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November, 2012:

Happy Birthday!

Our Duma turns 5 today!

She’s had a rough year, but she got a clean bill of health a couple weeks ago and is back out running and jumping and chasing the ball.

In other news…

  1. I got to spend a week in MN with my Mom while she had thumb surgery. It was great to go to take Grandma to breakfast and enjoy some time drinking coffee and playing dominoes. Had a fun day with Mom, a couple aunts, and a cousin at a craft fair. Enjoyed 3 wonderful hours catching up with my long-time bestie at BW3.
  2. We’re looking forward to Turkey Week visitors!
  3. I’ve got my APA on and have almost finished my Christmas shopping. The gifts may also be wrapped already. Don’t hate me – it’s not my fault!
  4. I’m not nearly busy enough with work stuff. I need more work to do to keep my brain going and myself sane.
  5. I was forgetting things with my usused brain (see #4), so I started doing soduko puzzles. My brain is much happier now.
  6. I can’t wait for more snow so we can go up snowboarding!
  7. Dude is POed that we will be putting up a fake tree this year. When we mentioned it was because of his nasty allergies that we needed to go fake, he said he refused to have a fake tree in the house and would much rather sniffle and cough and be stuffy than have a fake tree.
  8. We’re putting up the fake tree.
  9. The weather is way too warm for this time of year. I need SNOW and at least chilly temps.!
  10. It’s been pretty quiet around here with the kiddos in between things. It’s kind of nice . . . shhhhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone I said so!
  11. I’m planning Princess’s 10th – yes TENTH – birthday party. :-) and :-(
  12. We’re looking forward to holiday dinners with many friends and lots of family in the next 6 weeks. We are blessed!!!

Boo 2012!

Halloween – it came, we saw, we trick or treated, we went to bed :-) Hubby was gone at a conference this year (boo hoo!). It’s usually the previous week, but they moved it a week this year. The even huger bummer was hurricane Sandy made sure a lot of folks couldn’t even make it to the conference – they were down 10,000 people this year – people who had registered but just couldn’t make it. Total bummer he missed Halloween for a conference that wasn’t as awesome as it usually is.

Princess was beautiful as a Black Widow :-)


She chose the costume at Walmart about a month ago. $15? I snagged it and quietly did a happy dance in my own head! This was her all dressed up for a Halloween party last Saturday. She was very excited about the fake eyelashes, which were awesome until she decided to bob for apples and they fell off in the bucket :-) We met some friends for trick-0r-treating last night . . . but barely! Princess wasn’t feeling great – sore throat and cough – but she wanted to go. We ended up doing one big block with our buddies, then headed home. She was in bed sleeping by 7:45! Bummed she wasn’t feeling well, but kinda happy there isn’t a lot of candy in the house.

Dude decided to hang out with a couple of his neighborhood buddies this year and scare trick-or-treaters as they came to his friend’s house. I guess when you’re 12, that’s what you do on Halloween! The 3 boys dressed up creepy and scary and had a blast putting on a show for the kids who dared walk down the street. Dude was a Weazer . . . don’t know what that is? It’s a creepy character from the Furnace series of books that he and I read last summer… here’s the cover he used as inspiration for his Weazerness:


And here’s Dude in his costume, complete with syringe ink pens:


He was pretty creepy looking in the dark jumping out of the ditch! He and the boys hit a few select houses for some trick-or-treating before heading back to scare unsuspecting visitors. The 5 choice houses they hit were the ones that gave away a full bag of candy (yes, seriously), a King-sized Kit Kat, and full-sized Baby Ruth, Snickers, and Milky Way – one of the bonuses of living in a neighborhood without a lot of trick-or-treaters . . . the houses that buy candy buy well!

We had fun this year with parties and friends, and I’m way happy about the much smaller amount of candy we have in our house!

What’s next? Down with the Halloween decorations, leaving the few that can also be considered Turkey Day decorations . . . then getting ready for Christmas! I’m way excited for it this year, so we may be THAT house with our Christmas decorations up rediculously early :-)