy to do awesome!



She did even better in her mile run! The first race, she cut a whole minute off of her time from last fall. The second race, she had cut off 1 1/2 minutes. And by the third and last race, she had cut almost 2 minutes off of her mile time from last fall. She was very excited, as she should’ve been. She ran well and always saved enough to make a final sprint push down the last straight away:



Each race she ended up passing a few people right at the end with her sprint. It was so fun to watch! I am not a runner, and I didn’t think she was either, but we are so proud of how awesome she did this season. Can’t wait to see if she decides to do the cross country season next fall again!

She’s done with Landsharks and into horseback riding lessons full time now :-) We love her new instructor and are very excited for a summer filled with horses.


Happy Birthday to my Hubby who turned 41 on Saturday :-)



The Pirates play most of their home games at a local High School. 11 year old boys love to see high schoolers playing baseball or practicing. And, there isn’t much cooler to them than having access to a potential future star. This is a pre-game photo from last night’s game:



“So what?” you say. What’s so cool about that? I’ll tell you what’s cool about that. See the tall kid in the white t-shirt? Senior in high school. Full scholarship to a D-1 school to play baseball. And what else? He’s entering the MLB draft in two weeks. The boys (Dude is #2) thought it was awesome to have personal access to a potential future star . . . a regular kid, just like them, who started Little League as a t-baller when he was 5 and is now entering the draft. A regular kid who was willing to stand there and answer all of their questions about school, baseball, training . . . and even a couple about girls :-)

BTW – the Pirtes won again – 15-4. Go Pirates!


Baseball season is in full swing! Dude is loving playing for the 11/12 Majors Pirates. We love love love his coaches! Both of them are so laid back. I can’t imagine either one of them every having raised their voices. The awesome thing is, they get their point across and the boys learn a ton. And we love the parents, too. It’s so nice to have parents who come to the games and watch and cheer. No complaining about my kid playing here or there or not playing here or there or batting here or there in the order. No calls to the coach before, during, or after the game about decisions he makes during the games. Just parents enjoying watching their kids play baseball. And speaking of the kids, the other 10 boys on the team are awesome as well! 9 of them played on this team last year – the other one played on Dude’s team last year. They’re all fun and very nice. They realize that Dude hasn’t played majors and doesn’t know as much as they do  . . . so instead of being frustrated when he does something wrong or drops a fly ball, they help him. They encourage him. They explain to him where to go next time. They high-five him like he’s been on the team for years when he crosses home plate. They pat him on the back and tell him to get ’em next time after he strikes out. They are genuinely good kids – not one of ’em with a spoiled rotten I’m better than everyone else bone in his body.

How refreshing.

The Pirates are winning a lot of games . . . they’re having a blast. Hubby and I have fun seeing the name of our company on the back of their jerseys as the team sponsor :-)



Dude is getting more and more confident with his batting every game. He was a bit intimidated by the bigger, faster pitchers the first few games, but he’s come around and realized he can actually get hits off of them. Here he is loaded and ready to go!



I love this picture of him on first base. Coach Andy’s demeanor and posture just kill me. That’s typical of both coaches . . . laid back, hands in pockets, softly chatting with the boys telling them awesome job or some small thing they could maybe try to tweak next time.



This picture makes me giggle. I swear Dude loves baseball . . . but he looks absolutely miserable in this picture as he’s rounding third to head home from first base.



The one thing I’m most surprised about this season is that none of the boys sit on the bench any more than the others. I figured with us playing in a more competetive division this season, Dude would probably be the 11th man on the team, which would mean more bench time for him. But, his awesome coaches rotate the boys in and out and all over the field every game. Each boy has a #1 and #2 spot for themselves in the field, but they also get to play other positions. The great thing is that they can all play pretty much any position, so no matter who might be gone for a game, the can play through it pretty easily. Dude is WAY happy that he’s gotten to do THIS as well!



He’s been doing pretty well at it, too!

A few things he’s learned this season . . .

  • Majors is definitely different than minors. All the kids on the team know how to play.
  • Pitchers throw strikes. Walking is not very likely (although he seems to get himself walked at least once a game, if not more!).
  • You need to pay attention all the time. Things move fast, even in practice.

And my personal favorite . . .

  • These kids didn’t get this good only by showing up at the required practices and games. They work on their own, too (hallelujah! I’ve been trying to convince him of this for quite some time!).

We’re only half way through the season. We’ve got about 15 games left, plus a tournament over Memorial Day weekend. Dude can’t WAIT for the tournament – he’s been dying to play in a tournament.

Off to a game this afternoon, then game 2 for the day this evening on a brand new turf field with lights – the Pirates are way excited to play under the lights :-)

I can’t think of many better things to do on a beautiful spring Saturday then watch boys play baseball.

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