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September 4th, 2012:


Dude and I were driving home the other day, and we drove past the Mining Museum by our house. Every year they have the Haunted Mines that all the kids flock to! It’s awesome and way scary and totally worth the admission fee and wait.

Dude saw the sign for “Haunted Mine Auditions” and started talking about how he couldn’t wait to be 16 so he could audition and work at the Haunted Mines. I said I thought that would be a good idea and a good way to make some money.

He said “Oh, you don’t get paid. You just volunteer.”

I said “I didn’t know that. That’s a lot of time to put in to not get paid.”

He said “Seriously?! Mom. Just being there scaring all those kids half to death is totally enough payment!!!”

Boys…. I sure hope he feels the same way when he’s trying to earn gas money 2 months after his 16th birthday!